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Name: Hatake Tane
Nickname/Alias: Hopes to be known as ‘The White Flash’ one day

Age: 9
Age Appearance: 9

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Hatake Tane Young_Kakashi_by_batgirl39
Hatake Tane Jiro_a11

Gender: Male

Rank: A
Ninja Rank: Jounin

Village: Konoha
Birthplace: Konoha
Previous Village:

Clan/Bloodline: Hatake

Personality: Since Tane is a strong descendant Hatake Kakashi, son of Hatake Sakumo, their personailites are all very much the same. Tane, even at a young age is always late to events and meetings, even things that are of his own personal gain. With a droopy tired look on his face most of the time, he acts as a comic relief with his friends. However, he spends more of his time training and trying to master his lightning element. Whether it be training or fighting, Kakashi is always serious and exhibitis real ninja-like qualitites. Quick to use as less words as possible in a fight, Tane keeps his head clear in battle and uses his high intelligence in battle situations. As a descendandt of the long thought dead Hatake clan, Tane must take this challenge head on and become a powerful shinobi in a world full of extra abilities.

Goals: To become stronger than his ancestors, Hatake Kakashi and Hatake Sakumo
Alignment: Currently, very much unstable.

Canon Personality: Hatake Kakashi

Tane's history begins with his mother and father, Hatake Shirou and an unknown mother with deep roots in the ANBU. As high ranking ANBU, it was their job to ensure the village's protection at any cost, even if it meant giving up their lives. Knowing the risk they were taking at such a young age, the two lovers mysteriously and quietly eloped and had a child, who would be later known as Hatake Tane. Tane was like all other babies, but was different as he grew up to become a toddler. By matching shapes of words with their sound, Tane was a taught at a very early age to read and to understand context through clues. His intelligence greatly benefited from this and his literacy skills have been on a rise ever since then. His mother and father began to teach him how to write and basic work out techniques, as a young child, keeping him fit and in shape. Even though he had an extreme liking for banana or lemon flavored candy, they kept him on a strict and healthy wholesome diet and began the training.

At around three, he'd begun shuriken practicing and learning how to clear his mind for the up and coming chakra training. He showed exceptional ability when it came to shuriken or tool throwing and even kept a nin pouch at the back of his hip at a young age. Even though he could not manipulate his chakra at all, he focused on running and strenuous activities also while mastering the hansigns, all 12 of them. A young boy at heart, Tane's play was running atop the village buildings while pretending to do jutsu. He focused on taijutsu training, but no specific art. With a strong interest in Hyuuga style taijutsu, Tane grew frustrated at the fact that he wasn't allowed to learn their techniques. He focused on speed training and not so much on power. He was good at some stances, formal or not, but enough to keep him safe in a taijutsu battle. He also trained with older kids, a dangerous sort of training that could've potentially killed him. Without provoking his opponents, this training could not be serious at all. Tane's training was basically hit-impact recovery. When he'd spotted a group of academy students or fresh genin, Tane would provoke them with shuriken and intentionally get beat up, or attempt to run in doing so. At a tender young age he'd already suffered numerous broken bones, but still continued on in training.

Elements and chakra training took the longest, simply because he was still a young child. Even a low rank amount of chakra could potentially harm him if not drawn out correctly. Without the help of his parents who were growing more distant from him for some reason, Tane took to the books and the library to find out ways to manipulate his chakra on his own. Scared of the potential death he was risking, Tane spent months, near close to a year at 5 training his chakra and steps to manipulate his elements. With no know how on how to do that, Tane took to training grounds to ask older shinobi where he could an elemental reading from. This was exceptionally hard, because he was such a young kid. He was then forced into the academy on a tragic day, the day of his mother’s death. His father had been totally shaken by the loss and committed suicide, leaving Tane to be an orphan. With no real need for revenge, Tane accepted the loss of his parents, even though he spent a few months covered in his own tears. He would become a shinobi, which was his parents’ true wish.

Since the academy had been nothing but a textbook review for Tane, the only thing he had to worry about was chakra manipulation, which he happened to be good at. When the chuunin teachers got to actual chakra manipulation in the text books, Tane took it on his own and began to apply changes to techniques and use his knowledge to make him a better shinobi. As a quick little bugger, Tane graduated the academy at top of his class at the tender young age of 6. His name had become known throughout the lower ranks of the village, with some of the higher ups watching the young "genius" come up quickly. Tane would not stop. His parents, their wish for him to become a strong shinobi was driving him to the top. Intensifying all his previous training exercises every day, Tane began to become an all around shinobi. At genin, he'd completed a few ninjutsu, genjutsu and even a few seals. With these under his belt, Tane began to focus on elemental manipulation at last. Now with the right to know his element, Tane had to fight to catch up with the other elite children. After learning he'd been born with the Raiton element, Tane's reading and knowledge came into play. He'd begin to work on his chakra and control, focusing Raiton jutsu that used the least amount of chakra to create a great affect. He was no master at the element, but the white hair and the legendary Hatake Kakashi to old in his book of ancestors certainly came into play emotionally as he forced himself down the road of training.

