Shishi - Vongola Mist Guardian

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Shishi - Vongola Mist Guardian

Post by Caranore on Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:59 pm

Name: Shishi Kazeryuu
Nickname/Alias: Mist Guardian

Age: 25
Age Appearance: 19


Shishi stands about six feet tall, gangly one might say due to not having much muscle mass. That however is deceiving, as is most about Shishi. His right eye is drastically different from his left. His left is a deep sea blue, but his right is a blood red, with a japanese Kanji in it, that switches between 1-6. His shoulders are normal size for one of his age, although he tends to hunch over slightly, hiding his height a little more. His hair is around ear length, although in the back it extends down to between his shoulder blades and is often held in a pony tail.

Shishi is an average looking person, at first glance. Wearing a school uniform on a normal basis, just because its something to wear, he tends to wear fingerless gloves with said uniform, although noone really knows why. Each glove is made of a soft leather, and has gold trim around the entirity of the glove. The gloves extend down to cover his wrists with a more thick, solid leather, covered with silver thread in a design that looks like teeth.

The school uniform itself is very simple, a pair of dark colored slacks with whatever shoes Shishi has decided to wear that day. Normally this consists of black socks and black steel toed boots, as Shishi has been known to trip and stub his feet over small and trivial items. These boots prevent that, although Shishi will still mutter 'Ow', when hitting an item.

While the slacks are dark colored, they are made of a unique material, which allows free air flow through the pants, and doesnt cause sweating in hot enviroments. Likewise, Shishi has a pair of slacks that he wears in colder enviroments, restricting the airflow throught he pants and keeping his legs warmer than normal pants.

A white silk dress shirt, with its sleeves normally rolled up to expose his forearms, and a dark blue vest adorn Shishi's torso. The dress shirt either normally has the first two buttons undone, showing off some skin, or a lighter blue tie around his neck. The tie is just an addition that Shishi will wear, although there have been hints about the tie signifying something important while Shishi goes out on a job, or any activity. The vest itself is one piece, no buttons or zippers adorn the front of it.

On the occasion Shishi needs it, he also carries around a dark blue jacket, one that matches the color of his slacks. This is normally used for formal attire, and for missions, although Shishi normally carries this jacket over his shoulder where ever he goes. On the right side of the collar on the jacket is a small pin in the shape of a celtic cross, a design that Shishi has always favored to no end. Golden cufflinks, much like the color of his eyes, adorn the sleeves, while the buttons of the jacket are made of the same color and material.

When Shishi is not wearing the jacket, his forearms are visible, as stated above. When one takes a good luck at his arms, they can notice the design of flames and a dragons head coming down from underneath the sleeves. These tattoos are on both arms, each one containing the head of a chinese dragon, that is visible at least. It is safe to assume that the tattoos continue up Shishi's arms and around to his back, but noone has ever seen him shirtless long enough to confrim this suspicion.

The dragons head itself is a very intricate tattoo, blood red and black mixed in with gold makes up the scales that create the dragon itself, while its eyes remain a brilliant emerald green. Under the flames, which reside on the top of the forearm, are kanji. Not many have gotten close enough to see the underside of Shishi's forearm, but those who have can attest to their nature. The Kanji symbolize two words, 'Trust', and 'Honor'. The origin of these tattoos is unknown to everyone Shishi comes in contact with, but it is assumed that they are there to remind him of a past mistake.

Around Shishis neck sits a chain, normally one that he keeps hidden from everyone else. On the chain is a pentagram, a star within a circle. While most people who see this religious piece of jewelry automatically assume its intent is for evil, that is not the case for Shishi and this necklace. While the origins of the necklace are unknown, Shishi did recieve it from his mother who told him it was a very special item. At times a magical glow can be seen coming from the necklace, but noone can ascern the abilities that lie dormant within the necklace, or if there are any other special effects that may be seen while Shishi is wearing it.

He has a black length of fabric, tied around his waist to hold his trident which was handed down to him by his predecessor, Mukuro. On his right hand Shishi wears 2 rings, one holding a deep red ruby, surrounded by small diamond chips and set into a gold ring. The second ring holds a deep blue sapphire, this one surrounded by onyx and set into silver. The silver in the second ring is fashioned to look like a jaw closing, with teeth holding the sapphire in place.

