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Post by WTFlash on Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:41 am

Name of Weapon or Item: Dragon Skin Body Suit
Location: All over the body of the user.
Description: This is essentially a body suit in which the entire body is wrapped is bandages that is functional to the body. In this case, it has been tempered with the ground scales of the Fire Salamander, making it highly resistant to fire by increasing it's specific heat many times. While it can still technically 'burn' it will not absorb heat quickly, allowing the user to move though fire without burning themselves. Prolonged exposure (more then one post) to any level of fire will however, begin the burning process. It is also used as a scroll; placing seals on the clothe as needed.
Owner: Makoto "Shishio" Baratunde
Rank: A
History: The shed skin of the "Fire Salamnder" made into a clothe and worn.
Appearance: See the pictures of Makoto for reference.

Summoned Creature or Item: Puppet Hands
Appearance: Makoto's armor FloorMaster
Description: The FloorMaster Collection is a series of identical 'puppets' that are all modeled to look like and mimic the dexterity and usage of a human hand. They come in a variety of sizes that decide their rank, from the small (C ranked) version that is the size of a normal human hand, to the large (A ranked) version that is the size of a modern day civic.

Model by Rank
~The C ranked versions have no functioning slots.
~The A ranked version has all shown slots.

There are as of now, Two(2) A-ranked models, and Ten(10) C-ranked models.

~All joints made ball joints and can move about freely on axis.
~All joints made of rubberized cores to help absorb physical impact and nullify lightning based damage
~All joints detachable and replaceable.
~Each individual part can be made to self destruct

Body Slots:
Slot 1: Thumb ~ Retractable Katana Blade
Slot 2: Index Finger ~ Spring Loaded Explosive-tag Kunai
Slot 3: Middle Finger ~ Demolition Firework
Slot 4: Ring Finger ~ Pressurized Smokescreen
Slot 5: Pinky Finger ~ Retractable Katana Blade
Slot 6: BackHand ~ WindMill Shuriken
Slot 7: Knuckle ~ Retractable Katana Blade(x3)

Weakness: Useless without Puppet Strings


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Makoto's armor Empty Re: Makoto's armor

Post by Hatake Tane on Tue Apr 06, 2010 3:05 pm


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