Some Facts About Kikaichu... (Need Approval)

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Some Facts About Kikaichu... (Need Approval) Empty Some Facts About Kikaichu... (Need Approval)

Post by Rasari on Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:51 am

Since I have started using an Aburame character, I realised that there are very few established facts about the Kikaichu (Aburame Destruction Bugs). While most of the time I would not have done this, I believe that by doing so it will avert any confusion with the Kikaichu's abilities.

Note: These will need approving by an admin/mod. Any additions or advice on how to edit facts will be appreciated. Due to the lack of information, I will be drawing sources from both the manga and the anime.

Established Facts
The following facts have been stated by characters or seen in action in the manga/anime:
  • They feed on chakra, usually drawn from the host. However, when in battle they can feed upon the chakra of a foe, leaving so little that it makes it difficult for the opponent to move or fight. (See below in Biological Facts For Approval for more details in how they feed and digest chakra)
  • Kikaichu are unaffected by genjutsu due to their simpler nervous systems.
  • They live for only a few hours (approximately three hours). As a result they are expendable in battle and reproduce very quickly.
  • Sometimes, Kikaichu are capable of possessing mutations that them better equipped for a battle. The host can then cultivate these specific bugs to increase their numbers, improving the swarms' overall survival rate should the same opponent be encountered again.
  • Female Kikaichu give off a scent that the male insect can follow for miles, yet is undetectable to any other species.
  • The Kikaichuu are able to communicate with their host in a yet unexplained fashion.
  • The bugs are able to draw out poison from either their hosts' or another persons system, as seen during the aftermath of Shino's battle with Kankuro (although whether this can be done to someone who is not an Aburame is up for debate).

Biological Facts For Approval
Everything here is purely theories that I have drawn from the small amount of information available. Please feel free to post any additions and advice for this section.
How They Feed:
The details of how the Kikaichu attain the chakra from the host and other sources is something of a mystery. It is plausible that the bugs bite their victims and suck out the chakra, but do they do this to the host? If they did it would be a very uncomfortable life. In addition, look at this picture of a Kikaichu:
Some Facts About Kikaichu... (Need Approval) Kikaichu001
To get a decent amount of chakra from a persons system they would need a mosquito like mouthpart to penetrate the skin. The Kikaichu lack this. As such, they most probably extract the chakra via other means.
The only conclusion I have managed to come to is that they somehow absorb the chakra through their own skin (or whatever you call a bug's skin) via latching on with their legs (see the barbs on the bug's legs). The location of this absorbant layer of 'skin' would most likely be on it's belly, judging from the location of the leg barbs. They would draw the chakra out through the victims cells and ingest it into their systems. This would also drawing chakra from the host a lot less painful.
This theory would also explain how the Kikaichu feed on chakra that is not within a persons body (such as Kankuro's chakra puppet strings and Konan's chakra infused paper). There is no blood to suck, but they were still able to absorb the chakra from them.
How They Digest Chakra:
Since I am unfamiliar with insect biology and their various digestive systems, I cannot give a reliable account for this aspect of the Kikaichu. However, I think that it is fair to say that the digestion process would be very fast since their lifespan is only a few hours. A high metabolism could be attributed to the speed in which the Kikaichu absorb the chakra.
Another question is how much chakra can the bugs digest before they cannot eat anymore? Again, judging from their lifespan, a considerable amount. If the above statement of the Kikaichu having a high metabolism is accepted, it might be fair to say that they can feed off a source continuously for their entire lifetime. To back this theory, it could be pointed out that the bugs are constantly feeding off the hosts chakra without pause (though they would be moderating themselves inside the host so that they did not drain their food supply completely). As a result of this, absorbed chakra would be effectively 'gone' within a minute or two.
Hive Size:
How many Kikaichu can fit into one Aburame? Physical size should be taken into account, but more important should be the hosts' chakra supply. The higher amount of chakra a host has, the more Kikaichu that can nest inside them. I am not great at maths, so to avoid any complicated calculations the number of Kikaichu that a user has available should be treated like the amount of chakra a normal shinobi would have. As a battle went on, a shinobi's chakra levels would fall as they use more and more techniques. The same should happen to an Aburame, only as time went on the number of Kikaichu they have at hand would drop instead. Also to be noted is that some techniques may require the Kikaichu to 'gorge' on the hosts' chakra, draining them and consuming the hosts' stamina further.

Combat Facts For Approval
The following are mainly questions about common battle situations that may come up.
It has already been established that the Kikaichu are immune to genjutsu thanks to their simpler nervous system. However, how does this effect the host? As a normal human in most aspects, they should be as effectively caught in a genjutsu as any other person. But since the bugs would be unaffected, what does this mean for the host? Will they be less likely to fall for an illusion?
I believe that while the host would be normally affected by the illusion to start with, the bugs may give him a clue that he/she is being tricked. For example, say that a genjutsu was cast on an Aburame so that they saw an enemy where there was actually nothing there. When he/she order their bugs to attack it, the Kikaichu would not do so since there is no-one there for them to attack.
Elemental Chakra:
Elemental chakra is essentially an attack with chakra that has an additional effect. Katon burns, Fuuton can cut and so on. Since the Kikaichu absorb chakra, what would happen should the two faced each other?
I think that while under certain circumstances the Kikaichu might be able to stop elemental chakra (Shino blocking Zaku's wind pipes in the Chuunin Exams for example), most of the time the Kikaichu would most likely die when they come into direct contact with an elemental technique. They may be able to act as a shield for the host to block the attack, but they would still die in the correct fashion (burned, sliced and so on) rather than absorb the chakra.
Of course, the Kikaichu's ability to adapt should be taken into account. Should the Aburame be facing an element that they have fought before (and if they have made the necessary posts beforehand describing the Kikaichu mutation), the bugs may be able to absorb one type of elemental chakra. To it fair, the Kikaichu should only be able to absorb one type of elemental chakra per battle (so if their opponent had Katon and Fuuton chakra, while the Kikaichu would be able to absorb one, they would be unable to absorb the other).
Bijuu Chakra:
Since the chakra cloak of a host is far more intense than regular chakra, I do not think that the Kikaichu would be able to feed off it as normal. Most likely they would feed then die seconds later due to it overloading their system. Without the cloak active however, the bugs should be able to feed off the Beast's host as normal.
As for a wild Tailed-Beast, since they are essentially pure chakra then I think that the same rules would apply to when a host has the Bijuu cloak active; the Kikaichu would be able to feed but would die seconds afterwards. As a result, one would have to be a highly accomplished bug user with an extra load of Kikaichu available to be able to defeat a Tailed-Beast alone. It may be necessary for the user to have Kikaichu who have faced the Tailed-Beast before present, since the Kikaichu would be able to mutate and become more capable of feeding off the chakra (same would apply to a hosts' Bijuu cloak).
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Some Facts About Kikaichu... (Need Approval) Empty Re: Some Facts About Kikaichu... (Need Approval)

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