Abyssal Fears RPG [No rules?]

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Abyssal Fears RPG [No rules?]

Post by Chinou on Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:55 pm

The world of Abyssal Fears takes place specifically on one world in a single dimension. This world was brought into creation by an unknown deity(Webmaster) and it's current state and form as of this day have been influenced by both the unknown 'creator' and three 'Gods'(Admins).

It is, in the most mundane terms imaginable, an alternate universe realm with a planet capable of sustaining life much like our own Earth. The only difference is the presence of 'magic energy', which is a commonplace energy that acts and functions much like potential and kinetic energies, except is utilized for spells, magic, sorcery, what have you. Absorption of magic energy can be achieved by even simply breathing it in, which therefore grants all beings to possess the capability to perform supernatural feats ... although, only those who have trained can bring about the desired affect of their arts.

Now, comes a highly important part. Technology and science both thrive and co-exist with this presence of 'magic'. However, most nations that have advanced technology and developed science tend to view magic users in a negative light(The Prime Example being the Gillious Empire, which is coming up soon). But, here's the scientific view of magic: When used, an effect will occur, be it the wanted and desirable effect or a catastrophic undesirable one. Scientists really don't care much for mages. Or non-human beings for that matter. But, not all of technology is like our real world's ... true, the most advanced societies of the forum have followed down the path of our engines, developing it from steam and coal to refined oil and even electricity ... but engines that consume magic energies are in existence, and are utilized in the rest of the world. Technology can serve a myriad of purpose, much the real-world's tech usually does ... inventions cover a problem with the world that needs to be eased of fixed.

Science is highly advanced in some places ... and terribly sluggish in others. From the 'alchemic' concepts of 4 elements that interchange each with each other as 'phases, to modern chemistry. From the acceptance that things fall to the explanation of gravity, energy, velocity, and mass. The height of the scientific development in this world exceeds our own, and thus grants for futuristic(albeit extremely rare and incredibly expensive) projects, weapons, and so on and so forth.

So. In a nutshell, welcome to a world where all things imaginable are possible. Quite literally, if you are capable of being reasonable.

Highlight: Humans are indeed the most common species on this world ... but, there are a seemingly endless amount of other beings and other species that exist. Therefore, there are no limitations as to just what a player can be, so long as they're descriptive about it :3.

The realm in which this forum is placed is in ... a fantasy steampunk, if you will.

Which brings us to the five nations. True, there's more than five in existence, but these are the primary ones that will be used at the forum's end of construction. (Currently, three of them have been made. )

They each represent a different politcal system: Dictatorship, Mageocracy, Autocracy, Monarchy, Democracy.

Dictatorship - Gillious Empire: A supernightmarish technologically advanced society that is super-militaristic. The people's heroes are their soldiers, their scientists, and their inventors. Each nation-state in G.E. focuses on a different branch of science, and provide different resources for the war effort. Physics and Cybernetics(Velocetis), Biology and Genetic Modification(Shinnengraton), Chemistry and Way-too-many-infantry+tanks.(Celeborn) The Empire is the equivalent of a modern U.S.S.R. without famine plagging it's nation and embraces Captilalism instead of Communism ... and not to mention has all the nukes, all the guns, all the tanks ... and all of the men to use everything above. Their goal: To promote the greatness of their society(The power of reason, which is used to observe and understand the world, and thus promotes the Sciences; along with technology). Their slogan? Join with the Empire, or be forgotten for all eternity.

Mageocracy - Nionrehte ... Rule by the mages! An interesting country that is actually a plains surrounded by a circular mountain range ... thus giving them a natural barrier. A series of interconnected cities, that allow easy travel by roads paved years ago and remains well-maintained, the people can go about from each major city(that specialize in certain aspects of the arcane arts), but all roads lead to one city(reference to Ancient Rome's roads) ... Nios, the Capital.

With the development of their magic engines, the inhabitants of Nionrehte actually can use pretty advanced machinery, powered by the all-present magic energy. This presence of tech has driven up the standard of living, and many leave comfortable, though not extravagant, lives. However, in recent years, many comforts are now luxuries, and mages from all across the many cities are called to arms in the counter-force known as the IMA(Intercontinental Mage's Alliance), a coalition force of all practioneers of any magic arts to repel the invasion of the Imperial Army(Gillious). From alchemists, to mages, to sorcerers, and on and on and on, a powerful force resides here in the Mageocracy, a principle combatant in the raging war of Magic and Technology.

Now that leaves the Democracy and the Monarchy(Which is being called Sassonia, Kingdom of). It is still in progress.

The site is just beginning. Please pardon any errors provided in the plotting of the site.

Credits to Hei.