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Name: Shizukesa Hyuuga

Age: 30

Bloodline: Byakugan

Rank: Kazekage
Classification: S Rank
Village: Sand
Alignment: Good

Shizukesa Hyuuga (DONE) Hyuuga

Personality:The base of Shizukesa's personality has been the same throughout all of his years. It's different, of course, depending on what kind of mood he is in. Usually, he is quiet. This is when he is bored, which is most of the time. When in this mood, he likes to just sit back and listen to what other have to say. He likes to share things with people, but through little words. Often, when he is like this, his friends and family tend to worry about him, and wonder what he could be thinking about. The answer is=______. The emotions sad and furious are two different things for Shizukesa. Two very different things, I might add. When he's sad, he pertains to be normal, like when he's bored. Even if he's dying inside, he wouldn't show any emotion. He was taught by his father that it's a sign of weakness.

When he's mad, it shows. He usually gos back to his house and beats something up, or yells in his room. But if he is no where near home, he'll have to make due with beating the sh*t out of whatever is nearest to him. This is what usually leads him to unorganized fights, which he doesn't get into much. Oddly, opposing his "bored" state of being, his happiness shows a lot. When he is in a happy state of being, everybody knows it, not only Shizukesa himself. In this happy mood, Shizu is overly talkative. Not overly talkative for talkative peoples standards, but for quiet old Shizukesa, he appears to himself as pretty talkative. He also laughs, and chuckles while happy, which is un-likely for him. His personality is a lot like his great uncle Neji's. It's a little bit different, but his personality is quite the same.

History: The story of Shizukesa Hyuuga begins in a large house. The polished wood on the floor revealed the mass amount of light that was shining through the windows on this sunny day. The birds were singing outside, and it was a calm day, all except for the Hyuugas. For them, this would be a day of turmoil and excitement, of pressure and of relief. This day signalled the birth of a new Hyuuga, a new member to the family. A direct descendent of Tenshoku Hyuuga, and Ekimaru Hyuuga, and they was there. She was about to become a grandmother, at the age of sixty five. Shizukesa's mother was also there, and his father. Xiaomara Hyuuga, Shizukesa's mother, and (not Taku's) Dageki Hyuuga, Shizu's father. A few of his other relatives were there as well.

When Shizukesa was conceived from the whom, he was put into his mothers hands. Strangely, he was not crying, or smiling, or laughing, or frowning, or anything. He just layed there with a blank expression on his face, staring into his mothers pure white eyes. They were stressed eyes, for she had just given birth, but they turned into a relieved state when she saw her baby boy. His still innocent face, unsure of what cruel trainings and punishments lie ahead of him. A blue robe was wrapped around the new-born, as he looked around the room to see the smiling faces of his relatives. They all looked at him with the utmost intensity. Suddenly, the peacefulness of the moment was proceedingly broken, by an alert call. "All Shinobi at arms! There are intruders who have come to harm the village!" EVeryone who had been in the room, witnessing the birth was gone, except for a couple of his younger cousins, and his mother, who had just given birth. Unlike everyone else, the relief was still in her eyes. A small battle was to happen throughout the entire village, and Xiaomara Hyuuga could care less. Neither could Ekimaru Hyuuga. The two watched Shizu, the new-born son, as the battle raged on.

It was about six o clock at night at the Hyuuga residence, and Shizukesa was still out and about with his father. Shizukesa panted, while closing his eyes tightly, holding back his tears. He had been training all day, in one of the most intense training sessions he had ever encountered. And he was only four years old. The sweat dripped from his forehead, as he removed the hands from his face, revealing that he had once again activated his bloodline: The Byakugan. The veins around his eyes bulged as he gasped for air. He panted heavily as his father spoke aloud, from an unrevieled location. If Shizu did not find him, something bad was bound to happen. Shizukesa's father extracted his arm, and all in one movement it seemed, had grabbed the kunai from his side-pouch, proceeding to throw it quickly in Shizukesa's direction. But he did not simply throw it in any old fashion. He threw it in a special location, located behind Shizu's neck. It was the tunnel of blindness behind his thoaratic vertebre. Most Hyuugas would have fallen behind when it came to this technique.

People who knew about the Byakugan, knew its weakness. This is where Shizukesa prevailed. His hearing sense was beyond that of most other Hyuugas, as was his speed. Before the kunai could come within thirteen feat of himhe could here the whistle of the speeding kunai. He turned around, jumping to the left. At the age of 4, he hadn't yet learned to grab sharp knives in his hands. The kunai hit the ground, sticking into the grass with a *thud!*After a series of panting, and returning his eyes back to his normal state, exiting the Byakugan, he glanced up to where the kunai was thrown from. His father lay standing in a tree, crossing his arms. He smiled and bowed at Shizu, signalling the end of his training. Shizu bowed back in respect. At this young age, Shizukesa was already put into harsh training, in order to be the best in the academy. He had to be the best. Best behavior, best techniques, best potential, best. His fathers constant training for Klano, ever since he could walk, would definetely help him with that. Shizukesa felt dreary, then passed out, landing next to the Kunai his father had dropped.

"Tommorow, we will start element training."

It was the first day in the academy for Shizu, who had gotten a late start due to medical reasons. He was injured in a spar with his father, where he had broken his right leg and his left foot. After a couple monthes time, about two weeks into the academy season, Shizukesa had come back, almost completely healed. He took his seat directly in the middle of the room, where everyone could see him. If he wanted, though, he could see anybody he wanted to from where he sat. He had walked in on a presentation.

The teacher turned around, spying a quick look at Shizukesa. He smiled, pointing towards him. "Hello there! Err, welcome to the c-class!" The instructor said. He seemed to be a shakey, nervous person. But somehow, he kept all of the children in check, none of them were talking, or getting into trouble. Either these children were all perfect little angels, or this man had some sort of trick up his sleeve. He pushed his glasses up, then turned back to watch the student at hand. Knees bent, the girl with pig-tails in her hair, crunched up into buns, was trying to focus her chakra. Her face in a cringe, she was able to create a perfect bunshin. The whole class clapped, a droopy, kind of bored, clap. Everyone seemed to expect that out of her, she was the perfect student.

"Sh-Shizukesa, why not give it a try, huh?"