Gender: Male

Rank: S-Rank
Ninja Rank: Jounin

Village: Kumo
Birthplace: Kumo
Previous Village: N/A

Clan/Bloodline: Vongola Family


Shishi is human. That being said, it is assumed that he has many emotions, and expresses them accordingly. While this would be an accurate description, Shishi isn’t exactly normal with the way he expresses his emotions.

There are many different sides to be seen of Shishi; a kind caring side, a sadistic cruel side, a sad side, and many more, just like most human beings. By putting himself in the wrong situations however, despite them being accidental, Shishi has managed to see more hurt and pain than he would have liked too in his short life.

After receiving his first Path, Shishi began to shut himself inside himself, locking away emotions and thoughts that he thought were unnecessary. By becoming a loner, he planned to take on the weight of the world, as that’s what he had been doing for the past few years. Trust no one, live alone, thats how Shishi survived once he became a Genin.

However, bottling up all his emotions wasn’t good for Shishi, and he began to develop an explosive temper. It started with a sizzling boiling in his gut, and then explodes from there. However, after a year of practice and meditation, Shishi managed to control this temper and seal it away. However, it still erupts on the occasion, worse than it ever was. Not many know what exactly happens to trigger such a reaction, but most agree that it is best to avoid Shishi in this state.

To counter act the temper however, Shishi has managed to develop a kind and calm personality, one that seems to ooze calm around others. He does truely care for people, whether he has met them or not, and feels a sort of kinship to most people he meets. He is ver empathetic, which means that he can feel others pain, their sorrow, happiness and anger. While this is normally a good thing, the mood still affects Shishi greatly, and should the feeling be large enough, his mood will change to match. Misery loves company after all.

Shishi can also be sarcastic, very sarcastic in fact. Most people, he had learned, don’t understand sarcasm well, so when Shishi IS sarcastic, his voice oozes the feeling, so much that it could suffocate some people. That being said, he is only sarcastic to idiots mostly, or people who ask dumb questions.

Another quirk about Shishi, is despite his temper and calmness, he lacks the ability to let something go for a short while, constantly reminding the person in question about it and stabbing them with the idea or concept he has latched onto until they finally crack. This is the only way that Shishi has found to get a point, a serious point at least, driven into people’s skulls. If being an ass doesn’t work, Shishi switches to sarcasm, and then to like he is talking to a mentally retarded person if the situation calls for it.

Goals: To protect the 11th Vongola Boss, and surpass his predecessor in power.
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Canon Personality: N/A

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Genjutsu/Weaponry
Recessive: Ninjutsu/Elemental

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Wind
Recessive: Water

Special Characteristics:

Eye of the Six Paths

Basics: Like his predecessor, Mukuro, Shishi has also travelled part of the Six Paths. However, due to not having the time, nor some of the fortitude Mukuro has, Shishi has only been able to access and engrave Three of the Sixth paths.

First Path: In Shishi's right eye, the kanji for 1 is visible. This allows Shishi's illusions to take on a unique effect. If one can see the illusion, they are caught within it. This applies to allies as well as enemies. Due to the realistic nature of the Genjutsu and illusions caused by Shishi, simple Kai techniques and pain will not release the target from the Genjutsu, unless it is an excrutiating amount. If one tries to use Kai, they would need to expend an additional amount of chakra equal to their rank. After quite a few experiments, Shishi realized that this ability held true even when he had a different Kanji in his eye.

As a note: Everyone is initially caught in the illusions. However,as each illusion has a post length, those who specialize in Genjutsu can break free of the Illusions 1-2 posts earlier, depending on the rank of the Genjutsu used.

Second Path: This Path is symbolized by the Kanji for 2 in his right eye. This Path changes Shishi's sub specialty from Ninjutsu/Elemental to Summoning. This allows Shishi to summon a certain amount of beasts, and still use his weaponry, but at the same time enables him to utilize his Genjutsu without hesitation.

Each summon is unique in its abilities, having no need to share in the specialization or the element of the summoner. However, they do require blood of the user to be summoned, and depending on whch summon comes out, an additional sacrifice may be required. Another requirement is that the summons can only be mammals, or classified as beasts. Shishi has taken a paticular interest to primates for this summon, as they are more versitile than other animals.

