Estate Takedown [RP Sample for Kumori]

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Estate Takedown [RP Sample for Kumori] Empty Estate Takedown [RP Sample for Kumori]

Post by Keiteki on Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:12 pm

The night was young, and the winds were howling. There was nothing stirring in the forests, except for the rustling of leaves in the undergrowth and canopy of the forest, and the new moon left the world completely dark. Tonight was a good night to kill a fugitive. The wind was roaring, pushing up against the mountains with all of its strength, flowing through the mountain range like a current. In the trees on the mountain side, you could not see a lone figure, hastily making his way through the brush and wild plants. He was completely covered from head to toe, leaving none of his skin exposed. He wore a light brown shirt, which was wrapped in cloth, and a dark brown pair of pants, also baggy. His legs were wrapped up in bandages, from where the pants did not cover, to his foot. He wore very light shoes, which helped to silence his footsteps. His head and neck were wrapped up in cloth, with the lenses of his goggles sticking out. Some of his hair was left to dangle to the sides of his head, outside of the bandages. He also wore open finger gloves. He was dressed lightly, and like a real ninja. He had his scoped Crossbow with him, and his arrow ammunition.

He was not all alone tonight. Not far behind him was his fellow squad members. Three other members of this special operation. They were all dressed in the same attire as Kumori was. They were to help him clear out the base. They are spread out to avoid easy detection while they are moving. He knew he was getting close to his destination, so he was careful to make his way down the hill in between the mountains, walking through the small valley between two of the rock giants. He silently crawled up the side of the other. The winds were strong tonight, but using chakra control, he stuck to the side of the tough climb. Over the edge, he peeked his head, and saw where he must go. There was a small building about a fourth of a mile away, and beyond there, he could see a bridge. This must be where the business was going to take place. The intelligence gathered by Shinobi was solid. This was the place Kumori would need to carry out this mission.

The man who Kumori is after is called Kokoro. He is a man with a large group of arms under him. He is a blackmailer, arms dealer, and is believed to have once been, or maybe still be, an affiliate of the Akatsuki Organization. This is the reason he is being targeted today. Normally, this mission would only be either a B or an A ranked assignment, but simply for the reason the Cloud Village is targeting a business partner of the Akatsuki, there may be a member of the criminal organization attending this meeting. In that event, a powerful ninja is needed to make sure the mission goes smoothly. Kumori waited as his squad members took a few minutes to gather around. They were going to do this silently and with as much blood shed from the enemy as possible. Kumori and his squad were sitting on a partly flat slab of rock on the almost vertical side of the mountain.

“This place is well guarded. There are about five men guarding the front entrance to the meeting ground. But, there are people in the brush, watching the entrance, probably guarding for anybody trying to get inside. I will locate them, and we will simultaneously take them out, then we will dispose of the guards guarding the entrance to the place where the business is going to be done. We will use these radios to communicate, so that we can coordinate our efforts. Remember, never get caught. If they find us first, then the whole mission will be a failure. Go.” Kumori gave them a SitRep, and they all replied with a yes, and quietly hopped over the side, and kept their heads down. There was a downward slope, and then there was more forest ahead. They were going into the frying pan this time.

Kumori went first, climbing over the rock, he crouched and walked down the side, and crouched into the weed growth. Activating his Sharingan, he was given a new look at things, with the chakra of the scouts glowing, and all three of their positions being revealed. Kumori spoke silently into the head radio, and mouthed the locations of all three of them.

“Take your places. We must silently destroy all three of them at once, to avoid alerting the rest of them.” Kumori said to his squad.

He crouched, and laid on one knee, he took an arrow out of one of his ninja packs. The arrows were small, and compact, allow him to keep them securely stored. Balancing his scope, he took aim for the neck of one of the guards. Once there was confirmation of all three of them having a check on the guards, Kumori counted down.

“Three, two, one...”

And at one, Kumori pulled the trigger of his crossbow, the small arrow being propelled at sub sonic speeds, penetrating the man's neck, straight down the middle, blood splattering across the trees and ground. The man fell down on the job. Kumori's Sharingan allowed him to decipher the next movements of his enemy before they even decided to do it. This, along with his intelligence to calculate a shot, and incredible marksmanship, gives him literally perfect aim. The best part is, the arrows can be poisoned, making even a small cut deadly. Kumori was a master at long range fighting because of this. Kumori looked all around him, as his Sharingan showed, the chakra of all three men were fading away, with his comrades having taken their place. The guards at the bottom had no idea what was going on, most of them smoking, or being half awake. This would be their gravest mistake.

