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Inoto Tokeiyame

Post by Chiyoko on Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:08 pm

Name: Inoto Tokeiyame

Age: 15
Age Appearance: 15

Appearance: Inoto is a raven haired boy of short stature. He stands a few inches below the average height for boys his age. However, her has very strong legs, which are visible when tense, and a very peculiar eye color. For the most part, his eyes stay a constant hazel. However, they have been known to glow yellow.

Clothing wise, Inoto tends to be very dark. He is often black clad in some form. The clothing tends to vary a bit. However, the Tokeiyame symbol is always present on his back. The symbol of a clock overlaid with an hourglass. Typically though, since he is a very 'in your face' fighter, he tends to wear clothing that won't get in the way of his movement. The shirts he wears tend to be short sleaved and he typically bandages his lower arm with a metal bracer over his wrists.

Gender: Male

Rank: C
Ninja Rank: Gennin

Village: Leaf - but considers himself 'missing'
Birthplace: Tokeiyame clan compound
Previous Village: Nameless village in the leaf

Clan/Bloodline: Tokeiyame

Personality: Inoto is a far from exciting personality. He does not take thrill in fights. In fact, he seems to take thrill in nothing. The only emotion of any shocking manner that either Chiyoko or Akarui has seen is when Inoto commented he hated Akarui's Tenmaru Kanzen, the only technique that he has met that has countered his Kirameki Tsurugi o Nukimasu (Flash Draw). Aside from that, Inoto has the personality of dry, grey paint.
Goals: He seems to be working to help Chiyoko.
Alignment: Chiyoko

Canon Personality:

History: Inoto was born into a very religious family. The Tokeiyame were very spiritual and tried to imprint all of their youth with their philosophy. The family, despite having a very useful array of techniques for battle, avoided conflict at all costs. However, when Inoto was 7, that went to a new level.

At 7, a village elder passed a family wide 'Sanction of Pacifism'. The entire clan was to never engage in battle unless they wished to face exile. Despite the small bit of opposition, from the very small number who took up arms to defend their family, there were no exceptions granted to this rule. Weapons were destroyed and all members of the family would spend time meditating or tending to the various crops grown in their village, which mostly comprised of the Tokeiyame.

Inoto, who had been learning the few combat arts the family possessed, was outraged at this. He continued to express this anger far longer than anyone else. At 12 he blatantly violated the 'Sanction of Pacifism' and left the village, taking with him the few scrolls he had salvaged from the burning of the 'Knowledge of Pain'. With that, he spent most of his time alone. Despite no formal training as a ninja, Inoto was granted the pleasure of learning from the few passerbys that would impart small bits of knowledge to him. The family lived near a trade route, which often had ninja escorts. Few people saw him as a threat and tended to have little issue explaining the few details he needed to know.

The family, inadvertently, had gone through much of the basics with their mass amount of meditation. This had allowed him to quickly go into manipulating the chakra as he was advised by the passing ninjas. He soon managed to accomplish many of the Academy techniques, even though it was at a later age. One such ninja who became a store of knowledge was Ayameko Shikata and Chiyoko Kioku, who often wandered quite freely in the area. The two were basically who instructed him on the basics, trying to catch him up to the rest of the nin.

However, Inoto refused to be a part of Konoha and would never ask for assistance. He told both Ayameko and Chiyoko that the people that should offer that kind of assistance should be his clan. If they were not going to help him, he would do it as much on his own as possible. With the basic guidance of Chiyoko and Ayameko, Inoto was able to keep a general pace with others at his level. He returned to his makeshift home outside of the Tokeiyame compound, returning to his life of taking a number of the needed materials with his clan's own techniques. Since he was decently proficient at using it, the rest of his clan could do little to stop him from taking anything he wanted.

Inoto shortly became one of the few privy to the details of Chiyoko's plan. Agreeing to it, mostly out of her displays of kindness towards him, Inoto began to mobilize himself for the upcoming war that Chiyoko seemed to predict. She promised him a new source of power that he had only theorized about having. He would, hopefully, be able to take his clans abilities further.

RP Sample: N/A

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Kenjutsu
Recessive: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Lightning


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