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Name: Metsuki Riyousha II

Age: [How old are you?]25

Age Appearance:25
Metsuki Updated Kakashi_Sensei_by_Baiser

With this overcoat: Metsuki Updated Tenth-Doctor-Who-Teaser

Gender: Male
Rank: A

Ninja Rank: Jounin

Village: Konohagakure
Birthplace: Mori no Kuni
Previous Village: Mori no Kuni
Clan/Bloodline: Implanted Sharingan

Personality: Metsuki is kind and caring. He loves to teach, however those taught by him may find annoying. He is heavily sarcastic, and often makes jokes out of everything. He goes out of his way to help people, even if it is inconvenient to him. His goal is to protect the village and to teach others to protect the village. He often injures himself protecting people who need protection. He is very intelligent and is an excellent strategist although at times he may not act like it. Overall, what may seem like a carefree attitude is just a cover for a hidden desire to protect the village and its inhabitants. Due to recent events, Metsuki is more cold and distant, but is generally the same person.

Goals: To protect the village
Alignment:Good in general

Canon Personality: Kakashi, Asuma, Shikamaru, Guy

History: Metsuki was born in Kohona, but he was not originally from Kohona. His family is from Mori no Kuni, but on a journey to Kohona, his mother went into labor. After nine grueling hours of labor, Metsuki was born. He was named Metsuki, after his father. He was raised in Mori no Kuni, but he has always felt a connection to Kohona.

His father was a woodsman, nothing terribly important, but growing up Metsuki wanted to be just like him. He even practiced cutting trees with his own little axe. He lived in a log cabin near the woods with his parents. He would all day in those woods, until his father got home. After his father got home, they would spend the rest of the day together as a family.

It was not uncommon for Metsuki to get up after his father left work, but before his mother got up and leave for the woods. He would leave a note so his mother would not worry, but he would spend all day in those woods. By the time he was 10, he knew those woods like the back of his hand, every single nook and cranny, he knew. If you dropped him off in the middle of the woods, he could tell you exactly where he was.

When Metsuki was 11, his family went on a trip to Kohona. Of course, his parents didn't tell them were they were going, it was meant to be a surprise. So, they traveled for a few days, all the while Metsuki had now idea where he was going. They took an uncommon path completely devoid of signs, just so he wouldn't find out. Taking the less traveled path turned out to be a bad idea.

They were about halfway to Kohona. Metsuki knew this because his would tease him, using his impatience against him, he would say were halfway there and then slow down. When looking back on it, Metsuki realizes if they had sped up, he would have had less time with his parents. When they were almost to Kohona, they were ambushed by a pair of bandits. Originally it was just a robbery, but Metsuki's father tried to fight back. The would be robbers became murderers, when they got carried away and kill his parents. They turned their sights on Metsuki, who ran as fast and as hard as he could.

All the time spent in the woods had helped him more than he ever thought possible, he was able to twist and turn away from the path and lose the bandits. After what felt like forever, he ended up at the Kohona Gate. He arrived out of breath and a look of terror on his face. The guards were immediately concerned. They asked him what happened, and he broke in to tears and told them. A team was sent out to find the bandits (using a description given by Metsuki) and another team was sent to retrieve their bodies.

The team searching for the bandits returned with nothing. Metsuki lashed out at them, they let his parents killers get away. His parents were given an honorable funeral, which even the Hokage attended.One of the guard ninja in the village, Suki, took Metsuki in, he would live with her until he could afford his own place. She took him back to his parents house to get things he needed. After he got his clothes, a few pictures of his parents, and his fathers hatchet, he left, leaving the hose to rot..

From that day forward, he was not looking back. It was that day he decided to become a ninja of the Leave Village.He entered the academy and studied hard. He had entered late, so he was older than everyone else, but he worked just as hard. He graduated as an average student, not at the top of the class, but not at the bottom. He was put on a genin team with two others younger than himself.

His team took on several missions, most were easy, but there were some they were not officially qualified for. Metsuki often got injured protecting his teammates from harm. Although they considered him reckless, they all became fast friends and grew very close. After quite a few missions the team decided to enter in the Chunin Exams.

Using a variety of skills they mannaged to get past the written exams. Through their training exercises in teamwork the got through the forest of death. Moving on to the tournament, they were worried that their abilities would not be up to par with the Genin of other villages. The each fought their fight and were all promoted. At the age of 17 he was a Chunin.

During his chunin years he developed his signature technique, the earth grenades. The technique works y inserting compressed fire chakra into a shell of earth chakra. The fire chakra is set to a certian amount of time and when the time is up, the chakra goes of, it goes off with an explosion. His team went on more difficult missions as chunin, and on one particular mission, one of his team members was killed. The rest of the team grew apart and Metsuki sank into a depression. During this time his personality flipped. He became ruthless, often completing missions by himself. His temper developed a short fuse and he often exploded at people for the smallest things.

The Hokage suspended him for one of these outbursts, telling him that she would allow him to continue ninja work when he dealt with his issues. During the next few months he became self destructive, often drinking to much and barely leaving his house. After numerous attempts his adoptive mother Suki got him to stop drinking. She helped him out of his depression, by getting him to deal with the survival's guilt. She also helped him get his job back. By proving to the Hokage that he was fit for duty again, he was reinstated and promoted. Just a day after his 20th birthday, he is a Jounin and is ready to teach a team of ninja.

Time Skip

He met two members of his team outside the sand village and quickly got along with them. He and his two teammates met Ken and Migoto in the Rain Village shortly after. He thought that he would work well with this team. They stayed in the Rain village for quite a while, learning about each other.

When Metsuki learned of the destruction of Kohona, he rushed his team back to Kohona to help rebuild. Even though he had not always lived in Kohona, he still felt as it was his home and the place he was meant to live and protect. So the fact that he had not been able to stop Kohona's destruction effected him deeply However, it effected another member of his team more. Misuto's parents died in the destruction. Metsuki knew how it felt to lose his parents, so he had tried to help the boy, but Misuto became more distant and eventually Metsuki left him alone to grieve.

Metsuki allowed his teammembers to go work on seperate projects for the village. While he would work on a different one. The rebuilding of Kohona too some time, but eventually the village was back on her feet. However once the village was completely rebuilt, he called his team back together. He had only seen them in passing, during this time, so he was curious about how different they would be.

The end of a threat
Katsu Uchiha. A ninja of the leaf village and attempted Missing-Nin. He tried to secretly sneak from the village, to run off most likely seeking to join the Neo-Akatsuki. However, his plans did not count for having to fight to escape. Metsuki, Iko Hyuuga and Konoha Koga went after him to stop him from leaving the village. After a fight outside the village, the life of Katsu Uchiha was ended with an electrically charge Kunai to the chest. After bringing the body back to the village for investigation. After returning to the village, Metsuki claimed the Uchiha's Right eye vowing to use it to further protect the village.

RP Sample:---

Skill Specialty:
Dominant:Ninjutsu, Intelligent
Recessive:Doujutsu, Chakra Control

Elemental Affinity:
Recessive: Earth

Stat Points
Ninjutsu: 5
Seal Knowledge:2

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