Third Path: This Path is symbolized by the Kanji for 3 in his right eye. This Path allows Shishi's sub specialties to change from Ninjutsu/Elemental to Taijutsu, enhancing his physical abilities to fight on par with most Taijutsu specialized Jounin. However, this does take a toll on Shishi, as 5 posts after being activated he is forced to revert back to his first stage for another 5 posts.

Please Note that Shishi can only use A-Ranked jutsu as his sub specialties switch. (No S-Rank Nin, Tai, Summonings, etc)

Able Bodied
The character is in excellent physical shape. He heals quickly and is seldom ill.

The character is equally adept at using either hand. Although ambidexterity is rare at birth, it can be learned. Most duelists spend their whole lives refining this talent.

Light Sleeper
The character is very light sleeper. Any noise at all will instantly awaken him to a state of full alert. The character is no easier to sneak up on while asleep than he is when he is awake.


Uncontrollable Temper
The character is prone to extraordinary fits of anger. When the mood takes him, it overwhelms all reason, and he destroys and maims everything in his path until exhaustion overtakes him. These rages are generally marked with periods of blackouts in which the character forgets his actions entirely.

Sleep Depravation
Shishi suffers from a unique sleep disorder. While he still sleeps at night like normal people, he does not enter the REM sleep, where his mind and body revoer at night, as often as everyone else. Therefore, he wakes up more often than not as tired as when he fell asleep. This leads to a very tired state of mind for most of the day, signified by yawning and sluggish movements.

Most of the characteritics are credited to L'assassino from Naruto Revolutions

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Re: Shishi - Vongola Mist Guardian

Post by Caranore on Sun Apr 04, 2010 7:37 pm


From the moment he was conceived, Shishi’s parents had great hopes for him, his father being a notable Kumo ninja and his mother a talented illusionist. She had been a ninja before, but had retired when she found out she was pregnant, moving into a civilian entertainers life with ease. After all, shinobi aimed to please, and her illusions were magical in nature, something even other Genjutsu users couldn’t accomplish.

His father also retired slightly after he was born, turning from a special forces ninja to a blacksmith, utilizing fire and earth to craft some of the finest weapons and household items around in the little town that they lived in. And that is the world that Shishi was born into and lived in for a few years. It was a happy time, however there were always downsides. His father, shortly after Shishi’s third birthday was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder from his time in service, which soon led to night terrors and a slow loss of sanity.

Shishi was four when his father was admitted to the psychiatric ward, and the Raikage began sending monthly amount of money to the house, something that was to help his mother pay off the bills and shop. It did help, only not in the way expected. His mother became an alcoholic shortly after his father was locked up, spending all their money on drinks instead of food and paying the bills. She never reached the abusive stage, but instead went in a worse direction. Instead of creating illusions and brightening up peoples days and lives like she used to, she became a prostitute to secure quicker money for more alcohol. That being said, one could guess what her illusions were being used for, and how.

Shishi’s mother passed away shortly after his eighth birthday, leaving him in the care of his uncle, an aspiring and still young, Kumo Shinobi. Easily in his late 20’s Shishi’s uncle was also an illusionist, being his mothers brother, and took the time to start weaning Shishi into the Shinobi Academy and life as much as he could, especially on the days he wasn’t performing a mission. It was from this uncle and Shishi began to utilize Genjutsu like a lifeline, performing very minor tricks at his young age in order to awe his friends.

Once Shishi’s uncle realized that he was actually using chakra, he began to school Shishi about the ways of the energy, how to form it and control it, and how to bring it into existence. He was also given books on the theory of Genjutsu and Illusions themselves, and also on chakra control. Studying these books when his uncle was gone provided Shishi with a strong basis in the fundementals of being a shinobi before he even reached the Academy.

First Path:

By the time Shishi reached nine years old, his uncle allowed him to go to the library on his own, and that was where he found the book. It was a spineless bundle of papers, with no cover or back to it. The writing was jumbled and rushed, and it looked like something that someone wanted to hide. And so, being the curious 9 year old he was, Shishi took it. Having learned how to read from his original parents, he had little trouble figuring out and transcribing the words into legible figures, and what he read astonished him.

Heading into his room and not bothering to lock the door, his uncle was away on a long mission, Shishi followed the instructions in the booklet he had transcribed, and quickly fell into a meditative state. Had anyone been in the near vicinity of the house, soul shattering screams would have been heard. When the night broke into a new day, Shishi’s uncle returned home, having completed his mission early, and found Shishi in his room. Bleeding slowly, broken bones, and dehydrated, he was quickly rushed to the hospital, where he remained unconscious for a week.

