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After the Mandinka, are the Fula at (6%) (descendants of 17th- and 18th-century Fulani settlers from the Fouta Djalon region of Guinea) they live primarily in the north and the Western Area of Sierra Leone. Some notable ethnic Fula include the country current chief justice Umu Hawa Tejan Jalloh

Behind the Fula, are the Creole (at 5%) (descendants of freed West Indians slaves from the West Indies and freed African American slaves from the United States which landed in Freetown between 1787 and about 1885) are primarily found in the capital city of Freetown and its surrounding Western Area. Creole culture is unlike that of all other ethnic groups in Sierra Leone, and it is typical of Western culture and ideals. Former Sierrer Leone's Head of State Valentine Strasser is an ethnic Creole.

Much smaller ethnic groups are the Kuranko, in the north; the Loko in the north, with the Susu and Yalunka in the far north in Kambia District around the border with Guinea. The Kissi and the much smaller group of Vai are further inland in Kailahun District in the East next to the border with Liberia. On the coast in Bonthe District in the south are the Sherbro.

In the past, Sierra Leoneans were noted for their educational achievements, trading activity, entrepreneurial skills, and arts and crafts work, particularly wood carving. Many are part of larger ethnic networks extending into several countries, which link West African states in the area. But the level of education and infrastructure has declined sharply over the last 30 years.[76]

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