With a good number of types of jutsu and some stances under his belt, Tane took to the chuunin exams at the tender age of 7. The first exam had been nothing but a written workout for him. Of course the test was intended for information gathering, so with the lead of his team behind his command, Tane took the win for it and moved on to the Forest of Death. Instead of waiting around like normal, Tane used his ability from years before. He'd provoked several genin into fighting him, for hit training. Now with better muscles and more speed as a genin, getting the two scrolls took a matter of time and effort. Practically doing it by himself, Tane passed the second exam and moved on to the third one where he had to face a Hyuuga. The third match was exceptionally hard, due to the fact that the Hyuuga's taijtusu style. With his intelligence and book smarts, Tane realized what was being happened to him after the first two strikes he'd received on his chakra points. As the battle waged, Tane picked up on some of fighting style, more specifically the flow of chakra and the manipulation of it into a fine, sharp point between two fingers. The match ended in a very rough success for Tane. With his lightning manipulation and the fact that he'd found out Hyuuga could not dodge all attacks, a slap to the back of the head with a fist full of lightning was enough to end the fight. Now an official chuunin at 8 years of age Tane's story continues.

His interest in jutsu grew as Tane began to create more and more under his name. Tane took to training his nose and his senses, increasing his taijutsu effectiveness, and he still routinely trained his body. In order to build the needed speed to be an effective ninja, Tane trained with all types of weights and still has them today. With his senses in tune with nature, nothing sneaks up on him. Tane's chakra control is also in training as well, seeing as he is learning the arts of tracking which require suppressed chakra. Tane also took a deep interest in training dogs and becoming a slight animal lover and also began to develop a nasty habit. Taking after his ancestor Hatake Kakashi, Tane uses his senses when fighting genin or even sometimes chuunin. Using his sense to alert him allows him to read the "Icha Icha Tactics: Yuri Style!" while in battle. With his face covered and his eyes on the bare women, Tane is not a stranger to comic relief.

Tane's training has not ceased even though his interest in women has grown strong. He still upholds the values of his parents, training excessively for them. Never resting over the allotted time, Tane's time is spent learning the Leaf village in and out, feeling the pulse of the city and learning the movements of the citizens. Even though he is 8, he sits amongst the top of all buildings, watching over the village and it's people with the pure intent in his heart to protect him even if it costs him is life. Not willing to just throw it away, Tane trains so that he may live to protect the village another day. Without his parents in his life Tane has nothing to lose, nothing to gain from it. He is a lone and knows the horrible feeling of loneliness and does not choose to feed the hateful monster within his heart. Tane's goal is none other to be the strongest, so he can protect the village.
*Tane learned a bunch of ninjutsu and the wind element, fought a few jounin in Konoha, continued to train harshly on his chakra control and also became a part of Team Ra for a short time. After completing a part of the mission he traveled back to Konohagakure and fought Bam and attained Jounin.

RP Sample:

Even as the evening lights crept into the village sky, Tane was still out running, leaping across buildings without a sound or whisper. His eyes stayed alert for anything that might give his position out, loose sand, gravel, even leaves. The white haired boy dashed across the roofs of high rise buildings, towering deathly over everyone else. With chakra on his feet, Tane sprinted across one of the highest buildings in Konoha, and jumped, spreading his arms forward as he rolled onto the next rooftop, skidding towards a long halt before looking over ‘cliff’ that was the drop of the building he was on. His mission was simple, capture the ‘Drunken Samruai’ before he could harm anyone. He’d already assumed his first advantage, the fact that the shirtless tattooed man was lumbering his way towards the pub. He could either attack him before hand while he was sober, or wait until his reactions were out of loop after he came out.

Today, Tane was anxious for a challenge. Sitting down on the top of the roof, Tane removed both of his nin-pouches and counted his tools. Twenty kunai, three explosive notes, ten shuriken, eleven smoke bombs, a couple of flash bombs and his favorite razor wire, a tanto, two rolls of metal microfilament razor wire and one regular roll of razor wire. Tane sighed as his prepared himself, making sure his clothing fit correctly. He’d done Hatake Kakashi’s style of covering his face in shirt that went up over his nose, covering himself in a mask. His deep silvery eyes were the only thing visible, along with his Konoha headband which was keeping his white hair in check. Checking the sun for the exact time, Tane wanted this to be over before nightfall.