When he first opened his eyes, Shishi’s uncles stared in amazement at his right eye, which had changed from blue to blood red, with the pupil in the shape of the kanji for one. Recognizing this from a Jounin from a different clan, although family was a better term for it, Shishi’s uncle started to go get said Jounin, only to find him outside the hospital room with a slight smirk on his face.


Upon being discharged from the hospital, Shishi was admitted directly into the Academy, despite the fact that the curriculum had already started. Having a solid base in history and chakra knowledge, he blended right in to the class. However, one thing that made him stand out was the trident he kept close to his person at all time, and an eye patch over his right eye. Despite these oddities though, people found Shishi easy to get along with.

His house life during this period was a different story however. Now living in the Vongola complex, near the outskirts of Kumogakure, with his uncle and new trainer, Shishi began an extreme routine to harden his body and his mind for his next trial. The trial for the second path, and one of the harder ones given its nature described in Shishi’s handbook which he now kept by him at all times.

Second Path:

During his second year in the academy, Shishi was in the middle of training when the man who wrote the book he had so painstakingly transcribed, reappeared. The only warning Shishi had was a slight dizziness spell before the floor opened up beneath him. Tripping backwards, Shishi once again found himself headed for the black world of unconsciousness as his head hit the floor from falling.

Waking up again, and barely holding any recollection of what had happened, Shishi found himself in the hospital room, his head fuzzy and his eye feeling like he got stabbed. However, that wasn’t the worst of it. Animal teeth marks, claw marks, and lashes were strewn across his body, wracking his body with pain with every movement. Looking across the room, he saw the same man as when he first did, the one who gave him the trident, sitting in a chair. It was Shishi’s first real meeting with Rokudo Mukuro, and the moment when he gained the ability to utilize the second path.

Vongola Training:

From then on, Shishi was trained. Being pulled from the Academy, he was schooled in the history of the Vongola family. As he was able to wield the trident, and read Mukuro’s handwriting, he had been chosen as the next Mist Guardian of the family. The reading was the deciding factor, as only one who could read the writing after the layers of illusions Mukuro had put on it could be chosen for this position.

Along with the schooling about the history of the Vongola, Shishi was also forced to study diplomacy, and tact, as well as negotiating and anything else that could be crammed into his skull relating to those subjects. In the afternoons he was trained in weapon, hand to hand, and illusions, as well as beginning to learn some ninjutsu when he had reached the required level of control.

After only being out of the academy for 6 months, Shishi was promoted to Genin by the Raikage, merely 2 years before he would have been otherwise. Not being assigned a team, Shishi continued to learn and train at an accelerated pace, making sure he was ready for the trial of the third path, something that Mukuro had told him early on would be one of the hardest trials he would face.

Third Path:

Once again Shishi woke up in the hospital. He had no recollection of anything that had happened, as was quite surprised and worried when he woke up in the intensive care unit. He hadn’t even tried to attain the third path, something Mukuro had told him to wait on until he said Shishi was ready. However, there was a warning in there. Should the paths decide that Shishi was ready before Mukuro allowed him to enter the realm of hell to engrave and fulfill the trials of the third path, the Path itself would forcibly pull Shishi into the trials, and apparently that was what had happened. It was a pity, having just been promoted to Chuunin rank, and being hospitalized shortly afterwards. However, due to the power boost gained by this path, Shishi had more potential than any other Chuunin, and was told that he could be expecting a promotion shortly. However, it wasn’t in the way he thought it would be in.

Jounin/Mist Guardian:

It was a simple test. Create an illusion that the so-called Genjutsu specialists of the village couldn’t break. And it wasn’t even hard, but Shishi supposed he could attribute that aspect of the test to his right eye, the first path providing his Genjutsu with much more power than he normally would be able to possess. He had heard, much later down the road that the Jounin had managed to escape the Genjutsu after the others had realized that they were still in it, but really. It was slightly pathetic to have those schooled in the art of Genjutsu much longer that Shishi to be caught for that long.

Once he returned to the Vongola complex, he was awarded the Vongola Mist Guardian’s ring along with a Jounin vest. It seemed like an easy test, but as he later found out, those specialists were some of the strongest in the land, being able to, according to rumors, break out of a couple S-Ranked Genjutsu. Shishi scoffed at that idea, but anything was possible he supposed.