With that, Shizu stepped from his seat, and pushed in his chair. He could feel the heavy, expecting eyes that lay on him from the other students as he slowly walked down the stairs. As he got to the bottem step, he tripped and almost fell. He quickly rejuvinated, then send a smile to the rest of his class. He laughed lightly, expecting something back, but the whole class just gave him an odd look. Shizukesa Hyuuga had a sense of humor, that wasn't much revieled because of all the people around him. Everyone else was so serious... and Shizu didn't like to stand out. He recollected himself and walked to the front center of the room. His first time doing this, he had to stare at the board for a moment, reading the "how-to" instructions. This is a technique that took perfecting from academy students for weeks, even monthes for some. Shizu turned around, mimicing the stance that he saw the little girl using.

The amount of chakra that he felt flowing through his body were raging, focusing it on this move. He performed the neccesary hand-seal's a bit wearily. He stood in the same, squatted position for quite some time.Then, in an expulsion of his chakra levels, he attempted to create the clone, splatting it to the left of him. He looked over to the left of him, sweat dripping from his fore-head. He expected a perfect illusion of him, and he was getting quite excited. His joy was cut when he had realized how badly he messed up. It lie on the floor, X's over it's eyes. It's right foot was where it's left hand should be, and vise-versa. The color of the bunshins skin was green, and his head was blown up to the size of an exersize ball. He looked around the class-room, and was happy and dissapointed at the same time. Of course, he was dissapointed on how poorly he had done with his bunshin creation. Just looked at it made him cringe. But, this being a rare occasion in his life, Shizu had witnessed everyone around the room laughing. Even if they were all laughing at him, it was laughter, and Shizukesa loved to hear that. He laughed along with them, as he walked back up to his seat. He was going to need some work, that was apparent.

Shizukesa had passed the Academy with flying colors, moving onto a genin team as a strogest link. He was put on Team three, along with a girl named Sakura, and a boy named Kakuzu. They were all at age 10, and had a sensai named Sasori, named after the puppet user of the Akatsuki. Sakura looked litterally like a younger version of the 5th Hokage of konaha: Tsunade. She resembled her in many ways, but mainly with her breat size. At age 10, she was already starting to form breats, before all the other Kunoichi of the village. That made her special, especially among the ninja art of seduction. She had medium sized, blonde hair, which reached passed her shoulders. She wore a red tunic most of the time, which went down to her ankles. She was a calm, happy person. Kakuzu was a brown haired boy, spiked up in a naruto-fasion. He was the wise-crack of the three, and the happiest at that. He was the only one who wore his headband across his neck, letting it hang onto his chest. His outfit was very leniant, and he didn't care about it much. Shizu enjoyed him the most, although he didn't show it, because of his sense of humor. By this time, Shizu was made into the more serious of his group, being the oldest.

But the main reason was of his family. They never joked around, especially his dad. Dageki Hyuuga was all about work, training, and protecting his village and family. Xiomara Hyuuga, Shizu's mother, had followed Dageki's example, although being a bit more of happy and leniant person. She would laugh and smile everyone once in a while, unlike Shizu's father. But Shizu, being around his father most of the time, had picked up habbits from him, and one of them was his overmaturity. Shizukesa rarely laughed at things now, unless he was in a very happy mood, in which case he would get along with Kakuzu, his wise-cracking teamate. But most of the time, Klano had to act like he hated Kakuzu, to keep his cool. One day, Shizukesa and his team were sent on their first B-ranked mission, the Hokage noticing their unique skill. Kakuzu was a medical nin, not having much skill in combat at all. Sakura was a Nara clan member, who could use shadow control. The three made a wonderful team, utilizing eachothers skills to their advantage, creating a great routine. A main skill of theirs was spying, or watching out for things. This is why they were assigned on the dangerous mission. The village of Konaha had not heard any recent news from the Akatsuki in quite some time, and were getting suspicous on to what there antics might be. It took a while to travel there, a couple days.

It was located all the way in the rice country. They arrived all on time though, spirits still up. The Akatsuki base at the time was under a cave, which Shizu and his team had perched themselves on top of. "I don't know why we brought Sakura along!" Kakuzu soud in a loud whispering voice, while listening down onto the Akatsuki base. They weren't talking at all yet, they seemed to all be pondering soemthing deep inside that cave. They would camp there until they had good information. "She can't do anything unless the sun's out, she's usueless!" he said, nudging Sakura on the shoulder. Sakura replied with a fist to Kakuzu's head. "Shut up!" NJKSLAIt was already very dark out, and they had camped on top of the base since sunset. Somehow, they were not noticed by the S-ranked ninja. But that was why they were assigned on to this trip, there stealthiness. Shizukesa put a finger facing Kakuzu and Sakuras direction, and said "Shhhh." He closed his eyes, bringing his hands over them. When he removed his hands, the veins beside his eyes were a lot more noticable. He had activated his Byakugan. Shizu peered into the Akatsuki base, seeing a couple members in there, sheething their swords. One of them looked up and sarted speaking to the other one. They weren't talking about anything major, beside talking about killing people. It was horrible, gruesome news, but nothing vital to his village. Once again, Kakuzu started talking.

"I'm just saying, all she is doing right now is.. well, being dead weight. I'm needed at all missions, because i'm a medical nin."

Noone payed much attention at all, except for Sakura of course. She took what Kakuzu had just said directly to the heart, making her feel useless. "Shut up.." she said quietly, holding her temper at the time being. "Hehe, I mean seriosly.."Kakuzu started. "What are you gonna do if they catch on to us, persuade them with your boobs?"

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"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!" Sakura yelled at the top of her lungs, whapping Kakuzu, knocking him off the edge of the cave. Right then, Klano could see the Akasuki members who were currently in the base, looking up at him. They couldn't really see him, of course, but they knew he was there. "Run..." Shizu said in a quiet, trembling voice. This is when his sensai got alerted. "What..?" Sasori asked. Shizukesa gave him a terrified look. "RUN!!! NOW!" Kakuzu grabbed Sakura's hand and ran, tailing behind Klano and Sasori. After five seconds of running, they jumped over a rock and crouched behind it. Neither of them were breathing. They were all to scared to funcion. Even their sensai Sasori was a bit terrified. Shizu, with his Byakugan still activated, managed to conjeur up some courage. He looked through the rock, seeing the Akatsuki members come ou of their base door. That was a horrible sight, but the worst was yet to come. From inside of the base, four metal tenbtacles were sprung from the base, heading directly at the rock. Shizukesa only stared in awe as the tendrils approached, for he was scared stiff. He was frozen. He had never been in such a dangerous situation, and never thought it would come to this. Fighting The Akatsuki at the age of ten. He was the only one who could see the tentacles, and this would haunt him for thew rest of his life. He finally managed a, "Watch out!!" while diving out of range from the rock. But he didn't say it in time.

