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Name: Retsuido Clan

Founder: Takashi Retsuido

Location: Amegakure

History: The Retsuido Clan is a clan that is native to the rainy country of Ame. It's creator was a man by the name of Takashi Retsuido, who hand made a deal with the Daimyo just a few years prior to the first of the Great Shinobi Wars. In exchange for protection and riches, the Retsuido Clan had became the elite guardians of Daimyo of Ame and worked as an elite task force of assassins for the Rain Village. Of course things would change as time passed. Being that the country of Ame shared borders with Earth, Fire, Grass, River, Wind and Bird. It had often became the battleground of any and all conflicts between the countries. Being this Ame was too dragged into the conflict and so was the Retsuido clan.

As conflicts escalated and war overran the wet forests of Ame, the Retsuido clan came to the realization that they would be destroyed if they continued to follow under the foolish Daimyo's will. With the country and people divided and torn by conflict, the Retsuido clan, lead by Takashi Retsuido, ended their contract of protection with the Daimyo and sought out new roots within Amegakure. This lead them to a life of working as mercenaries, working and taking on missions of war for the highest bidder. However, doing business with the Retsuido clan was different then just hiring some goons to fight. When one would hire the Retsuido clan, no loyalties or alliances were made. There was just the exchange of payment with the terms of service. This allowed clan members to take on missions from both factions and even allowed them to sell war secrets to the opposing sides in exchange for protection from those neighboring countries. Takashi Retsuido had managed to turn the constant conflict that had almost destroyed the clan into its greatest profit.

But even though the war brought great profit to the Retsuido clan, it had also changed it. As the years passed the attitude of the members of the Retsuido clan became very harsh and serious. They lost any need or sight of an easy life and continued on with the idea that war would a constant factor for them. Even when the war came to an end, this didn't change. War had not just changed the members of the Retsuido clan either. The entire country was on edge and conflicts continued as more and more refugees came to the land. The people were poor and the Rain Village had became weak. The Daimyo of the country wasn't in any position to help matters either. The entire country was a swirling chaos.

Soon enough civil war broke out within Ame. One that would lead to the fall of the countries Daimyo and the rise of its shinobi village. The Retsuido was quickly called upon during this time but not by the countries Daimyo but a man by the name of Hanzou. The civil war didn't last very long but it still took its toll. The end result left Hanzou as village leader of the Rain Village. To help maintain his power he often called upon the Retsuido clan to assist him. This lasted for many years and through all of these years, conflict never seemed to die. With the help of the Retsuido clan, the leader Hanzou controlled the land of Ame. They village took on various missions for various countries and for a short time things were stable. But soon enough another civil war broke out, this time being lead by the missing-nin Pain. The Retsuido clan however didn't assist Hanzou when this war broke out. It was unknown as to why but it is said that Pain had made a deal with the leaders of the clan to help him defeat the loyalist faction. Of course without the Retsuido clan to assist him, Hanzou was no match for the rebel leader Pain and was defeated and killed. Pain then gained control over the village and the country. The Retsuido clan remained the same within the land though, untouched by the change in power within the country. They existed in the shadows and took on missions as they pleased, even making deals with Pain from time to time.

Many years passed and the Retsuido clan continued to work as mercenaries for the leader Pain, who had been using the Rain Village as a hideout for the Akatsuki. The Retsuido clan soon stopped hearing from Pain but suddenly received a job to protect the village for a while. The leaders assumed that it was because of some matter dealing with Pain but they didn't question the job. They continued to protect the village and lead it throughout the entirety of the war between the Akatsuki and the shinobi world. Soon enough the fall of the Akatsuki and the death of Pain left the village without a leader. Being this the clan decided to take command of the village and elected a new Amekage to take Pain's place. With that they continued to run the land of Ame out on taking missions from other countries and even expanded its industrial field. Soon the land of Ame was stable and would remain this way for many years.

Currently the Retsuido clan still controls the land of Amegakure and has greatly increased its power. It's main field of income being its industry field and of course taking on missions from other countries. The Retsuido clan elders who run the village, believe it is time to strengthen the land of Amegakure. To do this they have been working on various alliances with neighboring countries, mainly being the land of Fire and the land of Wind.

Special Info:
Kekkei Genkai: Soshisoujuu
Natural Chakra Affinity: Suiton
Common Specialty Traits: Slightly above average chakra reserves. Natural ability to use Renkinjutsu.
Clan Taijutsu: Touketsu Kobushi - Frozen Fist
Over the years the members of the Retsuido clan have taken various styles of assassination and taijutsu from all around and mixed them together into their own custom fighting style. This style works around a series of counters and highly damaging blows that allow the user to best incapacitate their opponents and kill them. This style is also used with their Kekkei Genkai, Soshisoujuu, allowing the user to use moisture in the air to slightly layer themselves with ice or water to either increase the damage of their blows or use for jutsu during close combat.

Requirements: Born into.

Current Members: Pending. Numerous amounts of members exist in Amegakure.

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