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Post by Tsuki M. Lleiad on Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:29 am

The brown haired ninja kept staring at the sword he had received just moments ago, to celebrate his new rank of chuunin. He tilted his head, looking at it, pondering what could be wrong with it, reminescing the words of his father as he took it.

"Here. Take this artifact, my son. This artifact has been on our family for years, since the days of your grandparents. They had hoped that, mayhaps, someday, one of us could find out what they holded. But. Be warned. You may not draw that weapon, as, if you do, something terrible will happen to you."

The more he thought upon it, the more he wondered if he should, indeed, draw it or not, but eventually, his curiousity got the better of him, and thereby, drawed the sword. As he drawed the sword, he felt himself weaker and weaker, eventually seemingly passing out in a bright flash. Once he awoken, he was wielding nothing but his shinai, in a dark, chaotic, decaying world, in which only a lone platform, the one in which he was in, standed, floating above a endless dark pit.

Tsuki scouted the surroundings. Maybe he shouldn't have, indeed, drawed upon the sword, but then, someone (or something) aproached Tsuki. It appeared suddenly, envolped in darkness, and floating above the ground with crow-like wings, and a long, two handed sword on one of his hands. He was of the same size of a normal human, but was completely black, with only a few trails of gray along it, as if they were veins, along with bright white colored eyes.

"O Thee who cometh before the Incorruptus... Are thee ready for thy trials, before wielding the power of thy ancestors?"

"My ancestors...? They barely knew what this weapon holded! Who are you anyways, and why am I here?"

"Thy shall take the trial, the aftermath shall decide if thee are indeed worthy of aquiring thy full extent of my powers."

After he said that, the spirit dashed in, sword pointed downwards as if the tip of a falling arrow. Tsuki grabbed the shinai in his side quickly, and stepping to the side to deflect the blow, by grinding the side of the shinai's wooden blade by the side of the dark blade that the spirit wielded, then lifting the shinai so he thrown the spirit off balance. Tsuki was lucky that his shinai wasn't actually indeed a shinai, but a steel sword disguised as something far weaker, and thereby, he atacked the spirit, which had blocked the shinai with it's own sword.

"Indeed, thy has potential, but until thee defeats me in battle, thy won't have the power of the Incorruptus."

"What IS an incorruptus anyways?"

The spirit raises his weapon, throwing Tsuki back, and charges his weapon with what would appear to be red chakra, then swings it upwards, diagonally slashing thin air, but a kind of "wave" of chakra dashes towards Tsuki as he does so. Tsuki, blinking at the odd capability, ran to his left side, dodging the energy slice, whilst looking for another opening.

"I am an Incorruptus. And thee shall only aquire my power after thy defeats me in battle. Atack! And be defeated! Or actually Defeat me, and wield my power!"

So that was the answer. Those that were slain by him have died, and those who won, which no one had for now, supposedly gained it's power. Just another reason for him to win. He wasn't planning to die at the start of his "journey". His eyes narrowed, and he stanced for the 8th form of the shigure soen, at ready. He couldn't acess neither the box weapon nor the ring, and as such, the technique would be considerably weakened, but mayhaps it would be enough. He dashed towards the foe, shinai in grasp, as it turned into a regular katana, the sword by his side, with both his hands. The spirit seemed to smirk, and charged another wave of red chakra-ish energy, aiming at Tsuki. Tsuki, although, didn't let that scare him, charging onwards.

The spirit swung the sword in a similar fashion, throwing another wave of energy at Tsuki, and Tsuki, as a reply to such move, jumped diagonally to the right and onwards of the slice, then jumped towards the spirit, at the same time, throwing multiple, quick slashes with his sword, aiming at more than just one area of the spirit.

"Shigure Soen, 8th offensive form... Shinotsuku Ame."

The spirit was thrown backwards with the strenght of the move, and spreaded his wings, remaining afloat, away from range of Tsuki's sword, also away from the platform, floating 5 feet away from the platform.

"Indeed, thee has proved thyself worthy... But thee has yet to defeat me."

The spirit, this time, pointing the sword it wields upwards, the blade of the sword being coated in a blood red color. Then the spirit throws one slash after the other at Tsuki, which has no way to retaliate. Tsuki starts dodging the slices thrown at him, hoping to the left of one, to the right of the following, jumping above another, whilst slidding under the next one.

He eventually noticed he couldn't keep up, and sliced at the red energy waves, and noticed they could be dispelled with a single aimed slice mimicing the slice the spirit has performed. As such, he started performing the same movements than the spirit did, dispelling the red chakra slices thrown upon him. The spirit then stops for a while, his free hand over the shoulder of the arm that wielded the sword, seemingly panting. Tsuki took that oportunity to perform the 3rd offensive form of the shigure soen, dropping the weapon. Once in his leg range, he kicked the sword forwards, against the spirit, which was tired and had dropped his guard.

"Shigure Soen, 3rd offensive form! Yarazu No Ame!"

The sword flew straight at the spirit, and stabbed the hand and the shoulder, piercing from one side to the other, pinning his hand to the shoulder. The spirit roared, and, losing concentration, he fell off the pit. Tsuki then blinked and sweatdropped, noticing he lost the sword his master, Yamamoto, had given him.

"awwwww fiddlesticks."

He then heard a light snicker. He turned around, and found the spirit he had just defeated, completely fine, with no sort of wounds whatsoever, the shigure Kintoki on his other hand. He throwed the blade forwards, which Tsuki promptly grabbed, wrapping it around his waist once more.

"Congratulations. Thy have cleared the trial of the Incorruptus. You can now wield my power as if it was thy own, "master"."

"...what? Just like that? Ooook I guess...

"To summon thy new found power, thy has to chant "O Dinivas, deliverer of dark and dread, ruler of ancient shadows... Grant me your power! Verto!", whilst drawing thy sword thee has in thy hands, and thee shall be filled with my strenght, at the cost of thy stamina and energy, without, of course, killing thee, "master"."

Tsuki scratched his head. Did he mean that he would drain stamina and chakra to the point of a coma?

"... Anyways, uhm... What about the other artifacts we found? The mask, the gauntlet and the chain. Are they also "Incorruptus"?"

The spirit seems to nod somewhat.

"Indeed. They are, respectively, the Golden Incorruptus, the White Incorruptus, and the Red Incorruptus. I am, as thee can see, the Black Incorruptus, "master". Thy cannot, howerver, wield more than one of them at the same time, even if thy can put all of them all over thy body."

Tsuki sweatdrops. He wasn't asking cause he was greedy, but that's good to know too, he guessed. He then coughed, pondering on another thing.

"... How many of you are there?"

"Our ranks are of five, but it seems the fifth was lost as we traveled, by what thy has told us..."

"So huh... now I can like, summon your full power at all times?"

"Yes... Master... Or thy would've... If all of our powers weren't sealed in artifacts. I can give thee the first of the artifacts, but the last two, thy will have to find them to use me to thy full power. In any of the cases, thy should rest now, as hauling the first artifact, will be... considerably hard."

Tsuki blinks repeatdly, then a sudden flash insues. Before he knows it, Tsuki is in his bedroom again, with the sheated sword on his hands... And a gigantic sized sword meant for someone 6 story tall in front of him. He sweatdropped, understanding the words of the spirit, and cursed him, then took a back up box he had, storing the gigantic sword inside it, by sealing it in the way Yamamoto explained. He was back in the real world again, and he had more "adventures" ahead of him.
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