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Post by Caranore on Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:32 pm

Name of Weapon or Item: Trident/Sai

Location: Normally stowed in Shishi’s belt.

Description: Depending on which form suits Shishi at the time, this weapon can be used as either a polearm (Trident) or close ranged weapon (Sai). The weapon itself is very intricate, and Shishi’s predecessor, Mukuro,mentioned that it had something to do with the Six Paths. The weapon is also chakra conductive, allowing Shishi to apply Wind-based chakra to the tips, making them sharper. By thursting or slashing, he can also send out blades of wind 10 meters in front of him.

Owner: Shishi Kazeryuu

Rank: B-Rank

History: Shishi first acquired this unique weapon from his predecessor, Mukuro, after he had unlocked the First Path in his right eye. From that point on, the weapon never left Shishi’s side.


Shishi - Items {WIP} 96177898

Name of Weapon or Item: Hell Ring

Location: Right hand ring finger.

Description: This ring is aptly named the 'Hell Ring'. It has a passive ability, detrimental to all Genjutsu users, taking them into "Hell", in a manner of speaking. By creating a contract with the ring, which seems to have a unique type of conciousness on its own and required Shishi to give up part of his soul, the ring releases its ability to force other Genjutsu users to deal with their Genjutsu acting much like Shishi's own in battle.

The Genjutsu become area of effect, affecting not only the target but eveyone within a 10 meter radius. Whatever Genjutsu is used, all will see it, even the user themselves. However, since this applies to all genjutsu users, the following effect occurs for everyone else.

Should one of the Genjutsu specialists in the fight have a much stronger will than the other, or be not afraid of death, they can turn the genjutsu used on them, and send it back to the initial user, causing them to suffer the effects of their own technique. Due to the First Path Shishi has obtained, he gets an extra boost to this effect, making it easier for him to turn opponents Genjutsu's on themselves.

Also, in order to turn th attack back at the initial user, one must expend an amount of chakra equal to the rank of the technique used. Due to the change in how Genjutsu is used, this normally gives Shishi an advantage in Genjutsu combat, having performed his illusions in this fashion all his life.

As a secondary effect, this ring removes the need for the opponent to see Shishi's Genjutsu in order to be affected, instead allowing the opponent to experience vertigo, naseau, and any other feeling that would be associated the genjutsu.

Owner: Shishi Kazeryuu

Rank: A-Rank


Appearance: Shishi - Items {WIP} KHRFranHellRing

Name of Weapon or Item: Vongola Guardian Ring

Location: Right hand middle finger

Description: The ring awarded to Shishi as he was inducted to the Vongola Family. By attuning his chakra to the ring, Shishi can produce flames that surround said ring. These are called Mist Flames, and are required by a few items to unlock their true potential.

Shishi also gains nearly triple his chakra capacity. While this drops his control of chakra drops quite a bit, it doesnt affect Shishi as much as one would expect given his specialty is Genjutsu. Due to his ability to have his Genjutsu affect everyone, the more chakra he expends utilizing his Genjutsu, the stronger the illusion is. Due to this, his illusions take the strength of one higher of a rank, meaning S-Rank would technically have the power of S+-Rank, A to S, B to A, etc. While the other Vongola rings ay offer unique abilities to their bearers, the Mist ring only allows these few bonuses.

Owner: Shishi Kazeryuu

Rank: A-Rank



Shishi - Items {WIP} Vongola-mist-family-ring

Name of Weapon or Item: Pentacle Necklace

Location: Around the neck.

Description: This is a unique necklace, one intertwined with Shishi's chakra system after many months of attuning his chakra to it. The necklace itself is A-Rank, due to its rarity, and also to the two unique abilities it grants Shishi.

By applying a B-Ranked amount of chakra to the necklace, a field of chakra is expelled outwards, causing any jutsu using chakra, namely ninjutsu, C-Rank and under to be dispelled within a 5 meter radius. This only lasts for 3 posts, and can be used only twice a battle. B-Ranked justu and higher lose one rank of effectiveness by entering this field.

The second ability is passive, but helps counteract the Vongola Ring control loss.By redircecting some of the excess chakra used in the jutsu back to Shishi, it helps maintain some of his chakra and not expend AS much on jutsu. Due to this effect, each Genjutsu requires the amount of chakra shown by the rank, and not the amount that would be required due to the power boost of the Hell Ring.

Owner: Shishi Kazeryuu

Rank: A-Rank


Appearance:Shishi - Items {WIP} Double_upright_red_stone_pentacle_necklace

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Shishi - Items {WIP} Empty Re: Shishi - Items {WIP}

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