Right as he jumped away, the tendrils bursted through the rock, leaving a cloud of dust. Shizu had ran behind a tree, peeking from behind it. As the dust cleared, you could see his sensai, Sasori, and his teamates, Kakuzu and Sakura, floating in mid-air. The metal wires had pierced through the center of their bodies, leaving them floating throughout the air like lifeless puppets. Blood was dripping from the cold metal of the horrible weapons. Only Sasori, Shizukesa's sensai, had enough life left in him to whither out a few more words.

"Run Shizu... run"

12 years later

Shizu sat up from his bed, startled. He looked around frantically, then after a few seconds, sighed, and got out of bed. That same dream again. That same nightmare. He put his pants on over his boxers that he had slept in, and put his shirt and jacket on. He walked aimlessly to his door, and went outside, skipping breakfast. He took his usual jog to the training grounds of Konahagakure, stopping and saying hi to everyone he knew. He stopped by the ramen shop, and picked his usual pre-ordered delivery up from the ramen shop. He nodded at the shop-keeper and smiled as he picked up his carton of noodles. He then ran to the training grounds a bit quicker. He was hungry. This is how he started breakfast every single day, in order to prepare himself for the cruel world. He never relaxed, he always had to be on his toes.

As he jogged into the training grounds, he kept jogging in place for a few seconds, then propped up against a wooden post. He opened his carton of noodles, extracting the chopsticks from the side of the white box. He stopped his heavy breathing, and took in the nice auroma of the food before him. He began eating aimlessly, food bits falling all over his fresh shirt. As he got towards the bottem of the carton, he began thinking about things. When he ate things, was usually his time to think about important life matters. Alot of things were on his mind, and they all effected a big move. A possible move out of Konaha, as a matter of fact.

His father, Dageki Hyuuga, had died valiantly in battle when Shizukesa was eighteen years old. His mom, Xiomara Hyuuga, still lived in Konaha, but was deathly sick. She would die in a few weeks. Maybe even days. His clan was dying in Konaha, and Shizu was quite tempted to leave. Also, since his teamates, and sensai's old deaths, he hadn't left Konaha much at all. He performed missions every once in a while, but he now had spent mostly every minute of his life in Konaha. He felt as though there were a bigger earth outside of Konaha, like he wasn't living edgy enough. He thought of his mothers nearing death, and how he couldn't waste his life couped up in this village all the time. After training vigourously that day, he went to make an announcement. He had trained his water element, something that seperated him from the rest of the Hyuugas. He walked to his mothers home, the house that he was raised in. He felt a bit odd and selfish, leaving his mother behind in her sickess. The least he could do was to announce his leave. As he pushed open the door, he felt an odd presence about the room. He diverted his eyes to his mother, who was laying on a bed, coughing. She was turned the other way, almost as if she didn't even notice him come in. Shizukesa slowly walked over to the edge of the bed, and sat down in a chair. He put his hand on her mothers shoulder, in an attempt to give her comfort.

"Shizukesa.. I'm dying soon."

"I know mom... just a rest a bit. I've been thinking a lot lately... about moving away, but seeing you here, sick like this. It's just... too much. I'm gonna stay here with you, until you pass away. I cant stand to know that I wasn't here for you during your time of dying. I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I love you, mom."

No responce.


She turned over due to a large gust of wind that had blown in, her dead, white eyes staring into Shizukesa's. She was dead. Before he could hear the three words he'd wanted to hear from he, she died. Shizu only stared for a long time, emotionally. He didn't cry. He had braced himself for this moment. As she turned over, her hand revealed a necklace, with a golden tablet at the bottem. He recognized it all too well. His father had used it to gain power during battle, although the name of it escaped him. Instead of taking it, he left the necklace on her chest, and did something else as well. He went into the bathroom, and began cutting his hair. His hair at the time, had been styled like the legendary Neji Hyuuga's, hair. He cut the entire back part off, and made it short. He wrote a letter, for his grandparents, who would soon be home. He set it on his desceased mother, along with his hair. He took his leave from the village hidden in the leaves, promising to one day come back once again.

2 years later

Over his time away from the village hidden in the leaf, he had met up with a man named Battei Sennin. He was creating an earth village Forming a village that he had never heard of, was exactly the kind of thing that Shizukesa was out to do. He needed adventure, something different then what he had been doing. He'd descided he wanted to stay here, to see what life in this village would be like. For now, it was only a group, that went by the name Wasuremono. Even if he didn't trust the group entirely, he did not care. He was doing this for the fun, and adventure, although he didn't seem like an adventerous person on the outside. Shizu thought of his mom everyday. Going back to Konaha would bring back to many memories.

Speciality: Bloodline, Taijutsu
Learned jutsus:
Elements: Suiton, Fuuton
Weapons/items: Two headed spear
Goals: To avenge his fallen comrades, and live an adventerous life.


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Time skip history

While in the group called Wasuremono, he and Battei expanded on the group greatly. For a while, it was almost as powerful as any village. They were expanded. However, it first started as a tiny, three man group, with a man who had later quit the group to join his home village again. His name was Ryu. They traveled from village to village, looking to recruit. One day however, Battei had gotten into a meeting with a man named Sinic, the supposed leader of the new Akatsuki. But because of an offer that Shizu had first declined, a man-demon-thing, named Kaji-Kanto, decided to blow away the location where they all were. Shizukesa made it out safely, but not with his stone. Battei had secretly taken it to give it to Kaji Kanto, without his knowing. Shizu had to excuse the rudeness of that act, however, because of how much he enjoyed being a part of Wasuremono.

After this, he did various missions, but his favorite was teaching a boy he met, named Kiyoshi Hikaru

Kiyoshi Chronicles!
Kiyoshi sat cross legged on the grass, his sword was strapped to his back and his eyes were closed, his coat lay beneath him. He was doing his routine “before training ‘relaxation technique’”. It worked like this, Kiyoshi would close his eyes so he could take in every piece of nature he could. The sounds, the feel, the smell, even the taste of nature always relaxed him to the point of complete tranquility, opening all of his chakra points with no stress at all, and then he would slowly open his eyes to the beautiful sight of nature, the trees, the grass, and the lake not too far away gave Kiyoshi a good feeling, he loved nature and hated violence, some may call him a hippie of some sort, but Kiyoshi knew, like any sensible ninja would, that violence sometimes is the key to creating a better world. Kiyoshi gave a deep sigh, back flipped to his feet to test his acrobatic skills, brushed some dirt off his plain white T-shirt, and looked at his new sensei.

