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Clous stood in the middle of a field of tall grass. His arms shaking from the repeated attempts. It was hard for him to control the chakra which was starting to flow from him like water. He could suppress it after so many attempts. He sat down folding his legs under himself and tried to relax, while focusing on his chakra flow. There was no way he would be able to achieve his new jutsu unless he had complete control over koori. He knew that this technique was nothing like Ground Zero, where a burst of such energy was required. But this technique required his absolute calm and moderation.

Once Clous got his chakra under control he reached deep within himself to bring Koori out once again. He gripped Tatsuma in his right hand and looked forward at several dummies he h ad set up. As far as the close range version of this technique, he had it down to a T but it was learning how to turn this attack into a long range weapon that was becoming a problem.

Clous quickly built up Koori and sent it in waves through his right arm, and channeled it into Tatsuma. A blue aura surrounded him but soon dimmed as it traveled to the blade itself. He held the sword firmly in both hands before sprinting toward the dummies. Once he was in range he jumped into the air and forced more chakra behind his koori and fired in a single burst as he swung the sword. The weapon emitted a blue slicing wave which Clous released side ways so it can cleave more than one target in half. He was surprised when the wave actually left his blade. But a bit dismayed at its size. He knew that he would have to be careful with the aiming.

Ha came back down to earth landing rather roughly and tumbled. He struggled to stand up, and looked on to the dummies which were all cut in various ways. So the longer the reach the sloppier it gets. I’ll have to keep that in mind. He started to pant as he fell back into the grass. He smirked a bit as he thought about his accomplishment. I know its going to take a lot more than that next time. And I can’t exactly use it in a heated battle unless I can get some more training in with it. But I’ve reached my limit for the day. Perhapse I should just head back now. As he thought taht his eyes slowly started to close.

After a few hours he woke up still in the field. The sky was dark and the stars lined the sky. Clous sat up and sheathed Tatsuma before turning and heading back to Konohagakure. “Just a little more,” he muttered to himself as he continued to stride toward the village gates. I can't believe how muc taht took out of me. I believe taht jutsu can get stronger still.


Clous' mission was clear. He was ordered to protect a small convoy of refuges as they moved across the fire nation. Nothing to big, the group didnt seem to be a high priority or anything. He figured this mission was a break of sorts. Hm, guess they don't want to work me to hard at the momment. Must be saving me up for somthing else. Atleast I hope, because if this is the best I can get then the Hokage and I need to have a talk. He walked next to a cart being pulled by an old man and sighed. God, im to nice... Clous took the cart from teh old man and started to pull it for him. The old man thanked him and walked along with him telling stories from his youth. Though Clous really didn't want to hear it, but he wasn't the type to reject an old mans wisdom. Maybe he would learn something.

Clous head an odd rattle of chains which noone else seemed to hear. It brought with it a cold wind which noone else seemed to feel either. He looked around as a chill ran down his back. He told the old man to go on and warned the others to keep a look out as he jumped to a tree branch and looking toward the source of the chill running through his body now. He stared at something, and empty spot in the tree line as the convoy moved. Clous' attention sharpened when a frost covered chain flew toward him from beneath him. He jumped back off of the branch and into a backflip. When he landed he was greeted with the sight of the same man.

"You, you're the man who attacked me last time during the assassination." Clous held both of his Katar firmly as the people from the convoy ran behind him. He could hear them scurry around, for some reason Clous felt liek he was being targeted.

"You still have no idea. Poor boy, and to think your the head of the clan now. You'r father would be ashamed." Those words cut deep adn the masked pale man seeemd to know it. His frosted chaines seemed to snake around him.

Clous' anger built up, reaching the boiling point within seconds. He was doing what he could to keep a cool head. He kenw his responcibility was to secure this convoy no matter what. This man was of not the direct concern. Especially since this man seemed to have no interest in the convoy at all. His icy stare seemed to stay locked on Clous as he slowly moved back covering the convoy's retreat.

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