Makoto Baratunde[Akatsuki]

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Makoto Baratunde[Akatsuki]

Post by WTFlash on Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:20 pm

Name: Makoto Baratunde
Nickname/Alias: Shishio "The Volcano"

Age: 24
Age Appearance: ???


Appearance: Makoto is a very tall, thin individual. His body is lean and muscular and he is surprisingly strong in spite of his frail appearance. His skin was originally dark and made even more so by the burn woulds that cover the majority of his body. As a result of not letting these wounds have enough time to heal, and because of the necessity of his abilities, he has continued to cover his entire body in a leather based bandage wrap that also doubles as a series of scrolls. His entire body is thus, shrouded under this second skin, with the exception of his face, where his lips nose and eyes can be seen, and evidence of his dark skin shown. Though still, he will wear a blue robe like clothe that slings about the left shoulder and hangs limp on his right side. The robe drapes down his legs to about shin level, and is most commonly a blue in color. He wears a pair of iron clad sandals, or simply remains barefoot most of the time, and his hands are often gloved. It isn't uncommon to see him smoking a traditional ceremonial pipe, and though his talent isn't with Kenjutsu, he carries around a blade as many shinobi do, though will rarely use it for combat purposes despite it's rare nature. The bands about his head are loosely wrapped enough that his unkept hair spouts through at places, making him appear to be almost sloppy and lazy in personality.

Gender: Male

Rank: Akatsuki
Ninja Rank: S-rank

Village: Kirigakure
Birthplace: Kirigakure
Previous Village: Kirigakure

Clan/Bloodline: Nenshou Clan -- Haiton: Ash Release [To be approved]

Personality: Shishio is extremely ruthless and coldblooded. Living by the belief that weak only exist for the benefit of the strong, he generally appears heartless, though in reality he isn't. For all of his ruthless nature, he is still able to form working agreements, and bonds of allies to a certain extend depending on the ends. If he feels as though an individual will work in his favor to have befriended he will gladly take the opportunity to side with them, however, he will just as quickly dispatch of the individual should they fall out of general use to his cause; whatever it would happen to be at the time.
Shishio displays very high intelligence, in some ways giving him something of an evil genius persona. He is extremely crafty, being able to hide sealing experiments from the hidden village of kirigakure despite their investigations into his shady actions, and his plans nearly succeed in bringing them down. He also learns from his mistakes; after his brush with death from being knocked out with a kunai to the head, he takes to wearing the of Kirigakure hachigane (iron headband) to keep that weakness from being exploited.
While he is a coldblooded individual, he is also very calm in almost all situations barring combat. He moves about at his own sluggish pace and observes with close detail everything around him as reason of habit. Should one be observing him, they would almost find his methodical movement lazy in origin, however, while he is often relaxed, his hatred of the lazy, fat, and trivial would be enough to convince any man that he is far from lazy. He has a strong personality and strong ambition to fuel his goals.
In battle, his emotions can escape him more easily. Though he still takes the role of the stronger personality in most situations, he attacks and fights with anger and darkness; overwhelming his opponents with a sense of malice that alone can break the spirit and cause those unwilling or unprepared to drop sword and flee for their lives. It's this latent intensity that also drives Makoto's passion to weed out the weak according to the 'laws of fire'.

Goals: To 'burn down' the current generation/Destroy the ancestors of both the Senju and Uchiha clans.
Alignment: Evil - Agent of Destruction

History: Makoto was born in the bloody mist era and it is assumed that much of what makes up her personality and goals was formed from being brought up in a society where survival was the primary priority of any individual. With this cultural force driving how he was raised to live, he to this day continues with the idea that one must crush their foes to prevent being defeated themselves. He was brought up in the Nenshou Clan within their boundaries and always imagined becoming a powerful shinobi. He was taught will the power of fire and how the uncontrollable force behind it could easily be a force of chaos. He was taught what were known as the 'rules of fire' not as a form of learned about fire physically, but rather, principles of the soul and the human spirit. To be truly powerful, the raw potential of the body and the mind must be released, however in doing so, one also runs the risk of losing themselves to a state of confusion and chaos. It was something that was emphasized, however a young Makoto only realized the potential for power, and thus grew up with the willingness to throw away himself in order to harness the power of the ambition that rested in the soul for the power to survive.

