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Post by Arewyn Belacqua on Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:10 am

RP Sample: (I'm not sure how to do one but here's one)
♫Arewyn walked gracefully through the fog like smoke that was her burning smoke. Her maniacal laughter filled the area as her prey was stranded not knowing what to do. His life inches from ending.♫ "Hahahahahehe! Gonna kill me are ya?!" ♫Arewyn drew a short dagger as she lifted the metal blade towards her cold lips. Softly licking the icy surface of the blade, her tongue enveloping the blade almost completely.♫ "I believe it's the other way deary..." ♫Arewyn decided to toy around just a tad with her dying prey. She hated to kill without having any fun, thus she formed a few hand signs quickly as the smoke around the area would cluster together creating a slowly forming tornado of the burning smoke which can decay the lungs for a long duration of the battle if not treated quickly. As the tornado of the smoke quickened it's pace, the smoke began to harden into a powder like ash. From the weight of the ash like powder, would be fatal if dropped on the opponent. This was Arewyn's intention this entire time of tricks she laid upon the field through her attacks. As the tornado became dangerous the powder slashing the skin of the opponent severally, and finally falling on top of the prey it was sought to be over. Nonetheless the opponent staggered to stay up even after the ash collapsing on top of him. His hand aching to get free. Arewyn stepped over the ash and starred at the man. Lowering her danger from earlier. A poison was on the spot which Arewyn licked. Her saliva was poisonous. As the mans' fate sealed at the metal ripped into his flesh.♫ "Now, back to my mission..." ♫Arewyn said tapped the top of the dead mans head. Smiling gracefully she walked away.
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