They both went straight to the Sunagakure Training Dome after their introduction to start Kiyoshi’s training. It was then that Kiyoshi took notice of Shizu’s eyes, at first, Kiyoshi thought he was blind like Battei, but his actions never proved that theory correct. Kiyoshi knew he had seen those eyes before, in a book once, he also remembered reading the name of it, Bakugan or something like that, and it was a Kekkei Genkai of some sort, but he also remembered seeing a lot of veins popping out and the eyes were a little more “intense” than Shizu’s. Kiyoshi decided not to question it, he didn’t want to impose or anything, so just gave him a small, barely noticeable smile. “I’m ready to start my first day of training, Shizu-sensei.”

A smile reached from one side of Shizu's face, to the other, as he saw the setting Kiyoshi had chosen for there training. Truthfully, this would be more of a place that Shizukesa would like to relax, sleep, or even die in. The air was so tranquil, the lake, so rejuvinating. Everything looked perfect for a nap. Somehow, and this is what made Shizu question the manufacturing of the bio-domes in suna, he could feel a bit of a windy breeze. He knew it was there, for the extra cloth from his wasuremono robe around his wrists were carresing themselves to the left a bit. How, after such an eventful day in Suna, his new apparent home, would he want to just lay down and relax. How his interior feelings did not convey his exterior, he was actually very tired! However, Shizu was extra determined today to learn some new things about this student, and start him off on the road to success.

He had a bunch of idea's in mind for how to train Kiyoshi today, however, it would all depend on the answers to the question he was about to ask. This time, there was noone else to look at, instead of Kiyoshi that was. So Shizu simply tilted his head a bit, to make eye contact with his student.

"I'm glad your feeling fit to training, Kiyoshi. However, I must ask you some questions before we begin. Keep in mind, these questions are vital for the method in which I am going to train you. First of all, what do you consider your biggest weakness? Which element have you learned so far, and which do you want to pursue next? Where do you believe you standin terms of strength, speed, intelligence, stamina, and defensive skills? Lastly, are you willing to go through physical, and emotional pain if required?"

Shizukesa now turned his entire body towards Kiyoshi, his answer's carrying the fate of how the rest of the next few monthes would turn out.

Kiyoshi scratched his head and stared at the virtual sky, carefully contemplating the questions Shizu asked him . Honestly, Kiyoshi has never thought about most of them in the past, so he had to think a little before his could answer them. “My biggest weakness… well, most of the other shinobi in Kumo say that I hesitate to hurt someone, I guess that’s kind of true, since violence has never been my strong suit, I've also never faced a kunoichi if that's important. I know three lightning release jutsu, one of them… I hadn’t really got around to mastering, another one that Battei-sama helped me with, and the last one was invented by my brother and I sort of adapted and copied it. My favorite element has always been wind; I find it very relaxing, just going with the flow, like I like to do. Strength, I’m not sure about because I never really tested the force of my attacks; Speed, I would consider myself pretty good at because I seem to be able to get out of tight situations faster than most gennin; I would consider myself quite intelligent since I graduated at the top of my class, my teachers say that I’m a quick learner, and I like to read a lot; Stamina… seems to be somewhat of an issue for me since, during spars and stuff, I would usually lose, mainly due to exhaustion; And defense doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue for me.”

Kiyoshi carefully considered the last question that Shizu asked, the words Anima said to Shizu before they met were still ringing in his ears. “You may use any means necessary and will not be held accountable for his death, should it occur." Kiyoshi brought his head back down and stared right into the pale eyes of his mentor with seemingly no emotion on his face. “I’m willing to accept any and all training methods that you are willing to throw at me, figuratively and literally, even if my death is probable, I will just have to deal with any physical and/or emotional pain that comes along the way.”

Shizukesa gave a miniscule laugh, so much as a "hehe" after hering the words Kiyoshi had to say. He was intelligent. That much he knew judging simply on the tone of his voice. As Shizukesa stood there for a few odd seconds, he went oer the highlights of what Kiyoshi had to say. No killing intent... Not much female expierience... Practices the lightning element... Is interested in the wind element, which also corresponds with his personality. Well, atleast that was good. Strength training is required, is a quick learner, as well as a quick mover. Stamina training is required, and he doesn't seem too weak in the dfensive area. Graduated at the top of his class.


Considering all of this blantly in his head, Shizukesa smiled a bit. Although this was not the dangerous high-stakes mission he was looking for, it would surely be an interesting one. As he stood there, with seemingly no battle preperation, he descided what they were going to do next. Well at least, what he was going to do. Quickly, without notice, Shizu turned into a complete 270 degrees, with his leg sprout out in front of him. With the spiralled kick, he nailed Kiyoshi right in the back, giving him no time whatsoever to react. The kick sent his student flying, and towards the edge of the dome. Hopefully, this would get him mad enough to show him how much ninja's cant be trusted, and all are eligble for death by your own hands. Hopefully, Kiyoshi would show some of his hidden strength in his respond.

Shizukesa said the following words quite loudly so his opponent, but didn't shout them. Although he wanted to look away, to have courage to speak to his student, he had just kicked him brutally in the back. He faced the direction in which his student was, and began to speak. "Your personality is quite the same as mine. However, during battle, you must realize that everyone can be out to get you. Are you mad, Kiyoshi? Do something...

Kiyoshi rubbed his aching head, which had broken his fall after his teacher’s kick. He has never seen someone move so fast and felt a force so strong. As he shook the pain out of his head and cracked his partially reassembled back, he heard his Shizu speaking to him about their similarities and so on. Kiyoshi angrely punched the grass below him and stood up “The only thing I’m mad at is my lack of concentration." he sighed."I’m sorry if I didn’t react the proper way that I was supposed to against your attack.” And, with that, Kiyoshi smacked his own forehead with the bottom of his palm and yelled at himself. “Why do I always have to let my guard down!? Come on, it’s ninja 101, ‘never let your guard down!?'” He let out another deep sigh, after he finally stop yelling at himself and brushed off his dirty shirt, once again, Kiyoshi gave Shizu a quick nod, indicating that he was on gaurd “I apologize, I’m prepared for anything now, Shizu-sensei.”

