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Itsuki Mayoi (Finished.) Empty Itsuki Mayoi (Finished.)

Post by Lei Thorn on Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:15 am

Name: Itsuki Mayoi

Nickname/Alias: Itsuki

Age: 17
Age Appearance: 17 (*still points to picture*)

Itsuki Mayoi (Finished.) Itsuki10
(though the picture is mostly B&W, his clothes are always extremely colourful and his hair is blonde.)

Gender: Male

Rank: A

Ninja Rank: Jounin (He is Ra’s replacement.)

Village: Konoha
Birthplace: Konoha

Previous Village: N/A

Clan/Bloodline: Shinkouteki Hachi no Kashou (Song of the Spirit Bee)


The first thing a stranger meeting Itsuki will ascertain is that he is flamboyantly homosexual (something he is never ashamed to admit), and will not hesitate to hit on anything that’s attractive, male and moves, regardless of their reaction or how hard they try to resist. Itsuki has a tendency to be hyperactive and bouncy most of the time, preferring to seem energetic and happy to anyone who meets him, although he has a tendency to be extremely calm and collected around the people he has crushes on (after he hits on them first, of course). Itsuki is a very likable and fun person generally but can come off too strongly as some people note (especially when he uses his trademark greeting, firing a spiritual arrow at somebody and having it explode in a small light show to show them his number and address - though he is working on more creative ways to give people his number) and this often spoils first impressions, but few can bring themselves to dislike him.

Itsuki knows how good he looks, and uses this to his advantage when dealing with people generally, (especially his multitude of male crushes) and it forms a big part of how people see him - he flaunts his looks to get whatever he wants, whenever he wants (Or he tries to, it should be noted that Itsuki rarely gets what he wants (pointless trysts) due to the fact most of the guys he hits on are heterosexual). This also results in him being incredibly vain, which is part of the reason why he utilizes the Sagittarius bow rather than Taijutsu or more physical techniques as he believes he is too pretty to get damaged at all and attacks from a distance.

However, despite his vain and sometimes invasive attitude, it is almost impossible to actually dislike Itsuki. There is nothing deceptive or malevolent about Itsuki, he is rarely melancholy, and he is strangely easy to befriend. All of these things Itsuki unbelievably charismatic, as well as his natural manner, and aided by the fact that his Spirit Bees can influence the emotions of their target (to a point). However, those that manage to dislike Itsuki tend to absolutely hate him.

Goals: To have fun and to hit on as many guys as possible.
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Canon Personality: Even though he isn’t canon I’m going to say Kishikoi Akarui.


Itsuki’s early life was average. When he was born he was born into a moderately wealthy family with loving parents and a pleasant home. It was a simple home and he did not wish it any other way. Itsuki never really stood out in anything, he was average and, at that age, duller than watching paint dry. His dull existence was composed of him waking , washing, dressing, eating breakfast and going to the ninja academy, only to return home, study, and sleep. That was Itsuki’s life for a long, long time.

Itsuki, at age thirteen, decided to take a hiatus from his boring and unvarying existence and experience other things such as the fact that he was attracted to men instead of women, that he had a natural affinity with flowers and that he found his idea of perfection in the cycle between bees pollinating flowers and allowing new flowers to grow. This was all a cause of concern for Itsuki’s rigid and average parents, who wanted their son to be just like them, and to raise a son just like they had raised him.

Itsuki soon decided that flowers would help him a living and form the basis for his way of combat as he currently had nothing special and he would never it out of the Chuunin exams alive unless he adapted and somehow made himself unique - somehow made himself able to stand to whomever he was pitted against and claim victory. Itsuki began visiting the local flower gardens in Konoha after this revelation, and began to study the flowers there with great interest.

He found that he couldn’t control the plants very well and experimented on a few by infusing them with his chakra but still did absolutely nothing to create any jutsu with them. This frustrated him but he didn’t give hope as he still knew that he had one thing that bore hope for him - however little: The Bees. The bees of Konoha also rejected him, however, despite him trying to befriend them repeatedly. He could not, for the life of him, work out why the bees refused to befriend him so he almost contemplated giving up on his dreams of advancing past Genin.

However, fate had obviously taken a shine to Itsuki as he tried to summon bees that would obey him and found his bloodline ability. Itsuki had gone to the library to look up a summoning jutsu and had found that a contract was needed. He tried the jutsu without a contract and it had miraculously worked - The Matriarch Bee had been summoned to her new master. She and Itsuki grew close as he described his love for flowers and his desire to put them into jutsu. Working with the Matriarch Bee, he summoned more spiritual bees and begun to work on creating five or six new types of flower. One that would be a staple flower that gathered chakra as a resource was necessary to create first.

As Itsuki worked on creating this flower, the Matriarch Bee told him that it could not possibly be his only weapon - that he would need more so that he could become effective in combat and not be simply a plant-jutsu user. She told him of a bow that was hidden deep beneath the ground in a hidden clearing, and said that only one in tune with the spirits would find the bow. At this point, Itsuki did not know that his bees were spiritual so he followed her instructions and tried to find the clearing. This in itself was an easy task, Itsuki knew of a clearing in the forest that so far nobody else had seemed to find.

