An arrow between the eyes(open)

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An arrow between the eyes(open)

Post by lifeanddeath on Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:32 pm

“A single arrow, right between the eyes? Who else could make a shot like that? No one, that's who!” Shinon said, as he drew his bow. One eye through the sights, took aim, and let the arrow fly. His target turned, and the sharp tip of the arrow pierced the skin between the eyes. "See." he said, putting his bow down at his side and turning towards Subeta. His friend, if you could call him that. It was more like associate or practice partner. Subeta's green eyes darted back and forth from the bow, to Shinon, to the dummy with amazement.

"Do that again." Subeta said, still looking at the dummy. Shinon, lined up the bow and aimed again, however, this time he aimed slightly higher, to avoid hitting his previous arrow. He drew his bow, aiming again just to be sure, and fired again. The arrow whistled through the air, before piercing the dummy just above his the first arrow.

He looked up at Subeta with a grin and a look of confidence on his face. Subeta just stood their dumbfounded. "Pay up." Shinon said, sticking his hand out to receive the money. this was a common occurence between Subeta and Shinon. Subeta would pick a distance and a target and bet that Shinon couldn't hit it. Shinon would agree to the challenge hit the target and collect the money. Subeta had yet to give Shinon a target he could not hit.

Subeta looked down in shame as he took the money out of his pocket and handed it to Shinon. "One of these days..." he said, as he turned around and began to walk away. "One of these days what?" Shinon yelled after him,"You'll give me a target I cant hit, and collect all the money I have gotten off you? Go ahead and do it. I welcome the challenge." Shinon picked up his bow, sliding onto his shoulder and walked over to the edge of the hill he was atop. It was about 30 meter shot, "Man, I love that guy." Shinon said, "He picks the easiest distances."

He began to scale down the side of the hill. The uneven rock terrain was not difficult, but he was still careful. The last thing he needed was to fall and break his leg. When he reached the bottom, he walked over to the dummy and looked down at it. It was basic basically two bags of sand, sewn together into a general human shape. The two arrows were directly above each other, between the eyes and just above the painted on nose. Shinon grinned again, shaking his head, "Easy money" he chuckled. He reached down and pulled out the two arrows, careful not to break them and put them back into his quiver. "Waste not, want not" he recalled his mentor saying. He draped the dummy over his shoulder and began his walk home. He was smiling as he walked because he liked the feeling of money in his pocket.

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