Shizu sighed, letting his head fall down under his shoulders. He then slapped his own hand to his face, like he had done something wrong. Under his breath, he muttered the words, "No, no, no.." Then he let his hand fall and looked up at Kiyoshi. He couldn't be mad at a responce like that, for he knew he had done wrong, however, he didn't act the way he excpected. He didn't expect for complete rage and hatred at Shizu, but he expected him to come to a certain mindset, that the stage was a killzone, not an academy. However, maybe there were other ways to change his mood. As a matter of fact, Shizukesa was in posetion of four of the most frustrating things to fight in the world. Small and quick, it's very hard to land a hit on them, nonetheless, dodge there attacks.

As he prepared the scroll, getting it out of his Wasuremono robe, he began talking to his student once again. "Don't apologize to someone who just kicked you into a wall. Beat their ass, okay?" Shizu said as he unravelled the four and a half foot scroll. He stared down at the four different divisions of the scroll. Out of the four, had red writing, for lightning, dark orange for fire, blue for ice, and green for poison. In his mind, he figured that the lightning one would be the best out of the four, due to Kiyoshi's element affinity with lightning. So, he bit open the scar on his thumb. There had been a scar there, from him biting it multiple times, to do what he was about to do. With his thumb, he drew a large "X" on the fourth of the scroll that had red writing on it. The red righting began to glow, and illuminate even in a sunny setting. A poof of smoke replaced the letters where the writing once was, and a figure stood in the smoke.

He was revealed to be a figure who barely reached the height of four feet and zero inches. He had a red and white sphere helmet, all red chest armor, and red leggings, a two and a half foot blade, and a shield. He was known by a few as "Kumo-Komaki Yubon". He stood, and looked up at Shizu, waiting for orders. Shizu stared at him for a few seconds, but didn't say anything. He then looked up to Kiyoshi, and spoke once again. "Your training for today is done once you're able to defeat this summoning. You are to rely purely on your strength, and can only use ninjutsu as a defense. To be able to complete this task, I advise that you let go of that mindset. The ninja world is now, and forever will be at war. Unless we step our game up, and stop it. Until then, you have to keep up. You wont kill this summoning unless you really want to, and--"

Shizu was about to continue into more words, but the summoning must have grown bored, realizing his task, and went off for the attack. He shield bashed Kiyoshi off into the distance, then jumped up after him, ready to attack with a sword. He swung horizontally at Kiyoshi, who was hopefully getting a LITTLE bit peeved.

Kiyoshi paid very close attention to Shizu as he explained his objective for their training, but before his teacher could finish explaining, Kiyoshi felt himself get bashed in the face by the shield of the knight that Shizu summoned moments ago, sending him a few feet back. At first, Kiyoshi was mentally laughing at the small size of the knight, when Shizu summoned it, but, now, he realized that it may be small, but it’s fast, fast as lightning. Then, Kiyoshi noticed that the knight was coming at him, but, this time, he coming at him with his sword. Kiyoshi landed on his feet by rotating backwards, and then jumped before the knight’s horizontal strike could connect, but Kiyoshi was face to face with the knight in a second, since he jumped to meet him and sent several piercing shots to his head. Kiyoshi quickly dodged the attacks, but, as they were about to land, the knight initiated a powerful vertical slash, using the momentum of their landing as support. Kiyoshi caught the sword with both hands as his feet touched the ground, then his left knee hit the ground as the knight added force to the attack; they both seemed to be struggling to overpower the other.

They stayed like this for about 10 seconds, until the knight pulled the sword back, blade still in Kiyoshi’s hands, and used it to throw Kiyoshi back-first into a tree. Then, he charged up his blade in preparation to shoot multiple lightning bolts from it towards Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi noticed this and quickly formed some handsigns, keeping his hands from separating the entire time. When the lightning bolts came straight for him, Kiyoshi stood up ‘Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder’ but instead of sending the wave towards his opponent like the jutsu was intended for, Kiyoshi slid his foot across the grass and did a 360 degree spin, using the wave of lightning from the jutsu to redirect the knight’s lightning bolts towards a nearby tree. The lightning bolts, plus the static electricity enhanced jutsu was enough to make the tree break and fall.

Neither the knight nor Kiyoshi paid any attention to the tree that fell, however; they were too busy paying attention to each other, watching each other for a move. Then, suddenly, the knight threw his shield at Kiyoshi, which he caught, and then the knight raced towards him, seeming ready to pierce Kiyoshi with his sword, Kiyoshi blocked it with the knight’s shield, which was what the knight was hoping for. Kiyoshi suddenly felt a surge of electricity run through his body, he screamed in pain as the knight lightning bolted the shield, which, being metal, caused it to pass on to Kiyoshi. The knight, then, thrusted his sword onto Kiyoshi’s abdomen area as he dropped the shield. Being temporarily paralyzed, Kiyoshi was only barely able to sidestep to the right, which is why the sword still cut through his shirt, creating a large hole in the middle of it.

The knight jumped back to grab his shield and put it in place. He, then, ran toward Kiyoshi at a high speed and jumped, ready to give him a vertical strike. Kiyoshi was staring at the ground his face was covered by the bangs of his hair, but, then he effortlessly sidestepped to the left and gave the knight a quick and powerful punch to the face, sending him to a tree head-first, leaving a mark on the bark. This surprised the knight as it was his opponent’s first attempt at any type of offense. Kiyoshi was still staring the ground with his hair covering his face; he said his 5 words in a low tone. “You son of a bitch.” All of a sudden, he stared straight at the knight, his eyes burning with a type of hatred no one has ever seen before from him. “You son of a bitch!!! This was my favorite shirt!!! My mother made it for my brother, and then he gave it to me!!! Now look what you did!!! I’ll Kill You!!!" With that, Kiyoshi lunged at the knight, the knight countered by going for a vertical attack, but Kiyoshi used his speed quickly sidestep to his right.

Kiyoshi punched the knight square in the helmet, then he raced behind the flying knight and back flip kicked it in the air, finally, he jumped, unsheathed his sword for the first time and sliced at the knight, at first it only cracked his armor, but Kiyoshi thought about the knight’s own idea in the early going of this match and used his momentum to drive the knight into the ground, turning it into nothing more than a puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared, Kiyoshi can be seen staring at the hole in his shirt, his sword pierced into the ground, he was breathing hard, but his usual calm/worried expression was posted on his face. After sticking his hand in and out of it, he sighed heavily and said under his breath “I sure hope Mom and Daisuke doesn’t find out about this.”

