Xavier Xaris (wip)

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Xavier Xaris (wip)

Post by Avion on Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:24 am

Name: Xavier Xaris
Nickname/Alias:The Origin

Age:153 (Due To Puppetry)
Age Appearance: Appears to be 25

One of his older puppet bodies -

Gender: Male

Rank: S
Ninja Rank: Ex-Anbu

Village: Wandering Nin
Birthplace: Konohagakure
Previous Village:Konohagakure

Clan/Bloodline: Kane Souran

Personality: Evil, Chaotic,

He is the type to slit his mother’s throat for money. He’s a blood thirsty killer who only wants to fulfill his own selfish ways, by any means possible. He wasn’t to make sure this world goes back to being chaotic Anarchy. Death and all of that hold nothing to him; he believes that once Humanity is all gone The world will no longer need to Hurt itself to keep populations down.

He wants everyone to feel pain and believes strongly in judgment. In the end everyone will be judged according to their sins. He never excludes himself, he has been a horrible person in his long time living, he believes if you’re going to hell…might as well do it thoroughly.

He is a selfish self titled “Bastard” that merely wants to find a way to end all existence.

Goals: Total Destruction
Alignment: Chaotic, Evil

Canon Personality: Madara to some extent.


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