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Post by Riku Shikyo on Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:29 am

Name of Weapon or Item: Bouga

Location: Its a free moving and independent blade so the location depends on the user. Since the user is both Kaji and Kyouken, it is unknown until Riku retrieved it. For now, it is on the waist of Riku

Description: "Absolute Hypnosis" This blade is quite indefintely one of the more powerful blades that Kaji has created. This blade creates a type of illusion that is surrounds any person that looks or even touches the blade. The illusion surpasses the normal limits of genjutsu as the opponent or those who look at it can not release it in any shape or form. Those who stare at it will think that the item/person is completely real as it will have the basic characteristics of such item/person, even to the powers of the kekkei genkai. Regardless of power levels the illusion factor goes beyond that. The blade can also move around freely which makes this blade completely unique in nature. It has free will (depending on whether the user wishes to make it have free will)

Owner: Riku Shikyo

Rank: Depending on the type of character/item (E-S)

Weakness: When the blade takes effect, it takes on the quality of the person/item however this does not say that the blade has the exact chakra length as the person. The blade has 1/4 of the users orginal users chakra for only a fourth is needed to activate the full ability. If it is taken the shape of the person, the user must know at least have a general overview of what the persons ablity is. However, if the user gets the powers and abilities of the person Bouga is trying to take shape off, it will expose it to be a fake and will be targetted easily. But, I must reinstate that this blade is not truly a combat type weapon in this "illusionary" phase. It is only use for deception, espoinage, and assasinations

Weakness: Because the blade can take on any appearance or person, then whatever the weakness of that person's or item is takes onto the blade as well. The blade can be killed but as long as the user is still alive then the blade will not revert back to its orginal form

History: A simple idea came into Kyouken's head when he figured out how to fish out The Order. He knew that he was a basic target for The Order's assassins. In which case, he knew that if he were to die, then one of the major threats of The Order would be gone essentially. By planning ahead, he wanted for his former associate, Kaji Kanto, to create a blade that has the likeness of him. He knew that it was not possible as there was blade already created for him. Then Kyouken asked what if he combine souls together to make one blade. Kaji, although concern about this matter, decided to take the challenge and create a blade for the former mastermind of the Akatsuki.

Nearly centuries later, the blade has been hidden in one of the faults of the Shikyo clan's base. It was kept there for safe measure as it is a danger to society in itself. It was the blade that started the war of the magicians and shinobi and it was the same blade that ended the war. It was the blade that created the falsetto death of Kyouken Shikyo and created illusions among that. Kyouken Shikyo gave the rights and privlege to his son, Riku Shikyo. Because they both share some simular properties in soul types, Riku was able to use it during the time of the Shikyo betrayal and now has it till this day

Riku's items Aizen_sousuke__kyouka_suigetsu_by_ice_sabre

When sealed it appears to be a normal katana but after its release and its shikai release phrase"Take the shape of your enemies and fool them to death, Bouga" then it takes on the appearance of little sparkles of light, almost like light reflecting off of water droplets. The user will have full illusionary powers for a certain period of time (depending on how powerful the user(s) is)

Name of Weapon or Item: The Akatsuki Garb(s)

Location: Covering Riku's body

Description: A such, the garb is a complete outfit created to hide the identity and whereabouts of Riku Shikyo. It is an outfit that is entirely black. Minus the mask that Riku wheres, which is a Guy Fawkes mask, his hat and attire from neck down is a black mesh suit. The suit is created through a type of thread that is light as a feather but strong enough to take on the most brutish of punches. It is best use for brutal taijutsu users like those in the Shikyo clan. Design to handle a great amount of force.

The mask, as stated earlier, covers the entire face. There with the slit over the mask, he has a full view. It is as if he is not wearing a mask at all as he is still able to look around normally without taking off his mask and revealing his identity. Simular to Deidara's telescope, he is immune to genjutsu up to a certain level. Up to A rank. But specific clan jutsu's like the Tsukiyomi (S rank and above) would render his mask useless. But simular to his glasses, he can change it into view to long range view (Telescopic view), night vision and heat vision

Another outfit, identical to the outfit of Madara Uchiha, is also in one of this attires. The mask has the same abilities like the Guy Fawkes mask only a different shape and distorts his voice to make it sound deeper.

Owner: Riku Shikyo

Rank: A

History: A due fact that if Riku were to associate with villians of the sort, his reputation in the Shikyo clan would crumble. To play it safe for both himself and his family members, he had his cousin Raizen, devolop a suit for him while he was travelling to Sunagakure no sato. Because Sunagakure is neutral territory and there are only a few Shikyo members in the village, it was a perfect drop off point for him to retrieve his mask and suit

Appearance: Riku's items 33_v-v-for-vendetta Lacks the shin high boots and sai's that the picture has

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aproved unless said otherwise.

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