Shizukesa gave a large smirk, for he had definetely seen an improvement in just about everything. The key to unlocking Kiyoshi's strength, it seems, was family matters. Hi goals motivated his strength, and when someone tried to mess with those goals, even slightly, for instance, tamperment of a family garment, he would get the kind of reaction that Shizu had been looking for all along. Fierceness. Although, remaining calm is a key part to succes in any battle, you have to have atleast a bit of killing intent. And Kiyoshi had it, proving that he was a ninja with high potntial. Shizukesa stood up from his sitting place, and walked slowly over to where Daichi's position was. Although it had cost him the life of one of his very own summons, Kiyoshi had done what he had to. This caused even Shizu to have an accomplished feeling over his student's success.

Shizukesa placed his hand on Kiyoshi's shoulder. "Good job. You've proven that sometimes, a battle needs more then a little strategy, and well executed ninjutsu. Sometimes, you need to be rough with your opponent. You have to WANT to kill them. Today, you did that very well, and soon... Soon, my student, you will be able to take out much stronger opponents. I'm very sorry about the shirt, by the way. Element training starts tommorow. With that, Shizukesa removed his hand from Kiyoshi's shoulder, and walked away slowly, exiting the bio-dome, and finding a polace to sleep for the night. After all, he hadn't quite yet gotten settled in.


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Post by Lee on Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:50 am

Next day.

Kiyoshi was sitting, cross-legged, preparing his routine “Relaxation Technique.” This time, the training dome was a plain with nothing but grass and 3 training dummies,,along with around 15 trees surrounding the trainers. The wind was fierce, but not too fierce that the two shinobis’ training session would be interrupted in any way, you can say the wind is “just right”, perfect for a relaxing night out if a do say so myself. Kiyoshi still slightly upset about the fact that he had to throw away his family shirt, but he decided to let it go as soon as he started his routine. Kiyoshi’s relaxation technique was performed the exact same way that it was the day before, with the exception of Kiyoshi’s coat being on and unbuttoned, revealing the black shirt that Shizukesa had given him this morning, he also had his sword on his waist this time. After his relaxing session was done, Kiyoshi looked at his teacher, the wind pushing his jacket and hair slightly to the right side, silently asking him for the objective of there current training session.

Shizu sat down next to his young student, trying to relax as the one beside him did. Relaxation was something that Shizukesa rarely got, so he descided to take advantage of the fact that he was in an isolated, peaceful dome. Much had been troubling him lately, with his mothers death, his leave from the village of Konaha, and his alliance with an organization with mainly S ranked shinobi. He wasn't quite sure of his leaders intentions, but from what he had heard, they were good. Although, he didn't talk to him very much, so he didn't know. This was helping him sort all those problems out, slightly. Shizukesa felt a bit odd, for he had never actually taken a day to relax. Every day was about fighting, or preparing for fighting, or training, and so on, and so forth. He never took a relaxing day. Today, however, would be a slightly relaxing day, with a very relaxing start.

Shizukesa smiled, then looked into the virtual sky, subconsously, talking to Kiyoshi. "Forgive me for that long pause. I saw you relaxing, meditating, and it looked like it would be good for my system. It was, actually. So... today. Today I thought we'd work on your acquiring a new element, with an added twist. This will help another weakness you told me about, with Kunoichi." Shizukesa said, standing up after saying all he had to say. He sighed, then put his hands into a handseal. "Oiroke no Jutsu" he said, almost dissapearing into a puff of smoke. Seconds passed, and you could see a figure where Shizu was. But it wasn't the same figure. He became a bare naked woman. Perfect breats, blue hair the same as Shizu's, longer and straightened. She had wavy bangs, and a sexy smile. She tilted her head a bit, looking at Kiyoshi to see if it bothered him. In a modified voice, which now sounded very confident, but not sluttish or overpowering, she told Kiyoshi her reason for what she was doing.

"You told me you've never fought a Kunoichi! This will help you kope with not being distracted in any way during battle with them. It will be like fighting a regular man, after this training session, may you have to fight any girls. Remember, they will use seduction, either as a last resort, or as a primary technique. You must be ready. So, for the rest of this training session, I will stay in this form." the naked woman then touched Kiyoshi's shoulder, and muttered the words, "Is that okay with you?

Kiyoshi paid attention to Shizu closely, excited about learning a new element, but was confused when an “added twist” was mentioned to help him with his kunoichi problem. When Shizu disappeared in the smoke. When the figure appeared in it, had a shocked look on his face; in the place of his sensei was a beautiful woman with Shizu’s blue hair, wavy bangs, and a perfect smile. Did I forget to mention that she was butt naked, well she was, and with perfect breast to note. When she touched his shoulder, Kiyoshi blushed ferociously. As her sexy voice told him why this was happening and that she was gonna stay like this for the entire training session, Kiyoshi asked if this was ok with him. Kiyoshi has never seen a naked woman, hell, he’s rarely even physically interacted with females, he was always too shy. Now he was facing the task of training with a naked female. Kiyoshi finally inhaled, which he hadn’t done in a good 45 seconds, the same face he had when she appeared from the smoke was still on. When he tried to speak, his voice got caught in his throat, so he wasn’t able to complete a word. Kiyoshi nervously nodded,face still red and hot like a chili pepper, indicating his ok to start, he waited for his “sexy sensei” to give him his instructions.

The sexy, and bare naked woman who only slightly resembled Shizu began to giggle a bit at the responce the young student had provided. She removed her frail hand from his shoulder, and closed her eyes, thinking of a way to teach Kiyoshi the move she wanted to teach, and which move that would be. He descided that he would teach him Shizu's favorite move dealing with wind, labeled, the Great Breakthrough technique. The Great Breakthrough technique was an expulsion of a large bank of wind from Shizu's mouth. This wind at a wide range could do much damage to house, and completely deroot trees. When condensed, it could have enough force to make a rushing car fly in the opposite direction. Shizukesa looked off into the distance, then back at Kiyoshi.

"The jutsu that I will teach you includes a risk factor. It is named, Great Breakthrough technique, and it allows you to blow a great gust of wind from your mouth, with the correct handsigns. However, it requires you to breath in all the wind you can get, and then mix it with chakra. However long and strong you want the attack to be, that is how much chakra you use. However, if you can not breath out the wind effeciantly, you will undoubtedely explode. Let's begin, shall we?"

