Jounery to Land of the Immortals Stage 3: Revelation

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Jounery to Land of the Immortals Stage 3: Revelation

Post by Osamu_Rimaka on Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:53 am

Osamu stood in awe and confusion as his former apprentice wanted to attack him. “What are you doing and you still haven’t answered my question. How are you still alive?” Iku stood with a kunai in her mouth. “You have to die Osamu. I need to kill you before Akihiro gets a chance to.” Osamu stood again in shock. “Akihiro? I know he wants to kill me but how are you two still alive? It’s been 1000 years. You guys don’t have immortality…….do you?” Osamu stepped back as he started to slowly get into his fighting stance. “Or are you just an illusion?” There was a brief moment of silence before Iku attack Osamu. She rushed in with a string attached to her weapons. Her attacks were easy to dodge but she wasn’t aiming for Osamu she simply wanted to tangle him up in the strings. Once that was done, Osamu noticed that he couldn’t move. She had tangled him up in her unbreakable strings. She pulled tighter squeezing Osamu tighter and tighter. “I win!” Iku yelled at the top of her lungs. “You hear that Akihiro I WIN!” She laughed and pulled tighter this time almost penetrating Osamu’s skin. He screamed as it started to burn from the pulling.

**Deep into the land of the Immortals**

A voice with a deep monotone says “So Osamu Rimaka has made it here after all? His destiny is about to be fulfilled. Soon he will know of his true reason of living for so long. Now my immortals the time has come to rise. Fuji, Mizuki, Chikara, Hikari, and Yami.” As they arose they all looked towards one direction and took a bow. As they left Yami and Fuji stay behind for a moment.

“So is Osamu really the one to finish the fore told legacy?” Fuji asked.

“I hope so, if not then the curse will never end.” Yami replied. “Then we would have to kill him and look for another. Maybe that Akihiro guy. He did find his way here. How he got pass Luna is a mystery to me. Hell she gave Osamu a hard time and he’s suppose to the one to end the curse.” Yami pulled out his sword and looked at it for a moment. He stared at its beauty.

Fuji walked up to Yami and put her hand on his shoulder. “Akihiro is the enemy. Remember we made him that way so Osamu could get here. Everything has led him coming here and fulfilling his destiny.” Yami looked away almost as if he were ashamed of what they had done.

“Well HE asked for this. Whatever his plan for Osamu is he has hid it from us. I think there is more to it then just getting him to end the curse. Maybe just maybe he could want-“

Fuji cut him off. “We have to go. It wont take Osamu long to kill Iku and Akihiro.”

**Back at the fight**

Osamu yelled out in pain. “IKU!!” Osamu yelled at the top of his lungs. “What did you mean by you have to kill me before Akihiro. Why is it that killing me so damn important?” Iku paused for a moment and looked at Osamu’s eyes.

“Well if I kill you before Akihiro do then believe it or not I’ll be saving you.” Osamu eyebrow raised a little and he had a confused look upon his face.

“Save me? You think that by killing me you would be saving me? From what dare I ask?” Osamu’s held tilted to the side a little and awaited an answer.

Iku let the strings go and walked up to Osamu. Her hand touched his face and caressed it gently. She started to rub her fingers through his hair and spoke in a sad but gentle voice “From……your destiny. Osamu they have deceived you. It was all a lie. Everything we fought for 1000 years ago was all a lie. None of it was for what we thought it was for.” Iku sighed as she gazed into Osamu’s eyes and hers watered up. “We weren’t meant to be here. I love you Osamu and the reasons why were all just part of a plot. They used us.” Iku started to cry as she buried her head into Osamu’s chest. “We fought a 30 year war and killed thousands all for a plot. They’re going to force you to-“ before she could finish, a kunai flew past Osamu’s head as he moved Iku out of the way. As he looked up he saw Akihiro standing on top of a hill.

As he stood there with his arms folded he looked at the two and smiled. “I see Iku has filled in on what’s been going on. Just as they predicated. Iku would tell Osamu what she knows and minutes later she dies. By Osamu.” Iku slowly raised her head and looked at Akihiro. She shouted at him

“I never heard of that part of the legacy.” Osamu looked at her and then at Akihiro.

What are you two talking about? Why would I kill Iku? She just confessed her love to me and I see how hurt she is from it. So why would I kill her Akihiro?” He then held Iku tightly in his arms and put his hand on her head. As Akihiro looked on he let out a loud laugh that sounded throughout the land.

Now Osamu has a more confused look upon his face. “Hey how did you even survive these past 1000 years? Your not immortals.”

Iku looked at Osamu and then at Akihiro. Seeing that he wasn’t going to tell him she broke down and told him. “The same people who wanted you here are the ones who brought us here. They promised us eternal life and all we had to do was live our lives and once you opened the gates we would follow. Also we had to kill you so that it would all end. But that was all a lie. It turns out you are the one who was meant to end their curse not us. They used us.” Iku cried and her tears soaked Osamu’s shirt. He then turned his attention to Akihiro.

"So you knew Akihiro? You did all of this?” Akihiro smile turned into a straight face.

“It’s your entire fault. If you hadn’t gain immortality we would not have to get it too and spent 1000 years waiting to kill you. You turned against us and sided with the same enemy we spent years fighting. I looked up to you Osamu. You were our leader.” Akihiro’s eyes began to tear up as he spoke with anger and sadness in his voice. “YOU WERE LIKE A FATHER TO ME!! My father left us when I was six and you were the one everybody went. I wanted to be like you. The way you led us against the Rimakan clan was admirable. I used to tell everyone that I would be just like you.” Akihiro started to cry a little bit.

Just as Akihiro was letting his feelings out Yami, Fiji, and Mizuki stood up top a mountain. Fuji spoke with a light voice and confidence as she stood with green hair and green eyes. “Akihiro you have done your part. The legacy didn’t lie. Iku and Akihiro followed it to the T.” Yami looked at Fuji and then slowly turned his head towards Osamu, Iku, and Akihiro. “You guys are going to die and the part is Osamu’s going to be the one to do it. He won’t be controlled by anyone it will be of his own free will.” Yami laughed loudly. Mizuki stood with her arms folded. Just watching.





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