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Nickname/Alias:Terror of death aka Hachi

Age Appearance:19

(his kimono)

Gender: Male


Ninja Rank: Chuunin

Village: Kumogakure
Birthplace: Unknown
Previous Village: None

Clan/Bloodline: Kaguya

Basic Jinchuuriki/Bijuu Info:
Tailed Beast: Hachibi (Eight-Tailed Demon Ox-Cephalopod)
Village of Origin: Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud Village)
Current Host and Village: Haseo (Kumogakure)
Method of Sealing: The Three Powers: Heaven, Earth, Man/Negate Summoning

Inherent Abilities: The Jinchuuriki has access to the chakra stores of his or her Bijuu, thus greatly increasing their overall capacity. They also gain an ability to create and manipulate kinetic energy to increase their strength.

Tailed Forms:
Note: In all tailed forms, power, defense, and stamina are increased with each stage.

* One Tail: The Jinchuuriki gains a visible aura of the Hachibi's chakra, including the shape of a tail. The skin becomes tougher, increasing physical defense.
* Two Tails: The aura becomes more concentrated, and a second "tail" appears. Each tail can mold around a body part to increase it’s strength.
* Three Tails: The chakra surrounding the Jinchuurki forms another tail. After having gone into his Three-Tailed form, the Jinchuuriki can form the chakra around his left arm into two bull-like horns. He then charges at his opponent, striking them with a Lariat move that is powerful enough to blow away the target's entire chest.
* Four Tails: The Jinchuuriki begins to take on physical characteristics akin to Hachibi. A fourth tail will form and each chakra tail will turn into a physical tactical.
* Five Tails: While forming a fifth tail, the Jinchuuriki can now use the ‘flash’ ability at a lower cost of chakra.
* Six Tails: As the sixth tail emerges, the jinchuuriki can now even swim at remarkable speeds and his skin will harden.
* Seven Tails: Along with a seventh tail, the Jinchuuriki can now make each pod on every tail produce a small version of the Menacing Ball and fire it as a rain storm at the opponent.
* Eight Tails (Full Release): The Jinchuuriki's form is transformed completely into that of the Hachibi and gains the final tail. He is now also able to manipulate kinetic energy to make all of his physical attacks almost unblock-able. The Jinchuuriki has access to Hachibi's Menacing Ball.

Unique Jutsus:
Name: Enrai – Distant Thunder
Effect: By manipulating kinetic energy, the Jinchuuriki can increase its strength exponentially but only while moving. At high enough speeds, virtually no obstacle or force is able to impede its movement, except by other things that cannot be physically broken.

Name: Hirameku – Flash (Of Thunder)
Effect: This inherent ability allows Hachibi‘s host to surround his body in a thin coat of lightning that allows him to move as fast as lightning while using a large amount of chakra.

Name: Imari - Menacing Ball
Effect: The Jinchuuriki's ability to manipulate pure chakra energy into a projectile blast. In Hachibi’s case, they are in the form of a black sphere with electricity running through it.

Personality: often seen as cool, calm and collected.. Haseo is usually a cold person who has learned to trust others but finds it hard getting close to them. He is a great leader and is willing to risk everything for his friends. His past gives a good reflection of his nature. Thus most people in the village tend to avoid him.

Goals:Become stronger... stay out of trouble, hunt down other jinjuuriki because they dont belong in this world, and neither do i
Alignment: Neutral

Canon Personality:Shippuuden Sasuke

History: Haseo is the last remanant of the kaguya clan, he wears his bloodline with pride yet he likes to use weapons rather than bones unless hes cornered, he usually pulls it out as a last alternative. Haseo has a dark past, thus reflecting on his nature, he hates to be called master, and he hated his own master that whom he killed long ago, for several years he was a missing-nin but was eventually brought back to Kumogakure where he was released a few months later, the truth was that his master had not tried to kill him but help him... Haseo is sealed with a Bijuu... (tailed beast) almost all the villagers look down on him as if he was a monster, something he has been well aware of since he was young, the relation with the bijuu and the host however is close, and he has full control of its powers, they connect and make a great team like so few jinjuuriki has ever done...

He is also strong swordsman hes also quite decent with taijutsu, it is even said that he creates his own specific weapons after he has gained the necessary equipment, Haseo isn`t very social but tends to at least give it a try now and then, often if not always resulting in utter failiure...

Haseo isnt particulary intrested in outsiders of the village and tends to stay in the shadows where most people would not see him, he accepts what he is and would be happy to see people like himself dissapear from this world, Haseo has no relatives and no actual family, he tends to avoid the Raikage and is often missing when needed, a few places where people know to find him are apparently near gatherings of water such as a lake or a river, Haseo has a set of special moves in his sleeve, he likes to blow bubbles out of a blowpipe he carries with him and he is often in the village seen wearing a kimono for males, usually black or blue in color, his special jutsu`s are linked to these bubbles as he can make so he can even travel in them...

RP Sample:
Haseo was told by his master to meet at the lake at midnight, why at the lake and at such an odd timing he didn`t know, and he most certainly didn`t care, at any rate he went there, but was quickly suprised and bind by a few set of ninja`s of his own village, his master was one of them, he could neither belive it, but no matter how hard he wanted to denie the fact, it was true, his master whom he had kept precious, as if he actually though someone actually cared about him but now it seemed like they cared for only what was inside of him, even to this day he does not belive anyone would care about him, either way they started a sealing method on some flat rocks where they binded haseo down, his master then as the sealing was underway put his arm into Haseo`s chest where a seal stood, Haseo off course yelled, begged for his master to stop, but to no avail, after this incident haseo found it hard to trust anyone (especially the raikage whom ruled at the time of this incident) but has been able to recently trust people. Haseo woke up on a beach, a few hours later he decided to leave the village, he found his dead master in suprise, he knew what happened but there was nothing he could do, Haseo became a missing-nin chased by the whole nation he was a jinjuuriki on the move, he could have been an easy target but managed to survive for 5yrs by running and changing location once in a while, eventually he turned himself in and was prisioned for a few months then released, up to this day haseo tends to stay out of sight...

Skill Specialty:
Dominant:Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Intelligence
Recessive:Elemental, Chakra control

Elemental Affinity:

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Re: Haseo

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We haven't released bijuu yet. But I can get back to you on that if you really want one, but you have to promise to be really active

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