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Post by Tenshi Yaminade on Thu May 13, 2010 7:16 pm

Name: Yaminade

Founder: Sousui Yaminade

Location: Hidden in mountains the tops of which are covered by thick mist.

History: This clan of pure samurai, to which Tenshi has no solid connection due to her partial lineage to her ninja heritage, live high up in the mountains as monks, though they maintain their samurai abilities and continue to be very strongly opposed to ninjas though the population of the ninja were too great to change or to fight. They stubbornly cling to their hatred of ninjas and stay sealed off in the mountains. Twenty years before, the ninja and the samurai fought sword with sword, hand with hand, and blood with blood. It was clear to the leaders who were tired of the bloodshed which had already lasted over a hundred years that before either side won out, too many more lives were going to be lost. So Sousui’s grandson, Michio Yaminade, currently leader of all the clans, and the Five Kages of the land back then, agreed on a truce, Michio’s son (or Tenshi’s father) offering himself in marriage to the daughter of one of the Kages’ own to seal the deal. Due to the sudden disappearance of the samurai clans, the truce was forgotten quickly except by that of the samurai clans, of Tenshi’s parents, and of the Tsuchikage. Because of that, peace continued between the samurai and ninja.

Special Information: A member of this clan is protected by the clan at all times and followers of the leader are honorable in doing their masters’ wishes whether they like it or not. It is unclear whether or not Tenshi and her mother are under the protection of the samurai clan.

Requirements - A seriously determined ninja could possibly make it up the mountains though many booby traps and the many dangerous animals that lurk in the trees and darkness. Once found, the samurai clan offer the ninja a test and if they pass the test and the ninja is considered one of them, they give the ninja a vial of their blood for a transfusion and send them back to civilization. That’s almost impossible however considering they don’t like ninjas.

Members: Unknown
Tenshi Yaminade
Tenshi Yaminade

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Post by kimoanh1000 on Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:00 am


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