Through his Genin years he was far more advanced in the arts of fire jutsu that was basically a trait of his clan. Though the element of fire itself was unpredictable when undermasterd, Makoto made a point to use them in full offensive ways to prevent himself from taking damage from his own technique; a method known to many shinobi as "High risk, high reward." tactics. For such low level shinobi, this strategy worked out well, as his offense made up for his lack of defense simply by over powering his opponents into impossible situations for their skill. As he progressed, Makoto became considered a genius of his time and a hopeful for the next generation. In the chunnin exams, he was scorched many of his classmates to death in order to obtain what would be the next steping stone after that... the next year would be that of the final Mist chunnin exams, where Zabuza Momochi slaughtering of his entire class would bring an end to such practice.

However, in his chunnin years, his progression in power was halted by a swing in cultural expectations. The brute force tactics that he was prized for quickly became unacceptable as the 'bloody mist' era came to an end. Makoto was outraged at such a change from power to weakness, as the countries morals changed, his attitude remained in the passed that he was rooted in. In a rash move, he fled from the main Kirigakure to his clan village, stealing its most powerful jutsu and taking hiding in a system of tunnels carved out by an active volcano to train away from the 'influence of the weak.' Here, he hoped to master the clans most powerful and destructive jutsu in order to become powerful enough to change kirigakure back to its old ways; by force if necessary. It was in the body of the volcano that he met his soon to be summon as he trained in the vacant magma chambers. He spent all of three years in seclusion, lost and isolated from the changes of the outside world. He slowly mastered his KKG element and build upon is ability to use fire until the day came that he thought himself powerful enough to master the secret forbidden jutsu of his clan. On a fated day, he went to the center of the vent, and attempted to jutsu for the first time. The result was amazing, blasting the base of the volcano to the point that it literally collapsed and caved in on itself, however it wasn't perfected, and not only had he suffered from first degree burns, he was caught in the falling array of rocks and earth that would crush him if it weren't for the the fire salamander that saved his mortal life. He spent the next six months of his life nursing his burn wounds and wallowing in his failure. He blamed his situation on the future, and was forced to return to Kirigakure, where he was more surprisingly resented but accepted. Because he didn't allow his body to heal fast enough, and thus is now forced to live in the shroud of bandages that cover his body as a second skin.

It was here that he began looking for more interesting alternatives under the technology branch of Kirigakure. Forms of chakra control that he had never taken into account were being considered, including forms of technological combat using mechanics and physics and another form of spiritual technology known as Fuuinjutsu. While the art of sealing was used for quite some time, it was still considered a 'new' art among many and it was considered that the use of Fuuinjutsu still had alot of potential in the world of shinobi. In any case, he took the knowledge of seal with the consideration of his explosive qualities. It was easy for him to form seals but not as much use them. Infact, making seals became something of a burden for a time, until he found a more productive way that used his own tools; fire and ash. He could essentially brand objects with seals; allowing him a ranged way in which to use fuuinjutsu without touch and without the need for major chakra control It seemed useful but at the same time limited; it couldn't give him back the physical realm of existence that he wanted; but instead, he used it to maintain his body, allowing him to exist normally in his scared form.

As far as advances in future technology there were few to be found, but still, he wanted to find was that he could possibly heal himself to full capacity. IT was then that he discovered the potential of puppetry and chakra strings and their ability to mimic the muscle system like a system of pullies and levers in the body. He had multiple interesting puppets made and designed while he made a point to train himself in the puppet arts; the last real step to completing his fighting style that we see today. However, once again, before his progress was completed, and the ideal of replacing parts of his own body with puppetry was considered, he sunk once again into the darkness that was the drive to destroy. In his research, he also look up the history of his clan, tracing it back to further events that he had considered to be another uncontrollable reason as to why he was in the situation that he was today. Though his injuries were healed, he would be forever scarred by the chaos of fire. Makoto set out once more, with ambition to crush the modern world and ideals of peace in order to reform the past; to burn away to present to make way for his future that he feels as though was stolen from him. It was then in his life that he changed his last name to "Baratunde" (Meaning "Self Exhiled") as a tribute to his life.

RP Sample:

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Ninjutsu, Intelligence
Recessive: Puppetry, Fuuinjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Advanced: Ash
Dominant: Fire
Recessive: Wind


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Re: Makoto Baratunde[Akatsuki]

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