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Post by Guest on Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:05 pm

The fourth largest ethnic group are the Kono people at around (7.6%) of the population and they are primarily found in Kono District in Eastern Sierra Leone. The Kono are primarily diamond miners and farmers.

After the Kono, are the Mandingo (also known as Mandinka) at (7.4%) (they are the descendants of the Mandinka traders from Guinea who immigrated to Sierra Leone between 1840 to about 1898). The Mandinka predominantly found in the east and the northern part of the country, and they are the largest inhabitant of the large towns, most notably Kabal and Falaba in Koinadugu District in the north and Yengema, Kono District in the east of the country. Historically, the Mandinka intense rivals have been the Temne and Limba. Sierra Leone's third president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah is an ethnic Mandingo.

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