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Post by lifeanddeath on Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:04 pm

[5:09:46 PM] Yosh: [4:25:53 PM] Yosh: so youre saying, that
[4:25:56 PM] Yosh: it SHOULD be that way
[4:25:57 PM] Yosh: cuz its free
[4:26:35 PM] Yosh: there has to be some trade off, cuz its free like someone naturally with the SC actually has it and that osmeone with the clan got it through selas or w/e or something
[4:26:45 PM] Yosh: so if its destoryed or they have to take it off, then 2 bad so bad
[4:26:47 PM] Yosh: sad*
[4:26:51 PM] Yosh: i can get behind that
[4:27:02 PM] Yosh: but the only problem with that is
[4:27:07 PM] Yosh: why even go black ops?
[4:27:09 PM] Yosh: why not go psn?
[4:27:11 PM] travis.vaughn91: Trade off; they have to specifically wear the armor for it to apply.
[4:28:18 PM] travis.vaughn91: They figure out how to disguise it, or they're boned.
[4:33:18 PM] travis.vaughn91: Ooc, nothing will make any profession appeal more than PSN. Nothing.
[5:10:28 PM] T-Pups: uhm
[5:10:41 PM] T-Pups: no
[5:10:43 PM] T-Pups: that's dumb
[5:10:53 PM] T-Pups: don't make a nuke variant if they're not going to get the bonus
[5:11:11 PM] Yosh: the nuke varaint is assumed to be some stolen shit
[5:11:27 PM] T-Pups: I'm talking about a nuke variant of the same profession
[5:11:31 PM] Yosh: and they get the stealth
[5:11:40 PM] T-Pups: you might as well make it a different profession
[5:11:48 PM] T-Pups: otherwise it's not fair
[5:11:55 PM] T-Pups: think about somebody that starts as a nuke
[5:12:01 PM] T-Pups: they automatically don't get the perk
[5:12:10 PM] Yosh: well its A rank
[5:12:11 PM] T-Pups: because you can't start with a profession
[5:12:13 PM] Yosh: so you do the mission
[5:12:25 PM] Yosh: and then you get it
[5:12:30 PM] T-Pups: and if you want to give it to them in the mission
[5:12:30 PM] Yosh: if you train it yourself
[5:12:32 PM] T-Pups: to get it
[5:12:38 PM] Yosh: you do0nt have to worry about clothes
[5:12:44 PM] T-Pups: then there's no risk
[5:13:08 PM] T-Pups: I think it's silly to take it away from somebody
[5:13:08 PM] Yosh: if you do it for the free slot, then you have these fuuins attached to your clothes that make you silent and if you soe how lose them or they become damaged
[5:13:11 PM] Yosh: your stealth is gone
[5:13:27 PM] T-Pups: but you can't do that unless you're a fuuin spec character
[5:13:40 PM] Yosh: not really we can bend that ruel
[5:14:08 PM] T-Pups: I stand by either just give them the perk or don't offer it at all
[5:14:39 PM] T-Pups: being nuke is already becoming harder
[5:14:56 PM] T-Pups: you don't need to make it worse for no reason other than you want to keep the stealth attached specifically to anbu armor
[5:15:29 PM] T-Pups: alternatively give the nukes something special that the village nin don't get
[5:15:34 PM] T-Pups: armor wise
[5:15:46 PM] Yosh: then that goes back to my thing
[5:15:52 PM] Yosh: nuke black ops get tracker
[5:15:53 PM] T-Pups: not fuuin
[5:15:59 PM] Yosh: village black ops get stealth
[5:16:05 PM] Yosh: btu then what do you do in my case
[5:16:11 PM] Yosh: where i switch
[5:16:25 PM] T-Pups: you shouldn't be able to stack
[5:16:28 PM] Yosh: "my nose started working/my nose stopped working"
[5:16:47 PM] T-Pups: but that happens anyway if you're a nuke character and you do the mission
[5:16:59 PM] T-Pups: if you offer trackin
