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Post by Kugutsu on Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:10 pm

Zutto took another puff of his pipe and smiled, as he awaited others to arrive. He knew that others would arrive, and he was glad at that fact. However, he did not want to wait, but he would make due time. It wasn't until Senkou opened his big mouth, that made things a little easier. He laughed for a second, very quietly, at the words of Senkou.

And yet there you sit, flaunting your sharingan, immediately alerting the enemy of your clan and to some extent, your power, a rookie mistake that a genin would avoid. Sit down and hush, then wait patiently for the others.

As soon as Senkou looked away, he smiled again. He did not care what some Nara thought. In fact, this made him all the more happy to hear what someone thought about him. He may have been showing his eyes, but like Uchiha in the past, he could keep his Sharingan on for some time. It was only a nature thing to occur. He was not flaunting it, if anything. He did not respond to Senkou, because another had arrived soon after his words were said. He did not care much for people arriving, but he did want to get the show on the road. Zutto also hoped that a woman would arrive, for the fact that he did not wish to be around all men.

Zutto had then heard the other Uchiha talk. He rolled his eyes because he did not really want to listen to some story. But Travis did have some meaning to what he said, but he did not just have his shirt off. He sighed and looked at Travis. Zutto wanted to make this short and sweet.

"I may be showing my eyes, but like Uchiha before me, I've learned how to keep them on at all times, this is why I still have them showing now. But a simple why for you to not ruin a shirt, is to simple take it off before a battle." He sighed and looked away, not wanting to be bothered.

As he had hoped, soon a woman had arrived. He did not make a movement, besides taking another smoke from his pipe. The woman was in fact a beautiful woman, but Zutto did nothing to show he had any interest. All he wanted was to meet the leader and get out of here. Zutto watched small smiley faced balls come from the stairs. At this moment he rolled his eyes as the soon turn into a kids toy. This did not assume Zutto. In fact it rather made him look down on the man who would try and play such a trick, it was probably one of the stupidest things he had ever seen. He then heard a laugh that made him dread even coming here. Zutto closed his eyes and shook his head, and closed his eyes right until the leader arrived.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Uchiha, Zutto. I am know as the Illusionary Of The Uchiha. I come from Konoha, and I have nothing more to say." He said after staying up. He looked around and took another smoke from his pipe and sat down, right as the leader had come. As he watched him come in, he could not tell what he thought of him, although he looked wised. He looked older than most of the members, which could be a good or bad thing, it just depended on who the person was. After hearing the man speak, of an attack, Zutto knew that this man was the good kind of old. A smile came on his face, but was not seen, because he had a mask on. It soon faded after Senkou spoke.

He listened to Senkou's question, and it seemed if he was trying to see what the leader was capable of. As soon as the leader said each of them would fight, Zutto sighed because he knew that he would not get his chance to fight the Hokage, or any higher up for that matter. He wanted to kill the Hokage, at all cost. He needed to find out what had happened back with his father. Zutto, at this moment hoped someone from Konoha, who knew something would attack him, and also give him a fair fight. He soon got high hopes and loved the idea of the attack. He looked towards Vice and nodded.

"One question." Zutto said with an evil grin on his face. "Who do I kill?" He did not seem to care for the plan at all, after he thought about who he could kill. He knew that he would just stay out of the way and kill whomever he felt, unless there was a strict order not to. This would make him angry.

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