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Post by Mandi on Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:48 pm

Name: Fuzen, Maki
Nickname/Alias: n/a

Age: 17

Age Appearance: 17

Maki Fuzen WhathowcanIbanner2

Maki Fuzen Orihime

Maki Fuzen Img55604075

Maki Fuzen 1252161331_3039_full

Maki Fuzen Ninja

Maki Fuzen Girlygirl

Maki Fuzen 2009-09-16-198820

Gender: Female

Rank: C
Ninja Rank: Chuunin

Village: Konohagakure
Birthplace: Konohagakure
Previous Village: n/a

--Clan: Fuzen
-Bloodline: 7 Deadly Sins

Gluttony: Gluttony is a simple minded and kind person. Her mind is always revolving around all the delicious food he can get his hands on. She is not very picky and will eat anything she catches her on, even going far enough to eat off random people's plates. She is one of the least hardworking and determined personality, just above Sloth.

In battle Gluttony is usually the bystander, she usually will not go into a battle of her own free will unless someone attacked her on purpose. While in battle she is usually reckless and doesn't think before doing something. Around friends Gluttony is the quiet one that doesn't say anything unless its truly necessary, but she is the most loyal friend you could ever have. If someone insults you she sees it as an insult to himself and he will retaliate. Her dream or ambition is to try every food dish known to mankind, also he wants to open a restaurant with all the foods and become successful. Mostly she likes the idea of eating all sorts of food known to mankind though.

Lust: Lust is a kind and a very optimistic girl. She rarely finds a man she doesn't like and will do anything to get him; except if he has relations with another. She sees herself as a matchmaker and loves to see relationships flourish like a blooming flower. Her dream is to have a family of her own, to have two little girls, and to have a normal life where she doesn't only appear every now and then thanks to the other personalities.

Normally you will never see Lust in a fight, but that is because she likes to use people as her puppets to fight for her. This shows that she is the most strategic and manipulative of all the personalities. Around friends Lust likes to be the center of attention, other than when it has to with someone and their significant other. In that case she devotes all her time to make them the center of attention and to help make their relationship work out. Even sometimes going to extremes.

Sloth: Sloth is very lazy and tends to let her mind wander. She can never keep her mind on track with anything unless its very important; and even then she has trouble from keeping her mind from going astray. Also she will be the last person you will ever want to ask for a favor because she tends to be too lazy to try and do anything other than something for her own selfish needs.

Being the least hardworking and determined, Sloth is the one that would be least likely to be seen in a fight; unless she has to. In a fight though Sloth tends to give little thought on what she does in the fight, unless it has to do with a lot of strength or chakra. Sloth really doesn't have a dream or ambition, unless you count how she just wants to sit around and do nothing as a dream but thats about it.

Wrath: Wrath is a very angry at the world and a very big pessimist. She never thinks anything is going to go right, and loves a good fight. She is not the one to deal with anything about love other than trying to tear it apart. She tends to be the opposite of Lust. Her dream is to start the biggest war known to man kind and be able to participate in it.

Wrath loves a good fight, she is usually on strategic when it comes to goading someone into a fight; but when the fight comes he wouldn't think twice about using her best moves to win a fight. Wrath isn't the one to have many friends, but when around her select few he likes to be the silent leader or at least see herself as that.

Envy: Envy tends to get very jealous of the tiniest thing. Although she seems nice at first, she quickly turns into a selfish spoiled brat after a while. If nothing goes her way, she will throw a tantrum and fight you until everybody does things her way. Her dream is to become hokage, and be the best hokage ever so that everybody is jealous of her.

While in fights Envy will be somewhat strategic, unless you start to taunt her. If you do she will throw all she has at you just in attempt to win. While around friends she tends to be the one always yapping about how great she is, and always annoys everyone she is around. So, she has no real friends but tends to act like she has many.

Greed: Greed is a very selfish and canving. She will do most anything to get anything that has to do with women, money, and mostly power. She is the type of girl that likes to control everything. She is much like envy except he doesn't throw tantrums. Also she doesn't mind to play dirty. Her dream is to have all the men, money, and power; although this seems unattainable thats what she wants.

While in a fight, she is very strategic, but he will fight dirty. She doesn't care how she wins as long as he does. When amongst friends Greed tries to become leader of that group, so that she can feel powerful and can try to get whatever he wants.

Pride: Pride is a very self centered and thinks she's better than everyone. She loves to make fun of the less fortunate to make himself feel better, and likes to stare at herself in a mirror. She obsesses over her appearance a lot, so much that if you say one thing is wrong with her she will get mad attack you then try to fix what you said was wrong.

Pride is actually very strategic when it comes to a fight, until you make fun of how she looks. Like stated above make fun of something about her and she will attack madly. Also she is very hardworking as long as it has something to do with her personal appearance, or something that has to deal with her own selfish needs.

