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Hanashi Shikyo

Post by Hanashi Shikyo on Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:17 pm

Name: Hanashi Shikyo
Nickname/Alias: Daughter of 'Death', The Silent Assassin

Age: 101

Age Appearance:Early to mid twenties


Rank: S-rank
Ninja Rank: Head Ninja
Village: Kumogakure
Birthplace: A minor village in Kirigakure
Previous Village: Sunagakure | Kirigakure

Clan/Bloodline:Tenshu Hitokoki

Personality: Without her memories Hanashi is a young woman that you could get along with very well which her element Water represents her very well in that category,she's usually a curious person at heart and she's not one of those very intelligent people but she's intelligent when she wants to be. other times she's clueless.With the return of her memories she's now a quiet woman and her eyes show a little bit of coldness with also her other element Earth represents her abit aswell but she still has warmth in her eyes like she always does but now that she has her memories back she's usually on the edge thinking The Order found out that she's alive when she's supposed to 'dead'.She's the type to not fight first unless nedded to so when she feels threatened she fights back especially if its someone from The Order she usually calls out her Father's Tengu Shadow,Hitoshi Munashii

Goals: Become the leader of the Shikyo clan.Protect her child from her own family and finally kill whoever is trying to destroy her, her brother, and father.
Alignment: Neutral

Canon Personality:-

History: Hanashi's History

RP Sample:

Skill Specialty:Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Chakra Control, Weaponry, Elemental
Dominant:Taijutsu, Weaponry
Recessive:Kenjutsu, Chakra Control and Elemental

Elemental Affinity: Suiton, Doton
Recessive: Doton

Stat Points [These are points in the manga that rate characters 1-5, 5 being the best, rank your character for each]
Ninjutsu: 3.5
Seal Knowledge:3

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Re: Hanashi Shikyo

Post by Marixia on Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:42 pm

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