With that, the sexy transformation turned away from Kiyoshi, looking at a range of five trees. Still bare naked, by the way, she took in an extremely large breath, holding at the top of her lungs, she performed the handsigns in this order: snake, pig, rabbit, horse. Fusing her chakra with the overly amount of air inside of her, she stuck her "sexy lips" in between the hole made by her hands in the horse sign, expelling everything she had been holding inside. As the wind came out of her mouth at a furious rate, her titi's bounced. The tree's she had been facing flew from the ground, and escaped into the virtual reality. The grass blades were worn down completely, as she slowed her jutsu to a stop. As she bent over onto her knees, and took a few breathes, she turned back to Kiyoshi. "Remember, you might explode."

Kiyoshi tried his best to examine the jutsu that was demonstrated to him, but he couldn’t concentrate entirely due to the well-rounded derriere (pun intended) of his “sexy sensei” which was perfectly in his sight, as he watched her form the handsigns, who would absentmindedly steal a glance or two. Then, as the she blew the incredible force of wind from her “sexy lips”, Kiyoshi inadvertently caught sight of her breast bouncing up and down. He didn’t even notice the tree flying from its roots, but notice her fell to her knee, taking a few deep breaths and reminding him that he might explode, if he didn't do it right.

Kiyoshi was incredibly nervous now because this jutsu appeared to require a large amount of chakra and concentration, but the only concentrating he’s really done was on his teacher’s figure, even during her explaination, he couldn't take his eyes off of her chest area. He took a deep breath then stood up the nearest tree to the one that was recently destroyed. He tried to help himself by taking several timely deep breaths, he formed the required handsigns, which he was barely able to memorize, and took one giant deep breath, sucking in an much air as possible, concentrated his chakra, and then he blew it all out, adding a scream to possibly heighten his chances for success.

When it was all said and done, the tree was stll intact, minus the huge mark from the gust of wind that Kiyoshi blew out. He sighed; he wasn’t exactly sure what the problem was. Did he not have enough chakra? Or was it the lack of concentration from staring at his teacher’s figure. Kiyoshi nervously turned to hoping for answers to these questions. Hey, at least he didn't explode.

The sexy version of Shizu saw eerything that Kiyoshi did wrong, meaning every single thing. Starting with him staring at her boobs, she continued anyways, to see if he was able to let go of his hormones and listen. The second thing he did wrong, was in his technique. He fused too much chakra, overcoming the wind. As you would say, there was to much yin, and not enough wang. Too little fung, and too much shue. The girl extracted a very girly laugh, mixed in with her confident voice. She then walked over to Kiyoshi, switching her silky hips, which brought attention to her vibebrant legs. As she neared Kiyoshi, she bit her lower-lip and sighed. She opened her mouth to speak, but then closed it, and descided to use a rash method to get him over his hormones. He wanted to see tits? He was about to see some tits.

She bent down, grabbing her boobs by the bottem. She them seperated them, and put Kiyoshi's face in the cleavage in between her breasts. She squished his head in, quite tightly, and shook him around a little bit. "Now, pay attention Kiyoshi. You should think of this horribl moment from now on, whenever you see breasts. What you did wrong with your technique, wa you kept to much air in. You fused in too much chakra, then mixed it with only a little bit of air. You must balance the foreces out to succeed in the attack.

And with that, the transformed Shizu let go of Kiyoshi, and backed away, seeing first his reaction, then how this time he would execute the move.

Kiyoshi watched as his sensei made her way over to him, the blush still on his face. He was still blushing purely because his sensei was making her way over to him; her flawless hips were moving in a rhythmic motion that glued Kiyoshi’s eyes to her legs. When she reached him, she looked like she was about to say something, but stopped and instead, smiled in a way that made Kiyoshi even more nervous than he already was. ‘What’s she going to do?’ Kiyoshi got his question was going to be answer when she bent down to his level and did something that Kiyoshi certainly didn’t expect. After she bent down to his level, his sensei grabbed her breasts, placed his face in her cleavage, and stared to squeeze his head with her breasts, while shaking him up a bit. While Kiyoshi was being squeezed, the transformed Shizu explained to him the problems with his technique.

When she finally released him, Kiyoshi had a frightened look on his face, the lack of oxygen in his teacher’s breasts caused him to almost pass out. With the chili pepper blush still hugging his face, Kiyoshi faced the tree again. Afraid of another oxygen deprival, Kiyoshi quickly tried to think of a way not fail and find a balance between his chakra and the wind. As he thought, Kiyoshi noticed the calm tempo of the wind and an idea popped into his head. He brought both his palms together and took several deep breaths, carefully copying the steps of his Relaxation Technique. He kept taking those breaths until he was completely in sync with the motions of the wind inside the dome. Kiyoshi formed the 4 handsigns and took one last rhythmic breath, combining the exact same amount of chakra with the amount of air he inhaled, and then he put lips to his hands, that was still on the last sign, and blew. The gust of wind that came from his mouth took the tree from its roots and back a few feet into the ground. When he was finished, Kiyoshi scratched the back of his head and smiled at his sensei. “So, did I do ok, Shizu-sensei?”

Shizukesa quickly transformed back, thinking his student had had enough of all the wonderful torture he supplied. Although he had tits stuffed into Kiyoshi's face, he was still able to focus on the directions he had been given. Now, surely, no kunoichi could do anything to seduce his student. Shizukesa, having a secret perversion when he was younger, only wished he had training such as this. As he smoked up back into his original figure, with no breats and a penis, he began to smile. His student had grown greatly from the time he had taken him in, in only a quick two days. Shizukesa walked closer to Kiyoshi, then plumped down on the grass, looking up into the virtual sky.

"I envy you... Kiyoshi. You're very easygoing, and find simply the time to relax and meditate. I will treasure this day, for I am truly at peace. You have done good under my training, and you have shown great potential in your usage of the wind element. Training is over, meet me at the tea shop along the streets of Suna, for one last gift I have prepared for you. You cant miss it, their is no wall on the side facing the street, making it an open tea house. As for today, I'm going to spend the rest of the day relaxing here, and thinking about things. If you stayed here, I wouldn't mind."

With that, Shizukesa looked up into the sky, holding his knees with his legs crossed. His breathing was completely harmonic with the wind.