Goals: n/a
Alignment: Neutral

Canon Personality: n/a



Maki never really got to meet her parents because the day after her birth they gave her up for adoption in fear that she would be killed along with them. They were right to be afraid because in the next couple of weeks shinobi after shinobi came to kill them, and eventually a team of chuunin succeeded. Her new family was very kind, but they didn't know what to do with a child that wanted to be a ninja because instead of pursuing the life of danger that being a ninja possess they decided to own a raman shop.

So, until Maki joined the ninja academy she had little knowledge of anything to deal with being a ninja; instead she mostly knew of how to run a business. The first time she ever saw someone use any type of jutsu was on her first day when her sensei showed the class how to use a jutsu that involved them changing their looks to look like someone else. After seeing that she was excited to become a power kunoichi.

Being the little book worm she is, she studied all the possible types of jutsu she could posses. She wanted to learn gen-jutsu, tai-jutsu, nin-jutsu, but most of all she wanted to learn how to those sacred jutsu that was passed down amongst clans. Of all the things she wanted to learn, she wanted something she thought she couldn't have; jutsu that was taught from parent to child. Each day she asked her parents if they knew any jutsu that was passed down from their parents and parents parents, and so on.

To her misfortune they didn't know any, instead they taught her the skills to cook raman, and how to run the business. This didn't satisfy her, so she kept studying making anybody within a clan an enemy she had to beat.

[b]Academy Life

Maki was a very adept academy student, and was very good at everything she tried. Even though she was great at everything she was still jealous of all the people who were in clans. The reason she was jealous was that at that time she thought she wasn't in a clan because she was adopted since her parents were killed due to their "personalties." So, she spent all her academy life trying to figure out how to do out do anybody that was in a clan. At first she succeeded because most of the younger clan members have not awakened but the moment they did they started to pass her in some of the classes.

This made her strive to get better, so that when she finally graduated she was at the top of her class.

A bit of My Genin Life

Maki just having graduated at the top of her class was very proud of herself, until she decided to train with people who were in clans. Noticing them using their unique jutsu upset her deeply, so she ran off to her home where her parents finally admitted that she was adopted and may be in a clan. Happy with this knowledge Maki had a great night sleep. The next day Maki woke up feeling completely different, she felt as if she was starving, like their was a giant hole in her stomach and it just had to be filled. So, she looked into the mirror and saw a different person. A blood curling scream escaped her lips.

Her parents rushed up and looked at this girl. They didn't have the slightest idea who she was, until she proved to them that she was their daughter. The next day the same thing happened; except this time she felt as if she didn't want to do anything and didn't have a care in the world. Again she looked in the mirror and found a different person in the mirror.The next couple days came by and she only stayed in those two forms. She knew this was her clan, but she didn't know what clan this was.

So, she went and researched, and researched. She spent countless weeks researching, except when she was in her lazy form in which she just layed around all day staring at her ceiling. Eventually she found the clan. She figured out that each form was a different personality and they each had different skills. She checked out every book dealing with her clan, her extinct clan; or so everyone thought. It seemed she was the last member.

After checking the books out she studied every last bit of knowledge figuring out which forms she will have and when they usually began to form and show themselves. Slowly, but surely she began to practice what the forms she could do at the moment; and they where Gluttony the non elemental user and Sloth the lazy women who was best at water based ninjutsu. Now she knows what each of her personalities can do at the moment, and she is still learning how to become them at will, but she can't yet.

The Chuunin Exams

Over the year all Maki's squad did were tiny missions. Never once have they done a big mission which involved real fighting, but either way Maki felt ready. Even without a big mission, she had been training with her all her fellow genin. This year the chuunin exams were being hosted in Konohagakure. Maki and her squad arrived on time for the first part of the chuunin exams, The Written Part. This test was harder than expected, though she knew all the answers but two. At the end it turned out that it didn’t matter because most of the other genin got caught cheating, and the rest were passed for participation.

After The Written Part, they went off to the forest of death to find two scrolls; the heaven and earth scroll. Maki's squad started out with the heaven scroll, and they found the earth scroll without having to even fight because apparently one of the squads made a mistake and dropped their scroll at the beginning. After grabbing the earth scroll they quickly ran off to the tower, with little trouble.

After the forest of death part, they were rushed to the tournament part of the exam. Luckily, there were only 6 genin who made it to this half of the exam, counting her squad. Each of the genin only had to fight once before going to the second half of the tournament part of the exam, and Kairi was the first to fight.

Again luck was on her side because the genin she had to fight passed out as soon as it began from total fear. This was to her disliking though and she begged the chuunin exam prospector to give her another fight, but they declined. Although she passed her other two teammates failed, making her move up to the second half while they stayed genin.

