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Post by Tarak on Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:39 am

Name: Shimo Ensho (Shi for short)

Age: 15

Bloodline: Ensho

Rank: Chunin
Village: Wasuremono
Alignment: Neutral

-Hair: Shi’s hair is black, but has chunks of blue and red scattered about it, oddly this is the way their hair naturally grows.
-Eyes: Shi’s eyes are bright blue in color.
-Skin Color: Ka’s skin is a pale white.
-Etc: Shi’s cheeks have a slit in each, this is part of their bloodline, and is a defining quality along with their hair, eyes, and skin.
~Upper Body
-Build: Shi is pretty muscular, nothing too spectacular, but muscular none the less.
-Clothes: Shi wears a sleeveless skin-tight shirt made of a special cloth designed by their clan. He also sometimes wears a special suit of armor designed to work with their bloodline limit (undecided as to weather I'll actually make this).
-Hat: Shi sometimes wears a bandanna, but practically never wears anything more than that in terms of headwear.
~Lower Body
-Build: Shi is pretty muscular, nothing too spectacular, but muscular none the less.
-Clothes: Shi wears a pair of pants made of the same material their shirt is made of, and they look just like the standard jounin pants.
-Shoes: Shi actually wears cloth shoes made of the same cloth their shirt and pants are made of.

Personality: Basically they are insane, they usually will jump head long into any situation making them unpredictable. They are really a squad of two and can’t work with others. This isolation from others on a normal basis doesn’t help their mental situation. They are like many twins in that they often can tell what the other is going to say and can complete their sentence, but this is in fact more so, and will sometimes speak together or alternating

History: These brothers were born in the village of Kumo. They were pretty much like any kids, rough and tumble, but one thing that was different from most kids about them was that the family had to always watch them, as their bloodline (like all of their clan members) showed up at an early age, only uncontrolled. And sometimes they would accidentally burn things or freeze them without intending to.

As they grew they actually became aware of their abilities and learned to control them somewhat. They quickly figured out how to control thermal energy in terms of direct contact with an object at a young age. They also started to become fascinated with bladed weapons at their age, specifically weapons like katana.

After learning more about katana he started messing with sticks, pretending they were blades. He actually learned quite a bit about swords at a younger age than their parents liked, as he was one of the outgoing children in their clan, and made friends outside their own clan. This allowed them to meet a young boy that was of another clan, the boy’s last name was Draq, and he was the son of a nin named Taraquan.

Taraquan taught the two brothers just about everything he could about blades, as he himself was a sword user. Though it wasn’t their best skill, Taraquan knew quite a bit about the functionality of sword using. As The two brothers learned more about swords they only became more and more fascinated by them, and after about a year their parents finally accepted their passion for swords, and when they were 12 they finally Kat their first real swords as a gift for their graduation from the academy.

After graduating from the academy they were mostly sent on missions with just the two of them, as their unique abilities made them extremely hard to fight alongside, and their obnoxious personalities made them even harder to spend prolonged amounts of time with usually. Anyway;

They practiced with the swords given to them until one of the swords broke, and after it did break he Kat new ones. These swords were of a strange design, though their parents hadn’t realized that, because they didn’t really know much about swords. As Shi pulled the blade slowly from its sheath it looked like a normal katana, a sharp blade on the front, a small blood groove in the middle of the side, and a large blood groove on the rear of the sides. Though as the blade Kat halfway out the large blood grooves gave way to a blade, and as he fully pulled the blade out he looked at the katana, it’s odd design baffling them. He disregarded the oddity of the design for a time after that until he heard rumors of a style that used just such a blade; he left their clan’s part of the village to Ka to a man that supposedly knew of this style.

After finding them and pleading with them, he agreed to train the two brothers in the art of using a katana. They trained four years under this man, that is, during their free time that they weren’t on solo missions. Near the time they turned 15 the two brothers finished their training, and their teacher gave them three swords each as a gift, these were swords the two brothers had been trained with besides their own, so they knew them well, and their trainer figured that these would be a good gift. Since that time they have continued to practice with these swords in hopes to become master swordsmen and surpass any other. They soon left the village to join into a village they heard about by chance, a village that wasn’t actually started yet in fact.

Specialty: Kenjutsu and Chakra attuned
Learned jutsus:
Elements: D: Water, R: Wind, R: (unlearned) Ice


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Shimo's the name of my kitten.. xD
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