RP Sample:
Koujetsu yawned slightly as he listened to his sensei speak, a trait he had come to associate with an adrenaline rush. No matter what happened, he always yawned when excited; giving the impression he didn’t care at all. His ears perked up when he heard the time limit and the conditions of this test.

Till sunset to land a combo, using a technique his teammates didn’t know about. Koujetsu thought this over as he heard it, thinking back to the information he had given Kaji. Not all of his transformations were included in the booklet he gave him, so that should count towards that condition. Something else that could work to their advantage was the massive amount of exploding seals he had placed on the papers he had given Kaji, and on his own booklet. Those alone should provide good cover fire, as they were just seals. If Kaji or Shizu applied their own chakra to that seal, they would be able to trigger the explosion, something that would prove as a good combo in itself.

A flicker of motion caught Koujetsu’s eye, and he turned his full attention to their sensei, only to see the last hand seal finish. A raised palm and 5 kunai shaped chakra forms appeared, blasting toward and between the Genin. Koujetsu swore under his breath. A Jounin was using a technique that he could have sealed away, and he wasn’t ready for it. He continued t swear under his breath as he ducked the blast, landing flat on his stomach in the sand. Picking his head up and blinking the sand out his eyes, Koujetsu reached behind him without moving from his prone position. His hand clenched, and with a whipping motion, the gourd that was attached to his back was flung forward at the sensei, its cap off and water splashing on the golden sand.

Koujetsu grinned. This was a new toy, one that he hadn’t used before and something that should have been recorded in his possession, as he kept the gourd in the hot springs area for a reason. A pulse of chakra sent at the seal in the gourd, E-Ranked, a very minimal amount, and the top of the gourd was turned into a blasting geyser due to the pressure that was being formed by the incoming water.

The water itself sped towards Taku, while the gourd cracked slightly and began to spew water all over the sand as it landed on the ground. Very quickly, the sand became saturated and shortly after the rush of water began, a foot of water lay on top of the saturated sand, extending out for a good half mile in every direction. Koujetsu’s eyes widened slightly as he stood up on the water and jumped toward the nearest sand dune. He needed dry ground for this next stage of attack, and hopefully his teammates would cover him. This was, after all, a team exercise.

Lying down on the sand, he closed his eyes and applied a very large, for a Genin at least, amount of chakra to the seal placed on his neck. This was a new seal, and one that he hadn’t used very often. As soon as the chakra hit the seal, he felt his body changing, shifting. The first part to change was his spine, growing larger and longer, stretching his skin as it hardened and reshaped itself.

Koujetsu’s legs were the next to change. A strangled gasp of pain came from his mouth as his legs split into two, becoming jointed and elongated. Above those legs, two more stumps on each ribcage could be seen, those quickly shooting out into another two sets of legs, giving the misshapen and transforming Genin a total of eight legs.
Next came the head and the arms, both of those changing drastically as well. As Koujetsu’s head shrunk back into his body, his mouth widened and eyes moved up onto where his forehead would be. This didn’t matter anymore however, as the body and head became meshed into one form. Koujetsu’s arms then moved up to connect to the mouth, his fingers melding together and thumb growing exponentially larger, causing two pincers on each arm to form.

Lastly the internal organs rearranged themselves, changing in size and position as Koujetsu’s skin hardened into an external skeleton. Had he had a gag reflex, Koujetsu most assuredly would have thrown up, as the feeling of shifting internal organs was never a pleasant feeling. The transformation ended when a dull world appeared in front of Koujetsu’s eyes, signifying that his brain and optical lobes were fully functioning after the shifting.

A six foot scorpion now sat on the sand dune where Koujetsu has lain just moments before, blending in with the color of the sand quite well. The different forms caused Koujetsu’s chakra system to readjust also, now he gave off the feeling of a desert critter, a scorpion. A slight pulse of chakra sent the scorpion disappeared under the sand and heading under the water towards their sensei. The only things that could tell anyone who looked at the figure that it was originally Koujetsu were the dark orange designs across the pincers and back, signifying each different tattoo he currently held.


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Re: Shishi - Vongola Mist Guardian

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Re: Shishi - Vongola Mist Guardian

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Re: Shishi - Vongola Mist Guardian

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