Kumori gave instructions for them to move up, and take positions to kill all of them at once. Kumori tried to line up two guards standing on one side, so that he could kill two birds with one stone, almost literally. His arrow would penetrate both of their skulls, killing both of them at the same time. The rest of his team would use kunai and shuriken to dispose of them. Kumori sat behind trees, getting a good shot at them. He was hiding in the brush, so he was not able to be detected. “Ready?” With confirmation given, Kumori pulled the trigger. The arrow flew from the crossbow silently, making no noise as the skulls were blown right through, and both men fell to the ground. His comrades threw their weapons at their enemies, throwing stars and throwing knives penetrating their heads. The mission was going smoothly so far. The building was square, and made out of wood, with lanterns and boxes in front of the entrance. There were some windows, but there was also a door to take them inside.

Kumori and his pals silently lined up at the door. Kumori climbed up the small wooden stairs, and tried to silently open the door. To his surprise, he would not need to use a Master key to open the lock on this door. He slowly let it creek open. The room was small. There was a door to a bathroom, and a few tables against the wall, with wooden chairs, and a bar opposite to the bathroom. There were old rugs on the floor, and as the team silently moved, they checked in the spaces behind the door, and after searching, they gathered to figure out their next course of action.

“Let's move.” Kumori told them.

This was only one part of the whole building that this important business meeting was going to be in. The building the team infiltrated was only a small place. A staircase from this place led to an underground passage, which led to the complex, which was guarded more heavily than this part of the place. This would be the easiest way to infiltrate. Of course, this mission is far from easy altogether. Kumori take out a kunai knife, and placed it in his right hand, his dominant hand. He used his left hand to olden the shiny, bronze doorknob, which opened to a staircase, with only dim lights, which would take the four of them down below. Walking down the concrete stairs, with the Kunai in hand to use against any guards in the tunnel, they made it down.

They walked straight through the dim, narrow corridor. It was so narrow, only a single person could through. Two people, side by side, would almost not fit. They traveled in single file, and when they got to the end of a corridor, Kumori stopped, and took out a small mirror, which he used to look around corners. Seeing the coast was clear, Kumori slowly walked around the corner, his team following him. They made sure to keep as quiet as a mouse as they moved. Kumori started to unwrap the bandage around his head, revealing his whole head, and hair style. He had a foot long pony tail behind. He put the goggles in one of his pouches, and when they got to the end of the corridor, they found another staircase. They slowly climbed up, crouching as they did, Kumori knew on the other side of this door, there was no turning back. He opened it, and he found himself in a small room, with wooden walls on one side, and concrete on the other. There was a staircase, and a door. Kumori let one of his squad mates stay behind to guard the door, while he and the rest of them moved up the stairs.

This place looked like a traditional home, wood floors suspended above the ground, and glass windows, along with sliding doors. Crime folk loved living in cultural luxurious places like these. Kumori reached the top of the stairs, where there was a sliding door. Kumori could see the chakra of a few men on the other side. He pulled out a shuriken, and made a signal with his hand for his squad to do the same. He opened the door, rushing in commando style, he threw three shuriken, each of them with pinpoint accuracy, piercing the heads of the three, they hit the ground, with the squad coming to finish them off with knives. This was a place where guards were standing. They were watching a hallway. There were some on the other side too. With no windows blocking their projectiles, Shuriken were fired over the hallway, puncturing the enemies on the other side. The ninja left below came out of the door, while Kumori jumped out the open wall, and threw more weapons at the men inside.

From there, Kumori got a good look at the situation. This was a large hallway with a high, trinagular ceiling. Enclosed, guard balconies supported by wood pillars on both sides, staircases leading down on both ends. There was a door on one side, and the other side of the hall led to a living room, with a fireplace, furniture, clear windows, and even a television. The rooms below the posts were simply storage rooms. Now that they had taken this part of the building smoothly, they needed to move on to the rest. There was only one door out of here, and that was the door to the end of the hall. As they looked out the windows, they saw this place was built on a hill. It looked more like a vacation condo then an important meeting place between two criminal organizations. They left the lights here on, and opened the door in front of them. It led into a room filled with three people, who were watching something going on. They turned around thinking it was one of their comrades, but they were sorely mistaken as the full squad burst in, and grabbed their necks, tackling them down, and then stabbing them, letting them die with their screams of help muffled.

This mission was getting more and more dangerous. As they flooded the room, they decided to montage through the whole place. Just rush entire rooms, kill everyone inside, then move on to the next. And so they did. Arming themselves with their weapons, Kumori opened another one of the doors slightly, and to his surprise, there was a bridge suspended by ropes, leading to the other side, which had the rest of the complex. He looked, and a guard on the other side. There were probably some on this side as well. They would need to be disposed. Kumori discovered a staircase, which had no door, and using his mirror to peak around, he found a guard. However, he did not want the guard on the other side to know they were there. He came around the corner, and used his Sharingan to put a Genjutsu on the man.

