Katsu's Summons.

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Katsu's Summons.

Post by Uchiha on Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:14 am

Summoned Creature or Item: Saikoro

Description: Saikoro is black mix between a wolf, and what seems to be a hellhound. An companion of Katsu who utilizes the element of Raiton, as does Katsu. When the two are together, they feed off of eachothers energy. Also, being a Raiton affiliate, Saikoro is rather quick, being able to actually move as fast as an electric current.


-Being just a Raiton user, he is very weak when it comes to certain elements.
-Not the biggest of Summons. (4ft from paw to shoulder.)


Summoned Creature or Item: Kyoujin, God of the Elements


Description: Kyoujin is said to be the god of the elements, being able to utilize all the elements. Forming a pact with this summon was due to Katsu impressive chakra and his ability to actually tame it with his Sharingan. Jyoujin towers at what's rumored to be nearly 100ft, and lives up to what his name means - Lunatic. A very intimidating appearance and strength to back it up. Jyoujin's offense and defense revolve around jutsu, and his enormous chakra is more than enough to power them for a long period of time. Also, the second part of Kyoujin's body can absorb chakra in the air as well as jutsu.


-Kyoujin doesn't move, which can be an issue with fleet-footed adviseries.
-In order to FULLY evade Kyoujin's wide attacks, Katsu must be somewhere on the Summon.
-Slightly longer ritual.
-Depending on the rank of jutsu, Kyoujin can't absorb it. (Anything above B rank.)
-Counter Elements when Kyoujin uses a jutsu.

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Re: Katsu's Summons.

Post by Riku Shikyo on Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:17 am



Kyouken Shikyo


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