The Sword of Theradras

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The Sword of Theradras Empty The Sword of Theradras

Post by Lei Thorn on Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:20 pm

Name of Weapon or Item: The Sword of Theradras

Location: Hung in a scabbard on Ra’s back, completely hidden from view.

Description: The Sword of Theradras is a simple silver rapier that grants the owner the ability to use a single genjutsu. Ra has taken apart the mechanics of this genjutsu and has learnt five more than the original one, each an element of the initial genjutsu:


-Theradras’ Prison

- The Sands of Time

- Sword’s Prison
- Asphyxia
- Numbing Cold

- The Unquenchable Flames of Theradras

However, this comes at a price. The Sword of Theradras is host to Sally’s corruptive power and whoever uses the Sword, or anything derived from it, it subject to her influence. Use of the sword mentally corrupts the user and rots their very soul, destroying their humanity from the inside out - It is a last resort.

Owner: Ra Thorn

Rank: The mental will and susceptibility to corruption of the bearer determine the rank. For Ra, it is an S-Ranked weapon.

History: The sword was created long ago when Sally, the Arch-Demon of Corruption set her sights on a goddess of perfect purity - Theradras. Theradras challenged Sally from the Tower of the Heavens and attempted to purify her immeasurable corruption, but was overwhelmed as Sally tried to corrupt her, becoming a slave to the growing darkness inside her. Sally corrupted the goddess so badly that she was smote by the creators. Sally took this opportunity to desecrate the goddess’ body and she bound the remains of her power into four items - a Sword, a Circlet, a Necklace and a Staff. The Sword was embodied with Theradras’ offensive powers and given the power to destroy minds and reduce entire nations to rubble solely by turning people’s minds against themselves. Soon after these items were created, Sally found another goddess to corrupt and the items were stolen from her - They have been passed down and traded across black markets for years - whomever owned the sword destroyed by its corruptive influence. Ra’s knowledge of fuuinjutsu caused her to seek out the sword and she sealed the openly corruptive presence, allowing her to tap into its power. She cannot use it without releasing her seal, however, and use of the sword deteriorates her mind.

Appearance: The Sword of Theradras O_fk8aIMaC2qIeq1V

(I'll post the genjutsu that she's derived in jutsu creation.)
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The Sword of Theradras Empty Re: The Sword of Theradras

Post by Hatake Tane on Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:32 pm


"When I'm done with you and your pathetic shortcomings I'm going to saunter right on over to everyone and everything you have ever cared about and extinguish their lives slowly and painfully... Then I'm coming back for YOU." - Sally
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