Uchiha Katsu's Jutsu (WIP)

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Uchiha Katsu's Jutsu (WIP) Empty Uchiha Katsu's Jutsu (WIP)

Post by Uchiha on Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:21 am

Name of Jutsu: Waltz of the Sadistic
Rank: A
Range: Close-Mid
Type of Jutsu: Kenjutsu/Taijutsu
Users: Uchiha Katsu and those he teaches it too.
Element Affinity: N/A (A user can utilize their elemental affinity and mesh it with the technique to their liking, if they can, ie. Raiton, Chidori.)
Training Link: (Comming soon.)


The Waltz begins with a drawing of the blade, and is most effective for multiple targets. The technique is a blend of speed, accuracy and ability to counter. With his sword, Katsu actually parries the opponents weapon be it; Kunai, Sword, etc. A successfull parry would result in an opening for a brief moment. This technique enhaces the proficiency of taking advantage of the opening. The second the opening is made, the users speed comes into play. With a dash forward with blinding speed and the help of small bursts of chakra from the bottom of the feet, the user makes it seem they passed through the targets body along with the swinging of the blade. Now, this is where the blend is actually made. If there is more than one opponent, a chain can be formed where Katsu counters, cuts down, and moves on to the next one and repeat. If executed correctly, the overall technique would last but a few moments.

The lethality of the cuts can range from neutralizing, ie. Cutting a tendon, knocking unconcious, etc. To fatal, ie. Cutting main arteries, severing the body in two, damaging internal organs, etc. The Taijutsu end of this technique is also good, though not always as effective as with a sword. Instead of parrying with the blade, Katsu would evade a blow from the target by centimeters, minimizing the space placed between them as well as minimizing the time it would take to take advantage of the opening. Now, the initial blow from this technique is mostly never fatal unless the user uses chakra to alter their strength. Usually, the Taijutsu part of this technique is used to neutralize an opponent then once the opponents are taken down, the finally blow can be given.


-There is a very small pause before the first strike and another one right after a strike is made, due to need to gain footing. (1 second pause.)
-Chakra is drained with excessive usage, due to the aid of chakra bursts. (Depending on the users output.)
-The entire technique is ended if the parry/evade goes unsuccessful. (Must begin again.)
-Limited to 3 times a battle. (Depending if it is successfull or not.)

(More to come, just want to get this one approved for now.)

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Uchiha Katsu's Jutsu (WIP) Empty Re: Uchiha Katsu's Jutsu (WIP)

Post by Hatake Tane on Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:30 am

Once the training link comes I can approve this.

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