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Post by Marixia on Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:48 pm

Inventory [Carrying on Self]
Sword x1* Shuriken: x50Kunai: x40Senbon: x30
HyourouGan: x5 Wire: 70ft Exploding Tags: x30Smoke Bombs: x25
Windmill Shuriken: x2 Exploding Pouch: x15 File: x4 Makibishi: x30
Radio: x1 Exploding Smoke Grenade: x3Mirror: x1 Cloak: x1

* -Explained Below
**HyourouGan (Soldier Provision Pills) - Will only be used outside of fights; for example after travel, during training, etc

Name of Weapon or Item: Hinote Ibuki [Fire's Breath]

Location: Normally worn at left side or across back

Description: A custom weapon designed years ago, this blade is mixed with metal, diamond, and some other minerals to help prevent breaking.
Lena has the capability to push Katon chakra throughout the blade, even the Nibi's, to heat it up and attack in other ways. Anything the blade comes in contact with can burn the target and if the chakra were to catch on fire; can cause flammable objects to light. This intensifies cut wounds, for if the blade were to cut it gives a burning edge to them which normally brings more pain. If the blade were to be swung, a stream of fire can fly off the blade to hit the foe but only goes roughly 5 meters out before dispersing into smoke.

Owner: Lena

Rank: D

History: Obviously a custom blade, it was give to Lena from her uncle, Suzuran, and other members of the Tishuto clan as Lena's special weapon. One that would fit her style and could hold the Nibi's power besides her own chakra. This blade was designed years ago during the time the Tishuto clan mostly remained in Numi No Kuni; before 'the nigh of blood'. It has been passed down from generation and reinforced to look brand new before given to Lena for her academy graduation.

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Lean's Items Empty Re: Lean's Items

Post by Hatake Tane on Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:53 pm


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