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Keen Updated (WIP)

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Name: Kazu
Nickname/Alias: Keen

Age: 15
Age Appearance: 10


Gender: Male

Rank: S
Ninja Rank: Academy Student

Village: -
Birthplace: Takigakure
Previous Village: Kumogakure

Clan/Bloodline: Genkakuzai

Personality: Kazu, or Keen, has major psychological problems. Along with having Schizophrenia, he loves to kill, play games with his victims and always looks for something fun to do. Killing his own mother at a young age, he was placed in the psychiatric prison but escaped after only a short time. Rarely acting like a normal kid, his mind is slowly deteriorating. As such, he will randomly have moments where he in in a frenzied state.

Goals: -
Alignment: -


It had been one full week since his father had disappeared, and he and his mother were now eating breakfast. No one knew where he went or why he left. He just simply never came one night. Kazu was 7 and would be celebrating his eight birthday the next day. The only thing he was wishing for was for his father to return safely. Kazu was different from all the other kids in their village and from his own family. The dark black tentacles within him frightened the other children, which was fine, because he preferred to be alone. He always seemed to have a dark way about him.... as if something was off.

His mother had taught him how to sew things together when he was a bit younger. And now he could sew blankets and fix clothing. He could always remember the small doll of the Takikage that she had made for him. It had a zipper in the front that he could hide things in. Whenever he made money by helping around the house, his mother would tell him to go upstairs and place it in the doll to keep it safe.

His mother could see that he was getting more and more different. He would sit and talk to himself when no one was around. She brushed it off saying that he was just finding a way to cope with having no friends. But as time grew on, his action grew more and more grotesque. One night, she had gone outside to call him in, and found him hunched over a dead cat. The boy had killed the cat and was now eating the meat off of one of its legs. Horrified, she dragged him into the house and gave him a good beating while scolding him. She said that she would not tell his father if he promised never to kill another animal again.

It was now morning and he sat up in his bed. He knew that his father would not be there for today but still wished that he would come home. He had reached the age where he now wanted to know everything about jutsu and learn to use it. He got out of bed and then dressed himself for the day. He had school today and would then come home to cake and a present from his mother. His father had been a very successful ninja so money was bountiful. He had had his eyes on a new shuriken set at the store for some time now and hoped that she had gotten him it.

After a well cooked breakfast, he set out for school. They were going over shuriken throwing and Kazu was pretty good at it. He was a better aimer when using his thread-like tentacles, but was told not to use them. After 20 minutes of throwing, they went back inside for the remainder of the day to learn from the classroom about other things. Graduation was only a week away and Kazu knew that he would pass. He was extremely gifted in hand-to-hand combat and could out best all of the students, even with their jutsu. The bell rang and he headed home with lightning speed.

As he pulled around the corner of his house, he saw two ANBU agents leaving. He raced inside with a giant grin that soon faded. His mother was crying on the sofa and did not notice him. Kazu did not know that the two ANBU agents had told her that her husband was dead. A brutally mangled body had been found at the edge of the country that they believed was him. Kazu went over to comfort his mother while not knowing what was wrong. “Did those guys make you sad?” His mother did not answer. She continued to weep in morning for her loss, and was to shaken up to tell Kazu.

A look of pure vengeance came across Kazu’s face as he thought about the ANBU hurting his mother. “I must keep her safe…. Safe from everyone that would hurt her. But where…..” Kazu thought about where he could take his mother to keep her safe, but no place came to mind. It was then that he thought about what she had once said. “Go upstairs and put your money somewhere safe.” He would then take his money and put it into the doll that she had made for him. Kazu quickly ran upstairs and grabbed the doll from under his bed. As if his life was threatened, he raced down the stairs with his doll in hand and slowly walked towards his mother.

He stopped in the middle of the room and looked down at the doll in his hands. He slowly unzipped its stomach and let the money fall to the ground. His mother then looked up from her daze and looked at him. As if an angle sent down from god, he had on a look of sincere compassion and kindness that seemed to light up the room. “I will save you mother…. I will keep you safe….”

As he let his arm fall to hang by his side, with the doll still in hand, his shirt burst open and thousands of thread-like tentacles raced towards his mother…

One of the neighbors had heard the shrieks and screams of a woman coming from within the house next to them and called for help. The screams could be heard within the whole neighborhood and sent chills down everyone’s spin. It took only a minute before ANBU agents appeared at Kazu’s house…. But the screaming had already stopped. The door was unlocked as one of the members slowly opened it. He found himself standing in a blood soaked living room with a small boy hunched over a woman’s body. As he inched his way near, he could see the horror that had befallen the woman.

Her chest was ripped open and her face was gone. The boy was hunched over the corpse and eating the meat off of one of her legs. His face was covered with blood and blood was pouring from his eye as if crying blood. As he looked up at the ANBU agent, the man could see that this was not a child, but a demon that wore his skin. His eyes were two different colors, and the face of a woman was sewn into his stomach with black threads.

“Mommy is safe now…..”

After placing a sleeping jutsu over him, Kazu was taken to the hospital for examining. Upon looking him over, the medical team confirmed that Kazu had taken his mother eye and her face. What was more interesting was what the face held within it. Putting on rubber gloves, one of the medical ninja opened the mouth of the woman that was sewn into his stomach. Within her mouth, lay her heart, still beating. The heart was attached to Kazu’s body by the tentacles within him, now having two hearts.

Fearing that they might kill him if trying to remove her face or heart, they left them within him and cleaned him up. After one more physical examination, they placed him in the hospitals psyche ward several levels below the surface. There he remained for one whole year….