Again Maki was set to be the first to fight. An epic battle was underway, which lead to Maki standing victorious while her opponent was sent straight to the hospital with medical ninja. Soon the numbers were dwindling until the final battle was under way. This battle came within the same results; Maki standing over her beaten opponent. She was the only one that time to pass the chuunin exams.

Chuunin Life
Maki's chuunin life has just began so there is not much to say.

RP Sample:

A pleasant book store; a place of solitude and knowledge. Even with the rambuctioness and the distractions outside this place still seemed to have its own aura eminating from it; it still held that feeling of comfort. The book store's looks didn't exactly hold up though; as it was tiny, maybe about 20 feet by 20 feet. On the outside the place seemed to be very dull; with its wihte walls, white doors, and even white room, the only thing that really stood out was the sign next to it that big suprise was white saying "House Of Knowledge."

On the inside the book store seemed actually very different. It seemed to still have its quiet aura about it, yet it looked fun. The walls on the inside were actually a burgundy color, the ceiling keeping the same white color as outside, inside was only four bookshelves that were kept in the middle of the store, surrounding an oak pole; next to the door was a blue table with a cash register on it, obviously supposed to be where you bought the books problem was though no one was sitting behind the table, scattered aroud the room though seemed to be out of character some leather chairs for reading at.

Sitting ontop of one of the chairs was a girl, a blank face was across her face as her grey eyes seemed to eat up the book that was placed in her lap. Her shiny brown hair was hidden by the grey hood that was lifted up, due to the chilly air out side. The attire that this girl was wearing was an over sized grey hoody with "Laura's babysitting company," marked on it with orange letters, some baggy blue jeans that were obviously held up with a belt, some black converses, and strangely out of character her golden band with the Peridot stone in the shape of a heart was gone.

With an audible moan of effort, the girl got out of the chair and picked up the vast amount of books she wished to purchase. Taking delicate, dancer like steps she walked over to the table; her body seemed to sway along to some type of invisible music that only she could hear. As she neared the table her bell like voice shattered the silence within, matching that of the disturbance outside. "Exscuse me, is anyone here."

A gravely, deep voice eminated from some place unknown to the girl. "Just leave your money on the table and write on a piece of paper your name, number, and address." Puzzlement crossed the girl's face as she dug the right amount of money out of her back pocket; throwing the wad on the table, she took out a piece of paper and a pen out of her right front pocket and began to write.

Name: Devon Valentine
Address: 2214 Yuki Lane
Number: 1-555-555-5555

With that Devvy walked out the store, with her new "treasures".


A sigh escaped the doll's lips, she didn't want to be here; enjoying the enviroment, she wanted to be there protecting her bounto with her life. I don't like being away from Devvy. Another sigh escaped the doll's lips, as she crossed a spare mirror from the house of mirrors. This one must be a defect since its showing back a perfect image.

In the mirror stood a girl, or atleast what seemed to be a girl. The girl had piercing blue eyes, that made her obvious paleness stick out on her face; her features seemed to be painted on, a fake smile with eyes that still showed worry. Upon her forehead was a headband that was pure midnight black; flowing over the headband was her long green hair, that stood out in spikes, that seemed to make her look even more pale. Her attire consisted of a black tank top, a black skirt, some black fingerless gloves, and black combat boots. If you put all this together it seemed to give her a sickly pale look, which seemed to bother her master greatly.


There sitting on the very bench, that the third seat is on now was Devvy and Ever; they were looked exactly the same as they do now, except for the fact that Ever seemed happier. She was with her master, and she could protect her; yet Devvy looked sad. "Ever, I want you to have fun today. You spend too much time protecting me, I want you to have fun and have a life to its not fair for you to always follow me and take command." Shock crossed Ever's face. "I will do whatever you want, Devvy. Just promise you wont get in harms way." A smile crossed Devvy's face, the sadness now gone. "Of course."


Again a sigh escaped her lips, as she passed the fun house and walked bac k to the bench; deciding that she'd just wait for Devvy to return. As she approached she noticed to spiritual pressures; both felt like shinigami, yet they looked harmless. With a simple blink of the eyes she changed her spiritual pressure so that it felt like that of a normal humans, in hopes that they wouldn't figure out what she was, and she could wait for Devvy. I hope they don't sense Devvy's spirtual pressure.

(me rping on bleachr)

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Ninjutsu
Recessive: Medical and Elemental

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Water
Recessive: Fire

Stat Points
Ninjutsu: 5
Taijutsu: 3
Genjutsu: 2
Intelligence: 3
Force: 3
Speed: 3
Stamina: 3
Seal Knowledge:3

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I like the outlook of this character. Differing persona's that matches with each of the seven deadly sins. Incorporation of those sins into a kekkei genkai

Very unique


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Due to weeks of inactivity, your character will be de-ranked to genin unless you post her before

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De-ranked to Genin due to failure to be active.
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