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Cain's Weapons Empty Cain's Weapons

Post by Cain Thorn on Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:40 am

Although Cain is a primarily a medical ninja, he employs the use of an array of weapons as well. Cain’s standard ninja weapons will be listed below:

(X) Kunai
(X) Shuriken
(X) Senbon
(X) Spools of Razor-Sharp Wire
(X) Spools of Coated Wire (in a reflective mirror-layered surface)
(X) Explosive Tags
(X) Smoke Bombs
(X) Poison Smoke Bombs*
(X) Vials of Poison, and their respective Antidotes*

*Varied effects depending on the poison

Additionally, Cain employs less commonplace weapons:

Name of Weapon or Item: Zetsubou no Tsume (The Talons of Despair)

Location: Attached to each of Cain’s forearms via metal bracelets.

Description: Each blade is like a huge talon of an eagle in shape, only broader, and much sharper – which connects to Cain’s arm using a ‘bracelet’ made of metal, and a line of metal connecting the talon to the bracelet, allowing the blade to extend.

The metal is, simply, an alloy of Iron, Carbon and titanium – Iron fused with carbon, and titanium fused with the steel. This blade is then coated in a quarter-inch thick layer of chakra-imbued glass, that when a charge of chakra is added, can liquefy, and with a constant feed of Chakra, can shape itself to the owner’s mental desire. The edges of the glass are incredibly sharp, too – running a finger across it lightly could cut you to the bone.

Near the edges, the glass is also packed very tightly at a nanomolecular level, which gives it an almost unrivalled strength – but this is undone if the glass is reformed, and it would become normal glass once more. Over this glass is a quarter inch thick layer of crystal, which is even more densely packed than the glass. This is also treated with Chakra, and as such, is also very impossibly hard to break. With a constant feed of Chakra, a layer of protective Chakra surrounding the crystal can be sustained, which allows it to resist such things as heat damage, but the protective layer can be deactivated at will to save huge amounts of Chakra.

Cain can also utilize these blades in numerous ways – such as changing the position of the blade. If the top of the bracelet were 0 degrees, using Chakra, he can position the blade at any 90 degree interval.

Owner: Cain Thorn

Rank: C

History: Cain created the Zetsubou no Tsume with the help of Lei Thorn, who made and shaped the crystal for him.

Appearance: Two large, talon-shaped blades attached to metal bracelets. The blades are milky-silver in colour, covered by a layer of razor-sharp glass and then a layer of razor-sharp crystal.
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Cain's Weapons Empty Re: Cain's Weapons

Post by Hatake Tane on Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:43 am


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