Aiko Hyuuga

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Aiko Hyuuga

Post by Yukiko Uchiha on Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:30 pm

Name: Aiko Hyuuga

Age: 17
Age Appearance: Teens


[minus the seal]


Rank: B
Ninja Rank:Chuunin

Village: Kumo
Birthplace: Konoha
Previous Village:

Clan/Bloodline: Hyuuga: Main Branch

Personality: Once an enthusiastic child, prone to lose herself to her own curiosity and dreams, she is now much more reserved. Having noticeably grown more solemn in her demeanor, less prone to display of youthful enthusiasm,
She can best be described as appearing focused and calm. She can even at times appear aloof and distant. That is not to say she is not happy, on the contrary, she’s quite content, and happy with where she is in life, she can still display that happiness openly and does so often, she is still very friendly and courteous. Simply, she’s just not as enthusiastic as she once was when she was still that Naïve child. She greatly enjoys any challenge presented in front of her and will do her best to complete it.

Goals: None Yet
Alignment: Neutral

Canon Personality:

History:Aiko's young life was not been one of the most eventful, For the most part it was pretty simple and average. Born into a Hyuuga Main Family, Ako began learning of her clan heritage and of her blood given abilities at a young age. Her Father, a Leaf Jonin and member of ANBU and Taijutsu specialist by the name of Satsuya Hyuuga, cousin to the main would begin training her in the ways of Jyuuken from the early age of three.

The Art would fascinate her, she would put all her efforts into learning it and honing her skills, most of her free time was spent practicing. Her father, protective, was weary of seeing his daughter becoming a Shinobi, but seeing the attraction the whole thing held for his daughter he knew she would choose the path, so he would take a large role in her training and would spend much time having her hone her Byakugan as well as heavily emphasize speed training for her.

Aiko would shortly join the academy, that day had been the most exiting that she could remember. Unfortunately for her, her father passed away a few weeks later, falling while on a mission. His sword was given to the Family, Aiko has had it ever since and has since worn it on her back as her own. The loss was difficult for her and pushed her even further to become the best Ninja she could, she would make her father proud. Her mother however suffering the loss of her husband and fearing that her daughter growing to be a Ninja might result in her loss as well, pulled Aiko out of the academy in her first year.

Eventually however, in part due to pressure from the clan, and due to Aiko own unhappyness, she would come to changed her stance, allowing Aiko to return to the academy the following year. During that year away from the Academy, her uncle, a skilled Jyuuken master himself, would take over her training, while her family moved to Kumogakure for her mother to distance herself from her husband's death. As she trained she achieved impressive skill for her age, and would come to possess impressive speed. By the time she returned to the Academy her abilities in Taijutsu were the best in her class.

Aiko graduated from the Academy at the age of 12, she would turn 13 two month later. her first team assignment did not last long, after one of the Genin departed with his family away from Kumo, and the second fell severely ill. She would spend several weeks awaiting a new assignment, spending her time training. Finally She would be assigned to Team 9, under the tutelage of Mea Akira. There along with her team mates she would come to learn much. As well as the training she received from her Sensei, Aiko continued to study under her Uncle learning the clan Taijutsu.

After some time as a Genin, Aiko undertook the chuunin The first part of the exam would put her in the forest in a preset scenario where she had to rescue fellow Chunnin hopefuls without access to her more powerful abilities and more disturbingly for Aiko, without her Byakugan. In the end she succeeded in her rescue attempt and moved on to the second part of the exams She would fight her first match in the second round to a draw against another genin, earning passage into the third round where she went up against two opponents simultaneously in a three way match between herself, two other genin.

She would be the victor of this three way confrontation, confirming her first spot in that year's crop and earning her the reward of becoming chuunin, having passed the exams. She was finally granted the rank of Chunnin at the age of 13, just over 2 months before her 14th birthday.

RP Sample:
I can write one if I need to Very Happy

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Taijutsu
Recessive: Intel, Doujutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Lightning

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Re: Aiko Hyuuga

Post by lifeanddeath on Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:03 pm

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