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Post by Riku Shikyo on Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:25 pm

Name of Weapon or Item: The Hidden blades

Location: both blades are on both arms

Description: How the blade is design as that the contraption is design to hide a blade, a little longer than the size of a kunai (The image will give it a example), to be unsheathed and retract. Now, how the blade unsheath itself is that the hands of the wielder (Riku) has to flex backwards. With the hand flex back, the wiring around the arm will pull the blade forward, allowing it to be revealed. When the wielders hand relaxs, the blade will then retract back into the holder. The contract is very sensitive when the wielder flexs and unflexs his wrist so in order to ensure safety to not only himself but to others, he has a switch that turns off the wiring within so that he wont have to unsheath it when it is unnesscary

Now, the force of the blade coming out of the holder is not enough to pierce through layers of muscle on a normal being. It's a very quiet release and in order to ensure the quietness, something had to lack and that was the force in which it comes out. . Riku has to unsheath the blade fully (A post to do against members) first if he wishes to get a quick kill on a unsuspecting victim (But different from the Assasin's Creed universe and the Naruto universe is that shinobi have been known to sense people behind them).

It's not just a use for silent killing, the modified hidden blade is known for it's hand to hand combat as well. This makes the wielder quicker in attacks. The blade can hold its own on even the strongest of kenjutsu. Although, not as striking and powerful as a katana could be, it's still a way for someone to get a blade out instead of pulling out a kunai and maybe loose there life. One thing that was good for in the past was to be able to block blades that would conflict with it. That was one of the faults it had in the past was that the original concept was not meant to be able to battle against other kenjutsu users. It's sole purpose was to kill enemies silently. But it was suggested because many of the past assassins have gotten in a war with a group that lied heavily on blades (katana's, cleavers, axes, etc).

Owner: Riku Shikyo, some members of the Creed.

Rank: C

History: It was not the Shikyo family who actually built the first hidden blade. It was a clan that had relations to the Shikyo, who were the Chisoku. They were a clan that were also train as assasins and one of the few ways some of the Chisoku handled there kills were to kill them in silent and without unsheathing a sword in order to do so. They were the first to create it. It's intricate design was one of the many assassin technology of the past that gave many of the Chisoku that edge they needed for all missions.

As time went by and as clans become legend and legend became myth, the third leader of the Shikyo clan, Kyouken Shikyo, decided to go back and look at history of past assassin clans. Kyouken was in the region of Takigakure, the orginal place in which the Chisoku were founded and went to recover some small hidden documents out of one of the fallen clan buildings. It was there that Kyouken discovered an old design of the hidden blade. As one might recall, Kyouken had a very mechanical and scientific mind and when he saw how intricate the hidden blade was. Kyouken had never seen such design of ancient properties be so complex. It was there that Kyouken took the hidden blade and had plans on researching it. But because he became busy with his now new occupation, his wife and his first child, he truly did not get the time to look at it.

Decades later, after the sixth great shinobi war, it was there that Kyouken became the leader of Kirigakure. As Mizukage, he wanted to design a group of men and women who were not nessecarily shinobi but still showed skills of killing, spying, espionage and inflitration. It was there that Kyouken decided to go back to some of his weaponry ideas to see how he could enhance the art of assasination to the assassins. It was there that he was reminded of the hidden blade that he found he was a very young man. It was there that he mass created a few prototypes and gave them to the highest captains, the elite of assasins and himself. It was definitely not use by those who were untrained in the arts of the hidden blade as it gave a few people missing fingers. But indeed the prototype was a success but it was still a prototype. Alot of the assassin prefered it but it was quite useless when they had no kunai, or shuriken or a blade to defend against mutiple enemies. For a a year, Kyouken installed better training in taijutsut but even that was not satisfying the ones who love to conflict with blades alot.

With addition to some of the ideas of the fighting hidden blade, Kyouken made the final modifications to the blade and now it was plated for defense against shuriken hitting them or enemy blades scratching against them as well. This made the Creed and its members fearsome and very powerful during it's time of open reign

Now that they remain in the shadows, the fear of the hidden blade have been still and calm. The original creed hideout had been abondon, one station in Takigakure as not as a way to recruit members but more to study the past about the Chisoku and to see what other technology they had. It was there that Riku got ahold of one modified hidden blade. Indeed, Riku will definitely modify the blade again but for now, he would use it against his enemies and protect his allies.

Appearance: The Hidden Blade Assassins-creed-II-meleeweapons-hiddenblades

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