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Shiro (wip)

Post by Konoha Koga on Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:43 pm

Name: Mitsukai Shiro

Age: 18
Age Appearance: 18


Gender: Female

Rank: Genin
Ninja Rank: C

Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Birthplace: Konoha
Previous Village: Konoha

Clan/Bloodline: Mitsukai

Personality: Outgoing and very sunny. Tends to stick in the back of a group and take care of the left overs, sort of cleaning up after all the heavy hitters. Generally she won't say anything to the higher ups about their plans but, if she sees something that needs to be dealt with she will yell at the most suitable member of the squad to take care of it.

Goals: To serve and Protect. She hopes to one day become Lady Hokage so inspired by the late Katsumi Ryota
Alignment: Good

Canon Personality: N/A

Shiro was born and raised in Konoha like any other child would have been. She started the Ninja Academy later than normal because when she was twelve years old, her wings started to grow in and had fully grown in when she was thirteen. So, she started a year later than she normally would have. In addition to her normal ninja studies, she had flying practice with her older brother. Her father had died in the destruction of Konoha while protecting her brother. Her brother did not have wings but, he was very intelligent and knew how to fly from the books he read when he noticed her wings were growing in.

Her brother was so intelligent he invented a jutsu. He called it W2 but, Shiro called it the Water Monster because of the way it flailed about. He taught her this too though, she did not do it successfully until about a month after she graduated the academy. However, she saw often seen by the local lake trying so hard that each night she would come home, her shirt drenched in sweat and her pants drenched in water.

Upon graduating the academy she took some time to refine the skills she learned and to learn some new one's as well. She trained hard everyday and could always be found either at the lake or the training grounds. Soon she had mastered some genjutsu and the Water Monster Jutsu she learned from her brother. She even put a little spin on it to suit her ability to fly.

Yes, Shiro lived an average life of luxury. Many in the world would have given anything to have the upbringing she had. She developed into a very beautiful young woman, had many friends, and was not unhappy with her life.

RP Sample:
Can be found at this link.
Being constrained she decided to meditate on her emotional ability. She sat up off the floor and began to clear her mind. Then she attempted to expand it outside the room but, found that she could not. She pressed harder and harder, sweat forming on her brow until finally, she gave up. Something about this room was very different about the rest of the prison. As she could no longer observe the outside world with her ability, she laid down on the floor and slept.

Once her bruises had healed over, which took an abnormal amount of time to heal, she was transfered back into her original cell. Here she sat cross legged on the floor and spread her mind out to the village. She rarely paid attention to the prison itself as she was not interested in the many criminals that resided here. Instead she watched as a nearby woman of three children went to the market every day and visited the fish stand, then the bread stand, then the vegetable stand and so on. Until, she came to the blacksmith's stand. All the other women, Konoha noticed, would continue to walk by but, not this woman. She would stop here and after about ten minutes they would leave together. Once they did that their emotions ran wild. This happened so frequently that Konoha was now able to easily recognize when anyone in the village had sex. Konoha was intrigued as to what would push the woman to have sex with the blacksmith when her own husband, a book keeper at a local book store, was able to produce the same intensity from her. So, Konoha often watched this woman go through her day.

Konoha paid special attention to who was coming and going from the prison. She was waiting for Iko to come back, even if it were only for a few minutes, she desperately wanted to see him again. The emotion she felt from him had been her mind for a long time. She thought about what he had told her about there being someone who cared about her and not throwing that away. Even without her ability to sense emotion it was obvious what he had meant but, the added feelings of such a strong love shocked her. Then there was the feeling of being betrayed. Konoha felt terrible about this. She was often found weeping in her bed at night. In the morning her face was clean and she was sitting on the floor meditating once more. The only sign of the night's episode was the wet bed.

Konoha thought long and hard about Iko. As she was still unaware of his promotion, she thought of a simple life involving the two of them completing missions together and watching as Hokages rose and fell. Of course she would find a way to transfer her slowed aging process to him so that he would always be by her side. For the first time since her failed attempt with Katsumi, she felt loved.

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Genjutsu
Recessive: Intelligence

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Water
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