What he saw, was a beautiful weapon, beckoning him down the steps. Lust got the better of him, as his face became rosy red, he came down, hesitating, thinking he was gonna get lucky. But instead, he got stabbed in the neck. The genjutsu ended, and he saw the Shinobi who had killed him. His eyes went up, and he fell to the ground. Looking at the rest of his squad, he told them to wait as he would dispose of the other guard. He got his Crossbow, and aimed across the bridge quickly. Telling his squad mates to rush right now, he shot the bow, and killed the guard swiftly. Kumori looked at the scenery around him. Out this open wall, there was a rocky, downward slope, with many boulders, covered in weeds and other growth, towards the bottom, there were many tall, conifer trees in the valley below. In front of him, there was a large, many shaped building, built against the side of the mountain, it was very pleasing to the eye. It had many lights shining out of the windows. This was the final step. Infiltrate, and clear.

The stars above in the partially cloudy night sky looked down upon this bloody venture as the parties of ninja made their way across the bridge, heading into the fire zone. The wind on the bridge was harsh, and blew the bridge back and forth. They felt like it was ready to snap. As the four of them walked across, they felt something break, as they felt wobbly, and then the bridge snapped. It was apparently quite old, and unable to support them. They all were able to hold on without falling. The bride collapsed on the side that there were traveling towards, and the bridge fell over, hitting the mountain side. Kumori landed on his feet, along with rest of his squad. They would have to take the long way. Kumori and his team walked down the side of the mountain, using chakra to stick to the sides, they took turns finding a boulder, and jumping onto the other side where the bridge once was.

The team agreed on a single plan. Find Yokoro, kill him, and then get the hell out of there. Kumori and his team got to the door, and slowly, they cracked it open a little, looking inside to see what was going on. Two people were inside, drinking a little. Quickly, they were stabbed right through the skull, exposing their innards, left to fall on the floor and die. There was a sliding window, and Kumori peeked through. Another post on the other side, with the man inside looking across the room. Down below, there he was. Kokoro. The intel was correct. He was here. There was a few other people down there. They would have to hurry up here. Kumori began forming handsigns, and gave the command to strike. Immediately, all four members of the squad jumped through the window, smashing the glass, and knocking the wood down, they hit the floor with their feet first.

“Raiton – Aizu-Furea!” Kumori yelled. He closed his eyes, and suddenly the whole room was blinded with unbelievably bright light. Blinding everyone in the room whose eyes were not closed. Making a loud thunder noise, nobody could see, except his squad. Kumori reached into his pocket quickly. He knew this would only last for about ten seconds. He pulled out an arrow, dipped it in some of his poison, and grabbed Kokoro by the collar of his shirt. He shoved the arrow through the space between his eye, puncturing his brain, killing him instantly. He was killed immediately.

“Let's go!” Kumori yelled to his squad mates.

Suddenly, the room started filling with people. Shinobi. Most of them were probably Chuunin, maybe even some Jounin. Suddenly, they had to leave. Right now. Right here was the worst place to be. Kumori and his squad began rushing for the nearest window, even if it didn't lead outside. Kumori dove through a blurry window, smashing it, leaving glass across the floor, he rolled across the floor and kept on running through the hallway. As he ran, he saw a few Shinobi cut them off from another corner. This was fast and furious. The lights got lighter and darker as they ran past each floodlight. This place was turning into a battleground. The Shinobi in front of them had shuriken in hand, ready to kill them. Kumori immediately dove to the left, through another window, and right out of the place entirely. He was suddenly on the face of the craggy slope down to the bottom.

“Go, go, go!” He yelled.

He began hopping across the boulders, trying to make his way away from this danger zone. The sky was still just as dark as it was when he crossed the bridge outside. Behind him, ninja began following him from the building, trying to apprehend them. Shuriken began bouncing off of the rocks. It was getting heated out here. Kumori did a 360 degree jump, throwing shuriken at his pursuers. He managed to hit one of them, and they were crippled by pain, and they hit a rock, and tumbled to the bottom, being turned to rubble in the process. It must've been incredibly painful. Kumori and his squad reached the top of one of the cliffs, and they called for help from the Village. Getting a response, they kept on going, assured.

Before they knew it, Cloud Ninja were going in the opposite direction of the squad, facing the enemy Shinobi in battle. All in all, the mission was successful. It was later found out that Kokoro had terminated his business relationship with Akatsuki already. Making it out alive with only minimal injuries. Later that night, Kumori could rest easy, knowing he had just completed his first S Ranked mission.
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