[5:17:04 PM] T-Pups: since you're removing the training requirements
[5:17:15 PM] T-Pups: otherwise we edit the mission to include an element of acquiring tracking skills
[5:17:15 PM] Yosh: true
[5:17:26 PM] T-Pups: but there's already enough to do
[5:17:34 PM] Yosh: we can just say you learn how to dit through some scroll reward or something
[5:17:36 PM] T-Pups: hmm
[5:17:40 PM] T-Pups: let me think
[5:17:53 PM] Yosh: a lot of stuff in naruto arent engrained skills like theyre jutsu or they use chakra apps
[5:17:56 PM] T-Pups: in the meantime
[5:17:57 PM] T-Pups:
[5:18:25 PM] T-Pups: actually
[5:18:30 PM] T-Pups: right now there's just one universal mission
[5:18:36 PM] T-Pups: I could just make a nuke one
[5:18:47 PM] T-Pups: that requires you to track down your target and eliminate them
[5:18:57 PM] T-Pups: and rather than being a mock exam like the village one
[5:19:01 PM] T-Pups: it's a legit assassination mission
[5:19:25 PM] T-Pups: but that raises another question
[5:19:45 PM] T-Pups: black ops going rogue
[5:20:02 PM] T-Pups: how about
[5:20:22 PM] T-Pups: you can train tracker at a "discount" regardless of SC slots
[5:20:30 PM] T-Pups: so like half the requirements
[5:20:47 PM] T-Pups: or
[5:20:58 PM] T-Pups: you train it but since it's a special case you get graded out of 10 EXP as well
[5:21:03 PM] T-Pups: so it's like SC training but better
[5:21:11 PM] T-Pups: that way it's not a wasted/pointless topic
[5:21:24 PM] Yosh: thats what i said too but that got shot down in the staff discussion but i still like that idea
[5:21:27 PM] Yosh: but then again
[5:21:32 PM] T-Pups: lol
[5:21:37 PM] T-Pups: mig and becky aren't staff
[5:21:42 PM] T-Pups: we don't have to put it where they can see
[5:21:45 PM] T-Pups: in skype
[5:21:47 PM] Yosh: so black ops
[5:21:52 PM] T-Pups: we can just show it to Kelcie
[5:21:57 PM] Yosh: and nuke variant
[5:22:01 PM] T-Pups: mhm
[5:22:03 PM] Yosh: you get stealth
[5:22:11 PM] Yosh: for free and it has no stupid armro clause
[5:22:14 PM] Yosh: or
[5:22:15 PM] Yosh: are you saying
[5:22:29 PM] Yosh: you get it at a reduction (i just wanna be clear)
[5:22:39 PM] Yosh: just summ up your idea again lol
[5:22:44 PM] Yosh: black ops meaning nukes too
[5:22:56 PM] Yosh: and then considering me, black ops going nuke
[5:23:07 PM] T-Pups: I'm thinking because I was mostly talking about black ops going nuke
[5:23:23 PM] T-Pups: hmm
[5:23:28 PM] T-Pups: alternatively
[5:23:40 PM] T-Pups: since these are professions and the armor was magic anyway
[5:23:50 PM] T-Pups: you can just magically learn/unlearn the SCs
[5:23:52 PM] T-Pups: like Pokemon
[5:24:01 PM] T-Pups: you learn a new skill but it overrides the previous one
[5:24:11 PM] Yosh: lets go back to simple
[5:24:20 PM] Yosh: black ops rewards
[5:24:27 PM] Yosh: remove armor
[5:24:38 PM] Yosh: they get stealth or tracker at a reduction
[5:24:44 PM] Yosh: like C rank training
[5:24:51 PM] T-Pups: and when they switch they don't have to re-train
[5:24:52 PM] Yosh: you can pick either or
[5:24:57 PM] Yosh: yeah
[5:25:02 PM] T-Pups: if you offer one or the other
[5:25:12 PM] T-Pups: but once you pick
[5:25:17 PM] T-Pups: you can't go back on your choice
[5:25:20 PM] T-Pups: otherwise it'd be too easy
[5:25:53 PM] Yosh: the only draw back ti doing this
[5:25:54 PM] Yosh: is PSN
[5:25:58 PM] T-Pups: that's why I was saying just let them choose!
