Putting your character up for Adoption

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Putting your character up for Adoption

Post by Kiyoshi on Sat Jan 09, 2010 2:16 pm

  • Getting tired of your character, don't feel like rping with him/her?

  • Want a new character but have filled the spots or haven't met the requirements for another Character?

  • Don't want to kill him/her off just yet?

Here's where you can drop that character off so that someone else may use them that character and you could clean out the character spot. All you have to do is gain permission from a mod/admin and then have him/her move said character in this area for adoption if they have an interest. You will also be responsible to post up your character's jutsu, bloodline, clan, etc, in the topic of your character.

((All who request to place their character up for adoption must state the reason why you don't want him/her anymore))



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