Extra Info: No one knows this, but while his father can take the organs of other people to extend his own life, Kazu can also take the body parts of other people (His Mothers Face and eye.)

“Hush, little baby, don't say a word.
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird…”

Several stories below the waterfall hospital, the sound of a child’s voice can be heard throughout the dark halls. Within one of the rooms sits a young boy curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth. His arms, bound by the straitjacket as he smiles widely; the soft, padded floor against his side; and the malice and evil that lurks in his eyes. His words sent chills down the spines of all who could hear, as evil rolled of his lips.

“And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring…”

It had been a year since he had been admitted into the secret facility, and today was his birthday. Today was the day that he became nine, yet there was little to show for it. Kazu, the demon of insanity, continued to rock back and forth, back and forth. The halls were silent except for his crazed lullaby, which rung like an echo that had no end.

“And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass…”

Kazu had killed his mother in cold blood, and was found feasting upon her flesh. When fully examined, they could see that he had taken her eyes, and had sewn her face into his stomach. The madness was overwhelming, and it was clear that he needed help. He was locked deep underground in a secret penitentiary, where the mad and evil were kept.

“And if that looking glass gets broke,
Mama's gonna buy you a billy goat…”

His room and straight-jacket were enforced with chakra to hold his god-like strength, which was very close to that of the great Lady Tsunade. His food was always drugged so that he would not be able to think clearly and use his abilities to cause chaos and havoc. He was one of the highest prioritized loons within the building, and it was not all because of his madness.

“And if that billy goat won't pull,
Mama's gonna buy you a cart and bull…”

He would often get many visitors from time to time. The waterfall Black Ops use done of his abilities to their own will. His ability the see the truth was used to interrogate captured ninja. Kazu, as crazed as he was, was also rewarded for his help.

“And if that cart and bull fall down,
I’ll by you a car so you can drive it in town…”

Footsteps could now be heard coming down the halls, dragging something. By the sound, it was clear that there were three of them and the dragged person. The sound alerted Kazu and he sat up in his room. He knew that they were coming for him again. They needed his help. The steps stopped at his door as a key was placed into two locks. The door handle slowly turned….

“And if that car just will not start,
I’ll rip open my chest and give you my heart…”

Three men entered the room and drug the beaten man in with them. One of the Black Ops men crouched down on his knees so that he was now level with Kazu. “Kazu, we need to speak with mommy.”

“Mommy is sleeping; mommy does not wish to read today… her eyes hurts…"

“Kazu, wake mommy up, and we will give you a reward when we are done.” His words were kind and gentle as he spoke to Kazu.

A small smile stretched across his face as he heard that he would have a reward today. “Do you hear that mommy; if we are good, we get a prize… today is my birthday and I really want the present….”

The man lifted the bandages from Kazu’s right eye to reveal one that did not match the other. The red eye pierced through them all as if it was a dagger. “Now Kazu, we need to know what this man told our enemies…. Can you please find out for us?” The man dragged the almost dead man over to Kazu and plopped him in front of Kazu.

“What did you tell those ninja that you have been secretly meeting with?”

The beaten man spit up blood and then responded. “I have met with no one; I did not tell anyone anything!!!”

Kazu’s eye pierced through his soul to reveal all his secrets. “He is not a liar… he is a good man who does not deserve to die…”

The Black Ops agent stood up and let out a sigh. “Well, you heard him, looks like we got the wrong man.” Kazu winced in pain. The agent looked over at him with a suspicious eye. He then went over to Kazu’s bed and lifted the sheets to reveal nothing. He then crouched down and reached under the bed and pulled something out. The meat bled through his fingers as he realized the horror. Kazu’s food was always drugged to keep him from using some of his abilities. There was never a time that Kazu did not eat his food, for it caused him unbearable pain when he did.

Kazu slowly rose to his feet and let his head hang low. Small black tentacles pierced through the holes on the back of his jacket. The ninja raced for the door but were to late. The black thread-like tentacles pierced through their legs like charms on a necklace and held them in the air.

“Wanna see a cool trick..?”

The ninja yelled in pain as Kazu ripped off their limbs and threw them in a pile. He moved towards the tortured man and looked down on his scarred face. “Today is my birthday… and you are my present…” He stuck a pentacle through the top of his head and out his chin. Kazu walked out of his room and dragged the corpse behind him. The Black Ops had mistaken a years worth of planning with habit, and now it lead to their doom. The lower levels were lightly guarded, even with all the evil that lurked below it. They thought to highly of their locked doors and thought that no one would even get out. But they were wrong. Kazu made it up to the main floor by using the elevator at the end of the hall. Once the doors opened, he used his flicker technique and disappeared.

Kazu appeared deep in the woods outside of the Waterfall Village and sat down next to the corpse he had taken. Today was his birthday, and today he would celebrate his freedom. Kazu leant over and started to feast on his prize.


Kazu traveled to Kumo where he hide for several months. When the village was attacked by a demon army, Kazu was revealed and watched carefully. Kazu left Kumo and traveled once again while killing many shinobi. He gained and lost several hearts leaving him with just his mothers and his as before. While doing this, he obtained new body parts from several children to change his appearance. He soon changed his name to Keen in order to loose the trail of his pursuers.
RP Sample:

Skill Specialty: Taijutsu, Doujutsu, Elemental, Puppetry
Dominant: Puppetry, Elemental, Doujutsu
Recessive: Taijutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Water
Recessive: Earth



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