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Post by Tenshi Yaminade on Thu May 13, 2010 7:14 pm

Name of Weapon/Item: Daisho (long and short sword combination)
Location: at the hip under the belt
Description: a simple dull long sword and a simple sharp short sword both emblazed with the symbol of her samurai clan. Although it was unknown up until these swords fell to a warrior who could control their chakra and element, these swords can be imbued with chakra and when the user swings the sword, a sharp slash of wind extends from the blade outward.
Owner: (Previously, Tenshi’s father) Tenshi Yaminade
Rank: C rank
Range: Long and short range
History: These two swords were passed down through the main family of the Yaminade samurai clan for several hundred generations. At first, Tenshi’s father was reluctant to pass it down to her because of her impure blood, but changed his mind when he realized she was the perfect daughter and that he was incredibly proud of her.

Name of Weapon/Item: Naginata (straight blade instead of a curved one)
Location: Across the back.
Description: A simple naginata which is resistant to most A-ranked attacks and is heat resistant.
Owner: Tenshi Yaminade (no previous owner)
Rank: C rank
Range: Mid-range

Name of Weapon/Item: A bag of decorated pinwheels
Description: This is a simple box of pinwheels; though they look plastic, they are made of a light, thin metal (the handles are hollow and the blades are flexible, but firm) and have sharpened tips so they can stick into the ground easier than if they were blunt.
Rank: D rank
Range: Short range

Name of Weapon/Item: A large fan
Location: across the back, crossing the naginata
Description: A simple fan 6 feet tall, 8 feet span, made of a light paper made specially by her mother’s family who found the perfect recipe for very light paper and balsa wood which makes wind jutsu slightly more powerful, however simply clenching this fan too hard at the base can break it, though other wind jutsu no matter how powerful cannot.
Owner: Tenshi Yaminade
Rank: B rank
Range: Long and short range
History: This fan was passed down through Tenshi’s mother’s family. Tenshi’s mother had no problems handing this down to her strong daughter and even trained her with it since she was four.

Name of Weapon/Item: White Rosary
Location: wrapped around the arm
Description: This string of white rosary beads has a hidden string. Once all the beads are pulled aside, the string becomes four feet long. Once imbued with chakra, these beads clench together, tightening the string either tight enough to cut off a limb, choke a person to death, or simply tie someone up, making them immobile. Rope escape is voided while the rosary is in use as is simply cutting the string, being as it’s imbued with the chakra of the user.
Owner: (previous owner: Tenshi’s grandfather)
Rank: A rank
History: Tenshi’s great great great grandfather was captured using these set of beads and his life was spared. He was convinced to ignore the seppuku, the rosary beads being offered as a gift to restore the samurai’s honor. These beads have been passed down in secret for five generations.

Name of Weapon: Poison Needle Gloves
Location: Hands
Owner: Tenshi Yaminade
Rank: S-rank
Description: This pair of gloves has a compartment in each finger which hides a poison-laden senbon needle on the palm-side of the fingers. The needles can only be forced forward by a burst of wind. I can either catch them in my hand and stab the opponent at close range or make them fly outward toward my opponent. Along with this, I would like a holster of senbon which are also tipped with poison so I can reload my gloves. The poison is of my own make so there is no limitation to the amount of poisoned needles. The fingers of the glove only cover the fist, leaving the rest of each finger bare. These gloves also have a small, round metal plate on the back of the hand and on the inner palm. The senbon will be held by small plastic tubes through which the senbon just barely fit. (The tubes are connected to one tube, then end of which is just barely visible under the underside wrist of the glove.) The added pressure required to force them out of the tubes in the glove would make them very fast, almost impossible to dodge, but can be easily blocked by a metal or rock material if the opponent is fast enough to block them. Wood, trees, and dirt/earth cannot block these even if the opponent was fast enough to put up a defense. The senbon would simply go through any of the afore stated because of the pressure and speed behind the senbon. If the opponent can keep up with the needles’ speed, then it’s possible for wind users to block or deter the senbon from their paths with condensed air or wind currents, but they would have to have a super fast reaction speed which is only possible through being a Taijutsu expert. Lightning users, if they‘re Taijutsu masters can zap them or something, because as fast as the senbon are, lightning would be faster if the opponent’s reaction came quickly enough. The poison would set in and paralyze first after three posts (during the first and second posts of the opponent after they’re poisoned, they can fight with decreasing vision and agility and by the end of the third post, they better have fled to a hospital or they’re paralyzed) and then kill them later, giving anyone, including me, time to take them to the hospital before they died. (Irl if no one picks them up and saves them in a week, they die.)
Tenshi Yaminade
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