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Post by Battei on Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:49 pm

Name of Weapon or Item: Kogitsune-Maru - (Little Fox)

Location: Within Yaguri's Possession.

Description: Acting as a Genjutsu Focus, any who catch a glimpse of the sword's blade are instantly thrown to it's mercy. By looking at the blade, a tangible genjutsu is cast that is even capable of dealing real damage to the effected. The illusion produces a copy of it's wielder. Only those who are under the illusion are able to see the "clone(s)" and capable of dealing and receiving damage. The "clone(s)" will automatically disperse at the end of the target's next turn. (Essentially it is like a Shadow Clone.)

Owner: Yaguri Issui

Rank: B

History: Known as the prized possession of the Issui Clan, little is known of the blade but has been noted in ancient Japanese history; commissioned by Emperor Ichij├┤ in 980, it was forged by the blacksmith Munechika with the help of Inari, the Deity of Success. While there may be limited knowledge on the sword, it has been passed down to the clan's leader throughout the generations. (Currently is in possession of the last clan member, Yaguri.)

Appearance: Looking much like a normal Katana, the hilt is composed of two Japanese Torii Gates. It is highly believed that Torii mark the transition from the sacred (the shrine) to the profane (the normal world). The sword's hilt is wrapped with a light blue cloth and hangs from the top of the hilt in a loose bow. The blade itself is sharp enough to slice through steel(not including strong weapons) and it's surface has enough luster to act as a mirror.

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Post by Riku Shikyo on Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:03 pm

approved unless said otherwise

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