Going more deeply into the clearing, Itsuki found that there was, in fact, loosened earth in the middle of the clearing and he decided to dig, his body flaring with the adrenaline to the extent that Itsuki dug through the earth with nothing but his hands for one whole day and one whole night. His efforts paid off as he found an old chest and he opened it up to find the beautiful longbow Sagittarius. The Matriarch Bee explained to him that he had a naturally strong affinity to spirits and other spiritual things so the bow was perfect for him.

Itsuki, while overjoyed with the discovery of Sagittarius, could not find a way to use it because of the lack of arrows. The Matriarch told him that he did not need arrows, that his spirit and his mind would work for him. He did not comprehend this so he visited the academy and asked a teacher what ‘energy from the spirit and mind’ meant so that he could use the longbow. This teacher explained, in detail, Spiritual and Physical energy and how they became chakra and Itsuki realized he would use his spiritual energy to create the arrows - but he realized that this would diminish his ability to use chakra, making his creation of the first plant all the more necessary.

As Itsuki learnt to use the longbow, he came to terms with the fact that the arrows were, in fact, spiritual and could not directly harm physical beings. This made him consider why he had been chosen to wield the bow instead of someone else. The Matriarch would not answer any of his questions, telling him that he needed to find out for himself or he would never achieve his true potential. Itsuki did not believe her at first but as he told his parents about the bow they realized it would make their son unique; something they dreaded. They sought to confiscate the bow but Itsuki defected from his mother and father that day - becoming the unique individual he is today.

Itsuki was now staying with a friend but could not find solace in the fact he was still only unique in combat. He found his friend, a male, incredibly attractive and told him such, going as far as to hit on him. Very luckily for Itsuki, his friend was also homosexual and the two shared a relationship briefly before his friend’s parents found out and Itsuki was banned from seeing their son again. Due to the relationship Itsuki had he developed a more open personality - so much so that he would try to hit on anything he found was cute and moved. This occasionally earned him enough money to survive or find a place to stay but Itsuki was, essentially, homeless - but has since found a home and a job to keep himself off of the streets and looking as pretty as possible.

As Itsuki was homeless the Matriarch Bee told him to seek refuge within the flower-gardens he had so dearly loved and Itsuki did as such, making sure to develop his plant jutsu with the help of the bees and he created the flower he originally dreamed of - naming it the Soul Lily due to its ability to feed from chakra, grow exceedingly quickly and its pure whiteness. This plant allowed him to keep his chakra usage minimal and Itsuki developed more plants to be based around the Soul Lily as Sagittarius used up a large portion of his spiritual energy, making his chakra reserves naturally low.

Itsuki developed more plants as time went by and demonstrated mastery over them - quickly moving onto more complex plant techniques and learning to control them with the help of his bees. In the Chuunin exams, Itsuki was put against a very fast Taijutsu user that seemed to be able to avoid Itsuki’s arrows regardless of how good a marksman he was (by now he was easily an expert) and this made Itsuki wonder if he would win... He claimed victory by planting a single Soul Lily and having it root the other nin, trapping his ankle and usurping his chakra to grow more Soul Lilies. He then used the Soul Lilies to summon a single Dreaming Tulip - and the delicate toxins in the pollen caused Itsuki’s opponent to fall asleep and remain so for long enough that Itsuki did not have to harm him further and he ‘forfeited’.

Itsuki’s abilities were noted and people of higher authority began asking him what else he could do with plants - and his entire repertoire was revealed. Itsuki took a series of tests and impressed people enough to become a Jounin when he was 16, able to defeat most opponents with ease due to his ability to use his plant jutsu with the aid of the Matriarch and keep his opponents cornered with Sagittarius. Itsuki has since devoted his life to making himself the best he can be - especially in looks.

RP Sample:

Skill Specialty: 

Dominant: Spiritually Attuned/Weaponry
Recessive: Chakra Control

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Earth
Recessive: Water

Special Characteristics: He has an amazing charisma – Itsuki is incredibly difficult to not like, but if you don’t like him then you tend to absolutely hate him.

(Posting this now so I don't lose track/making sure my picture worked okay.)

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Itsuki Mayoi (Finished.) Empty Re: Itsuki Mayoi (Finished.)

Post by lifeanddeath on Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:51 am

Approval from Hokage needed for rank.

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Itsuki Mayoi (Finished.) Empty Re: Itsuki Mayoi (Finished.)

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Needs Hokage approval though

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Itsuki Mayoi (Finished.) Empty Re: Itsuki Mayoi (Finished.)

Post by Chiyoko on Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:50 pm

Since it is replacing a high rank. Accepted.


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Itsuki Mayoi (Finished.) Empty Re: Itsuki Mayoi (Finished.)

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