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Sagittarius, The Bow of the Stars Empty Sagittarius, The Bow of the Stars

Post by Lei Thorn on Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:04 am

Name of Weapon or Item: Sagittarius, Bow of the Stars

Location: Itsuki’s back or in a scroll.

Description: Sagittarius is a well-kept and delicately adorned longbow. What makes it special is the fact it can condense the user’s spiritual energy into weak arrows. These arrows are almost completely harmless as they are nothing but spiritual energy, they cannot affect physical things. Sagittarius’ spiritual arrows strike the very soul of whomever they hit, usually, but this can be very weak and is often not viable in combat.

Sagittarius’ main offensive ability is to use spiritual energy as a basis for an arrow and coat it in a layer of chakra that gives it the ability to attack other physical objects. (though armor/solid jutsu (earth, maybe water etc.) will negate these arrows) Sagittarius endows the bearer with a final ability that allows them to sense spiritual energy around them - while this remains near useless as a combat technique Itsuki finds it very useful with his bloodline. This has a range of 10 meters and allows him to track his bees regardless of distance (within reason, it is essentially so that he knows where all bees around him are - around a 25m radius)

These arrows require a D-Ranked amount of chakra to coat - the amount is minimalistic and the arrows last around 50m before dissipating. They are largely unaffected by friction/other forces also.

Essentially, Sagittarius’ ammunition comes from spiritual energy that Itsuki is adept at creating. Due to Sagittarius, Itsuki’s chakra reserves tend to be lower than other Jounin’s and he cannot perform as many jutsu, though his chakra control is quite good. The spiritual arrows fired by Sagittarius act as if they are intangible to physical objects - Any elemental jutsu, the body, weapons, et cetera cannot touch spiritual arrows, and nor can the spiritual arrows touch them. Chakra-based attacks, however, can affect the spiritual arrows and will destroy them if they are of sufficient strength. Due to being spiritual, these arrows strike the very soul of a being and from this, certain things are ascertained:

The amount of chakra the person currently has.
The rate of production of chakra. (as an average)
The mood the person struck by the arrow is in.

These arrows, when fired at a fuuinjutsu, will also ascertain details of the fuuinjutsu (rank dependant) and Itsuki could most likely help someone come with a reverse-fuuinjutsu technique as he has no fuuinjutsu ability of his own.

As a final effect of these spiritual arrows, they leave their residue of spiritual energy on an opponent, allowing any spiritually attuned person to find the arrow and track the very soul of a person. This residue lasts for 24 hours (the entire topic usually) and can be tracked if the spiritually attuned person is within a mile of the victim.

When Chakra is added to these arrows they become physical and are dangerous. Chakra must be added before they are fired and this simply prevents Itsuki having to carry around lots of arrows, as the chakra required to create an arrow is quite low. Due to the fact these arrows are spiritual at the core and are chakra-coated, they act like normal arrows.

This means that there are two types of arrow Sagittarius can fire - Spiritual, and Chakra-coated Spiritual arrows.

Owner: Itsuki Mayoi

Rank: A/S

History: Itsuki found Sagittarius when he first communed with his Spirit Bees, who told him it was buried in a chest deep beneath a forest outside Konoha. Itsuki dug it and found the bow, and with the guidance of his matriarch bee.

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Sagittarius, The Bow of the Stars Empty Re: Sagittarius, The Bow of the Stars

Post by lifeanddeath on Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:09 am

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