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Post by ..::Ivan the Viking:: on Mon Mar 22, 2010 2:01 am

Name: Kyuudousha

Founder: Yoshitora Kyuudousha

Location: Konohagure

The story is not really well known. Only the clan members know it. Even though this clan was founded 5 years ago, the Detective Eye existed way before of the foundation of the clan. Approximately 100 years ago. The clan founder, Yoshitora Kyuudousha was born with the Detective Eye. However he didn't know that his way of seeing things is different than other people. He though it was normal to see footprints other things glow. But as he grew older his parents began to notice weird things in how he notices even smallest things such as a piece of hair in a corner, footprints which couldn't be seen easily from distance and other things. They began to question it and he said to them that he sees those things glow and that's how he sees them. Thats when he figured out that what he sees it's special, something that nobody has.

And so years have passed and Yoshitora has become an excelent ninja, one of the best in the village just because of his special eye which he called the Detective Eye. It didn't take long before he got married and made a child. The child too had the doujutsu. And so year by year the holders of the Detective Eye begun to grow and after 80 years, when Yoshitora was 100 years old he decided that the Kyuudousha will become a clan. And that was 5 years ago. Now Yoshitora is dead and his son took over. His name is Kanazaki Kyuudousha.

Special Info:
The Kyuudousha clan is not a really well known clan since it was only founded around 5 years ago. But putting aside the popularity the Kyuudousha are people to be feared by any criminal. You could call them the heroes of justice. For unknown reasons they just can't be bad. They can't kill somebody without any reason, they can't steal from somebody who is innocent or do anything to anybody who is innocent. They are the protectors of the innocent and somehow they cannot be deceived by any genjutsu to make them do bad things. But even being good they are not really cheerful persons. They rarely smile and they mostly keep things professional. They also have a nickname given by people who have talked to them. The Silver-Tongued Devils. The way they talk is like you have been captured in a genjutsu and you believe them anything they say.
But the clans most known ability is their doujutsu, the Detective Eye. With that they become real investigators and they are the first people to be called in any crime scene. The Kyuudousha children are taught from early age (6 years old) all the things they need to know such as biology, chemistry, human body and different stuff so that they could know what their eye is showing them. Since every member of the clan has photographic memory they all learn fast. And combining that with the trait that they can store unlimited amount of information, they are considered walking encyclopedias.


Name: Forensic Investigation Kit
Rank: C
A small metal grey kit in which the basic forensic investigation tools are stored. The kit holds a few pairs of plastic gloves, 30 plastic bags, two packs of swab each holding 50 swabs, a pincer, special scrolls in which the evidences are stored and 10 lifters for footprints, handprints and fingerprints. The box cannot be opened by anyone even if they are using force. Only the owner can open it and that's because of a seal which protects the box of being destroyed or being opened by force.

Name: Evidence Scroll
Rank: C
A special scroll designed to store all possible evidences. The prevent the evidences to mix with each other they are all stored in different "files". They are stored under the name of the person of which the evidences are taken from. After the user decides which persons evidences he wants to see a list will show up of all evidences the user collected. (Imagine it as a computer. You store the evidences under a certain file. When you click on that file a list of all evidences will show up.)

Name: Print Lifter
Rank: C
A special paper designed only for taking prints such as footprints, handprints and fingerprints. The user will place the paper above the print and concentrate a low amount of chakra in the paper (E rank amount of chakra). In just a second the print will be transfered to the paper. After that the paper is stored in the evidence scroll.

Name: Scent Bomb
Rank: C
By first glance on it it looks like a normal smoke bomb. And it is in a way but the Kyuudousha mixed a special scent in it which when comes in contact with a person it will stay on it for several weeks. This scent bomb has been made for Kyuudousha members to help them track the people who got the scent on easier. The normal scent of a person that passed through a place an hour ago will than vanish but this scent will stay for several days making it way more easier for Kyuudousha members to track the person. Now the scent in the bomb has one color only and if 2 or more people were caught in it than you would think they will all have the same scent color making it harder to track a designated person. Well this scent will mix with their natural scent and changing the color of the scent. The scent can't be washed away.

Requirements: You must be born in the clan.

Current Members: N/A at the moment

Onimitsu Me (Detective Eye)
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