Techi's Snakes

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Techi's Snakes

Post by Techi on Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:52 pm

Name: Healing Snake – Cashu
Appearance: This is the smallest of Techi’s summons, and can easily be stepped on. It’s another black snake, with a yellow, medical sign etched into its scales. It has a special venom, which can nurse small wounds, such as flesh wounds.
Type of Summon: Blood
History: There is no history of Techi and Cashu. Cashu is a snake that was already in Techi’s snake realm, and they have hardly ever held a conversation. He’s hardly ever used, in case of a dire medical situation.

Name: Weak Tracking Snake - Chikamaru
Appearance: This summon is a small, weak snake, that could easily be disposed of. It’s all black with a blue circles all over its body. It almost looks like the pattern of circles seen in radars.
Ability: He has the ability to track anything within a miles range, using its animal instincts combined with its seeking chakra
Type of Summon: Summoned through blood sacrifice – respect.
History: Techi was strolling through the deserts on the outskirts of Sunagakure. He was looking to meet with his father for the routine Kenjutsu training. His father liked to train Kenjutsu in an exploited location, seeing as Kenjutsu wasn’t an art liked by most Sunagakure ninja. He was walking, while the mouths on his hand began to react. When they didn’t get a good a decent amount of clay a day, they reacted to the smallest glimpses of chakra surrounding them. Techi didn’t really feel like training Kenjutsu, so he followed where his mouths wished for him to go. After a long travel, he stumbled upon a snake, buried inside the sand. His mouths reacted to the snake’s chakra, so he picked it up. The snack immediately bit Techi, forcing him to shed a slight drop of blood. Then the snake asked Techi if he had a blank scroll. He willingly gave him the scroll. The snake had grown tired of being alone, so he told Techi to sign his name on the scroll. The snake was familiar with this process, and immediately retreated into the scroll. After a while, Techi began to learn how to summon the small snake whenever necessary.

Name: Poisonous Snake - Onigaru
Appearance: This snake is slightly bigger than the snake above, but it’s still very small, none the less. It holds sharp, dagger-like teeth in its mouth. You can almost see the poison cascading from the tips of the teeth. It’s another black snake, with a purple, cloud-like drawing designed around its body.
Ability: If bit, the poison injects into the veins. The poison is very weak, so it’ll only immobilize the limb it bites for one turn. And it can only bite once a fight.
Type of Summon: Blood
History: There hasn’t been much of a connection between Techi and Onigaru, seeing as Chikamaru introduced him. Most of his snakes were introduced by other snakes throughout his time in life. They would all go to a realm; only snakes could access, to just get away.

Name: Ferocious Snake - Tetachu
Appearance: Tetachu is one of Techi’s more, larger and ferocious snakes. It has giant fangs that could easily eat through the flesh, and possibly even pierce the muscles. It spends most of its time wrapped around Hakumei, so when he swings Hakumei, Tetachu can extend his body and attempt to severely injure his opponent. Tetachu was all black with what seemed to be red fangs placed all around his body.
Type of Summon: Blood – Piece of Skin
History: Onigaru and Chikamaru were roaming around the realm of snakes, looking for recruits. They happened to come across a rather large snake, in comparison to them. They knew he’d be excellent for Techi’s collection. They easily convinced him to come meet Techi, seeing as he was bored of devouring small snakes, and he wanted much more of a challenge. He put Techi to the test, in a quick spar. There, Techi released his clay potential for the first time. This was great interest to Tetachu, so he decided to join Techi in his quest for power.

Name: Maka – Ferocious Poisonous Snake
Appearance: Maka is one of Techi’s largest snakes, and without a doubt the most vicious. It’s black with a series of purple clouds, along with red fangs stringing down its scaly skin. It has jaws large enough, that it could fit all three of Techi’s other snakes in it. Its teeth are huge, and strong, with the capability of breaking through muscle with ease, and possibly right through the bone. It has poison that cascades from the tip of its fangs. It has the ability to shoot many smaller, poisonous snakes out of its mouth. [Copies of Onigaru’s]
Type of Summon: Blood
History: This snake was found roaming the Sunagakure deserts, searching for something to devour. Techi was on his way to one of father’s usual secretive Kenjutsu trainings, when he came across this indifferent snake. Of course, Maka immediately attacked Techi, believing he was small, and fragile. Without hesitation, he quickly summoned his other snakes, which altogether held a power strong enough to defeat Maka. Shocked upon his lost, Maka decided to also join Techi in his indisputable quest for power.
Weakness: Every snake holds the weakness of a soft underbelly, and very weak to fire-based techniques.

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Re: Techi's Snakes

Post by Riku Shikyo on Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:41 am

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