He stood up and leapt over the edge of the building, gripping chakra to the building on his feet as he dashed down building at an insanely high speed. To civilians and anyone looking in that direction a white flash streaked down the side of the building, bounded off it and hit the ground with a light thud, and then raced on the side walk down towards the pub. The spectacular eye candy happened in less than a few seconds, leaving Tane’s mission a go as he stood in front of a massive samurai. He carried a large dragon tattoo across his entire body, a bald head and muscles rippling everywhere. Just like the picture, he kept his hand always at bay. Ranked B, Tane’s chance to move up as a C Ranked ninja would come into play. They needed him for possible interrogation, so fighting carefully would be crucial. Tane spoke first. “A warrant for your arrest as been issued by the Hokage, please follow me.” The immediate crowd around them instantly grew silent, most of them being beer brawlers or drunkard’s themselves. A circle began to form almost ritually… The samurai grunted and pushed on. “This is your last warning, come with me or I’ll use physical force.” He was only 8; of course the crowd would go into a uproar of side splitting laughter. The samurai stopped and turned around, grinning his serrated-like teeth at him. “You must be out of your mind little kid; I’m old enough to be your father.” Tane needed this mission to be a success. “I’m giving you one last warning.” “I think you deserve a spakin’ little boy. I’m going to take you over my knee and beat your ass.” Tane was no stranger to taunts. “So you like touching little boys behinds, no wonder my Hokage wants you off the streets.” The crowd grew silent. “I’m sorry God, but today one of your children needs to die.”

With an abrupt start, the samurai rushed towards Tane with massive power. Cracks on the ground could be seen as he shortened the distance between the two grew closer and closer. Tane took no formal stance, he simply didn’t need to. This samurai seemed to be full of rage. He whipped his hands down to his pockets and jumped back, simultaneously throwing four out of his ten shuriken to where his opponents’ feet would land. The samurai reacted kindly and took advantage of his slightly bent running position. He withdrew his sword in a slight downward motion, dodging the two shuriken at his right foot with a well placed step and raking other two into the crowd with his sword. Placing the sword in his mouth, he continued on, preparing handsigns, shortening the distance between the two to about five meters. Tane took a mental note of this, because he’d assumed his opponent couldn’t use ninjutsu at all. Reaching in his pocket, Tane braked as he slowed down and threw a barrage of explosive notes out of his pocket covering him and the shinobi in entire darkness. A slash could be heard as his opponent cut where Tane would have been had he not moved. However, Tane had moved back right, near the edge of the cloud, preparing his final trick. With the handseals prepped, Tane performed the bunshin no jutsu, giving the remaining shuriken to his 6 clones as they lined up in a semi circle around the back of the cloud. Tane could hear the footsteps of the samurai who was moving backwards, knowing his disadvantage in the cloud. The wind blew, blowing the pillar of smoke away from the cloud as his opponent turned around to see the clones in position with their shuriken. Tane threw his ten kunai, all attached with the mirco filament wires as the clones threw the six shuriken towards his center. Tane threw his kunai towards his blindside. It seemed that the samurai was not ordinary. As he finished his handsigns, he withdrew his blade in a quick spinning manner, sending a large burst of wind out. The clones were gone and his own kunai were being blown back towards him. Using his speed, he kicked back and performed a low rolling backflip. Waiting til the exact moment, Tane extended his legs and jumped slightly up as he realized the slow shinobi was no longer slow. Right up under him, the shinobi had jumped, tossing another wind attack directly for his groin, aimed to split in half.

With great muscle control, Tane brought himself facedown while grabbing his tanto from his back, extending it with chakra. Of course he would not win, but he would achieve what he needed to. The wind blast was now split by the blade, but couldn’t take the pressure much longer. It broke, but also managed to successfully break the rather weak attack. With his free hand, Tane pulled on the ten wired shuriken as he landed on his opponent’s shoulder, while both of them were still in mid air, but coming down fast. He’d managed to throw his in air balance off heavily as he tipped backward, with his back about cushion the fall. They struggled for a few seconds as they crashed into the ground heavily. A cloud of smoke billowed up as if the earth had coughed and two landed. What came next was a sight to see.

The shinobi was still gripping his sword, but Tane sat on the top of his chest, holding a set of wires around his waist and his entire body, struggling against the shinobi’s feet. With his whole body pulling the wires, the wires from the kunai, against his opponent’s force, Tane knew it was only a matter of seconds before the samurai got enough strength to grip his katana. He quickly prepped chakra at his feet and ended the ordeal with a successful mission. Lightning chakra flowed down his arms in a surge, racing down through his hands and into the micro filament wire. After a few pulses, he dropped, steaming. A threatening look to the drunkards sent them running, which would result in the closing down of the pub, permanently.

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu/Seal Knowledge
Recessive: Chakra Control

Elemental Affinity
Dominant: Lightning
Recessive: Fuuton

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