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Business as usual

Post by Osamu_Rimaka on Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:42 am

"Hm look at me. Is this who I am? Yeah it is who I am and who I want to be." Shinon sat uptop a building holding his bow in one hand and his arrows on his back. He pulled one arrow out and aimed it at an apple that was 5 buildings over from where he was. With his right eye closed he pulled back tighter and tighter until he let it go. "Ha ha look at that. Right in the center. Who else can do this? Ah man." He sighed loudly as he fell on his back and looked at the sky. "Damn I need some new contracts on something. Shooting fruit is getting old. No one in this town is a challenge for me anymore." Shinon continued to lay down and look at the sky.

A bird flew from the left and Shinon spotted it. "Oh yeah a bird. Let's hit a moving target." He quickly drew his bow and pulled out an arrow. He hit the bird right in the stomach causing it to fall right next to Shinon's head. The bird seemed to be holding something. It was a note sent by someone but the sender's name was blank. "Hm let's see here. This is a letter looking for a mercenary. Well it's about time dammit I was starting to miss shooting real people." Shinon packed up his arrows and bow and headed for the exit. Now Shinon was finally going to be making some income again. This was just begining of the jounery of Shinon Eshaku


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