[5:26:03 PM] T-Pups: between stealth and tracker
[5:26:04 PM] T-Pups: but nooooooooooooo
[5:26:07 PM] Yosh: kjasldfkjaslkdjf
[5:26:10 PM] Yosh: ok okokokokokokok
[5:26:13 PM] Yosh: but still
[5:26:16 PM] Yosh: PSN is way better
[5:26:22 PM] T-Pups: I know you remember I said to do that when we discussed it in staff
[5:26:26 PM] Yosh: you get access to other peoples shit
[5:26:27 PM] T-Pups: as for PSN
[5:26:35 PM] Yosh: barrier techniques and a free slot
[5:26:35 PM] T-Pups: I said
[5:26:44 PM] T-Pups: give them SCs to choose from that make sense for PSN
[5:26:48 PM] T-Pups: not just any SC they want
[5:26:53 PM] T-Pups: because that's dumb
[5:27:05 PM] Yosh: the only one i can see that makes sense is sensory
[5:27:07 PM] T-Pups: it's strong and I'd exploit the hell out of it but we can all agree that's too much
[5:28:49 PM] Yosh: the shit storm surronding that
[5:28:52 PM] Yosh: we need a list of
[5:28:56 PM] Yosh: ppl who have psn
[5:29:00 PM] Yosh: ruka/cross
[5:29:05 PM] Yosh: vergil
[5:29:08 PM] T-Pups: and then talk to them about it
[5:29:17 PM] T-Pups: and wait
[5:29:27 PM] T-Pups: what do you mean they gain acess to other people's shit
[5:29:51 PM] T-Pups: Player Reward: Due to the versatility that the PSN/Saboteurs have, they are able to gain one extra Special Characteristic slot. Also, they gain access to the Hidden Village's secret defensive-based techniques, which they are allowed to use at their own disposal.
[5:30:02 PM] T-Pups: they gain the SC and the PSN techs listed
[5:30:28 PM] Yosh: [5:29 PM] T-Pups:

<<< Also, they gain access to the Hidden Village's secret defensive-based techniques, which they are allowed to use at their own b i thoguht that let them use
[5:30:33 PM] Yosh: "konoha only jutsu"
[5:30:41 PM] T-Pups: xD
[5:30:41 PM] Yosh: or at least thats the way its worded
[5:30:50 PM] Yosh: its confusing because it says
[5:30:52 PM] Yosh: hidden villages
[5:30:56 PM] T-Pups: [5:30 PM] T-Pups:

<<< Hidden Village's secret defensive-based techniques
[5:30:57 PM] Yosh: but doesnt take into account nukes
[5:31:01 PM] T-Pups: we can just re-word it
[5:31:07 PM] T-Pups: to say
[5:31:14 PM] T-Pups: they gain access to PSN/Saboteur only techs
[5:31:19 PM] T-Pups: easy fix
[5:33:13 PM] Yosh: so black ops no matter what
[5:33:15 PM] Yosh: u get stealth
[5:33:18 PM] Yosh: or tracker
[5:33:19 PM] Yosh: for free
[5:33:23 PM] Yosh: you get to choose
[5:33:28 PM] Yosh: and u cant swap
[5:33:58 PM] T-Pups: yup
[5:34:10 PM] Yosh: psn you have to train but who cant write 1600w
[5:34:15 PM] T-Pups: so even if you go nuke there's no pokemon move forgetting shit
[5:34:18 PM] T-Pups: yep
[5:34:24 PM] T-Pups: that's the benefit to getting to choose any SC you want
[5:34:28 PM] T-Pups: you gotta train it
[5:34:34 PM] Yosh: but who cant write 1600w
[5:34:35 PM] T-Pups: I almost wanna say
[5:34:39 PM] T-Pups: you should have to write more
[5:34:47 PM] Yosh: because its a jack of all trades thing
[5:34:51 PM] Yosh: or
[5:34:53 PM] T-Pups: because it can make a big difference depending on what you spec
[5:35:00 PM] Yosh: limit the rank to b or lower
[5:35:16 PM] Yosh: because they're supposed to be jack of all trades, and A rank and above is implying some degree of mastery

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