Kiyoshi was glad that his sensei transformed back into a male, the sexy transformation was just really awkward. I mean it helped him get over his hormones somewhat, but I think that Kiyoshi now has a fear of women with big breasts. Kiyoshi decided to sit down next to his sensei and smile “Thank you, Shizu-sensei.” He followed the line of sight that was drawn by Shizukesa’s milky white eyes and gave a deep sigh “You know, Shizu-sensei, I’ve always believed that, even through the endless violence and wars, there’s always hope of bringing the ninja nations, and the world to some form of peace. I’m not some little kid that’s making a fake wish to a genie about world peace and hunger; I’m not gonna just tell people that I want the world to unify, and then just go home and get tucked into bed after a fresh cup of warm milk.” Kiyoshi took a pause and momentarily, uncomfortably shook at the mention of the word “milk”.

“When I first got accepted into the ninja academy, I thought to myself ‘this is gonna be so cool, I can’t wait to meet all these aspiring ninja.’ But when I got there, no one talked to me, they all made fun of me cause I had no ninja family name, no heritage to say that I’m proud of, no real ninja blood. Even a couple of the teachers gave me looks of disapproval, but I didn’t resent them, I didn’t resent anyone that soft side caused me to get a beatdown here and there. My confidence dropped dramatically, I started to question my own reasons for striving to be a ninja, but I kept studying and training hard and then I shock everyone when I became a ninja at the top of my class, proving that if you don’t need a bloodline or anything to become a great ninja. Kiyoshi gave out another sigh.

“About a year ago, I went on a mission, I don’t remember the stipulations, I think we needed to retrieve a scroll or something from a village, but what we didn’t realize is that the village was in the middle of a war, it was invaded the day we went down there, just our luck. I witnessed hundreds, maybe thousands of men, women, and even children alike get killed, it made my heart sink. We got out Scott-free, but I still remember that day and ask myself. ‘Was there anyway to prevent it?’ I still don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know this, that I’m going to prevent many more from happening, even if I have to get my hands dirty in the process. I want to have an important helping hand in achieving peace.” And with that, Kiyoshi lay flat on the grass and quickly dozed off, the exhaustion of the massive wind jutsu finally kicking in.


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Post by Lee on Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:07 pm

A few days later, Shizu had trained Kiyoshi, with even more techniques, and now they had made there way to Kumo. Shizu had met Kiyoshi's mother, Sayuri, and had instantly fell in love with her. Kiyoshi got his arm cut off by the Raikage, who secretly had a plan to make world domination. When Shizu made his way over to Kiyoshi's home with an injured Kiyoshi in his hands, he didn't expect what would happen next.

Shizu sighed deeply as he exited the room in which some of the most powerful people in the world were all kept. All of it was bringing a bit of stress on him, for he wasn't used to these inds of social meetings. What made him even more confused, was his leaders sudden act of intelligence. He knew that he was hiding his intelligence all along, and for a good reason, as well. However, he had just showed off that he was a bit of a force to be reckoned with to some of the most powerful people in the world. Now, they knew to expect something serious in battle. And now, Shizu would be expecting more fighting and violence in the future.

As he thought about a few things that all of the leaders of the world had said, he walked slowly to Kiyoshi's house. It was a reluctant walk for two reasons. First reason, being the fact that he was thinking. When he thought, and walked at the same time, he didn't ever walk very fast at all. He had to collect his thoughts, so walking fast was a distraction. Plus, he didn't really want to come back to the awkward enviroment, that he felt an almost homely presence in. He had just shared a very long, and exciting kiss, with a merried woman. Not to mention his student's mother. If Kiyoshi had ever found out about that kiss, then surely, he wouldn't have a very good relationship with him at all. He would probably be hated, by both members of the family that he now held close to his heart.

Shizu gave a quick sigh through his nose, putting his head down slightly, and knocking on the door. He didn't know what the expression of Sayuri would be when she opened the door, but surely, in his mind, it would be a quick, "Take Kiyoshi and get out." He didn't want to do this, but he had to get Kiyoshi. He was, in fact, mentioned a few times during the Kage Summit, making him a very important young boy.

As she heard a knock on the front door, Sayuri’s evil smile grew wider, she knew who that was and knew the event that would take place in a few minutes. Sayuri stopped stroking her son’s hair and basically skipped over to the door. She opened it with her usual warming smile “Shizukesa, hey. What brings you her right now.” She listened as he explained that he was just there to pick Kiyoshi up and leave. “Oh that won’t do. You have to come inside and… “Relax” with me. Oh come on.”She pulled Shizukesa inside and closed the door behind her and locked it tight, using a lock making jutsu that she had developed to counter Daisuke’s lock-picking jutsu when he was a child. Then she sat him down and she started to massage his neck, adding her own chakra to her hands for extra effect. “Now just relax, I have a special surprise for you.”

While still behind him, she slowly removed her top, revealing her black bra and continued to massage him, adding an almost sleeping effect, but Sayuri made sure that he would stay awake. Pretty soon she leaned into his left ear and whispered seductively. “Well, if you don’t mind, I’d like to continue this in the bedroom. If you enjoyed that kiss, I’m sure that you would love what I have in store for you.” Sayuri started to kiss on Shizu’s neck lightly, then she slowly became rougher, leaving a mark on the way. Next, she started kissing on his cheek and nibbling on his ear. “And don’t worry about Kiyoshi, he won’t be waking up until I release that Genjutsu I put on him, now lets have some fun.” With that, she took Shizu’s right cheek and had him look at her. “Do you like what you see?” She started to jump up and down a little allowing her D cup breasts to bounce with her. And with that, she took his left hand and placed it on her right breast, she squeezed his hand, which in turn squeezed her breast, causing her to moan lightly. She then leaned forward and kissed him full on the lips once again, but this time, she was rougher. After a while, about 4 minutes, she slipped her tongue into his mouth, using it to sort of dance with Shizukesa’s tongue. Soon, she pulled back to see his reaction.

"Wow it's like a live porno..." Sitting in a backwards chair, with his arms crossed over the back, he listened to what was taking place. Though he could not see with his eyes because of the headband, his vibration sensing allowed him to see it all quite well.

"Well now Shizu... I would not have expected this from you..." His everlasting smile was still smirking at the two as they jumped and looked at him. "Oh don't mind me ha ha ha. But when you two are done... like now... Kiyoshi needs to be taken to Kumo's hospital. Shizu, you will then report to me in Suna. Big things are taking place and I would prefer we keep the brain on your shoulders as the dominant one for the time being."

And with that, Battei stood up and walked out of the door, smiling to himself.

With that, Shizu left, sadly. The rest of his days were Wasuremono's inactive years. However, Shizu did learn some new techniques, and hunted down summonings as well. They slowly died down, until Battei himself died down as well. Shizukesa became the Kazekage in his place.


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Approved for time skip, you lazy bastard lol

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