Kaito Takeshi

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Kaito Takeshi

Post by lifeanddeath on Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:20 pm

Name: Kaito Takeshi
Nickname/Alias:Lightning Tiger

Age: 19
Age Appearance: 18-20

Gender: Male

Rank: A
Ninja Rank: Jounin

Village: Kumo
Birthplace: Kumo
Previous Village: Kumo

Clan/Bloodline: Teru Clan

Personality: Kaito is laid back back, sometimes seen as lazy. Yet at times he is completely playful and hyperactive. He is intelligent, but doesn’t often show it to others. (Not to say he acts stupid he just doesn’t show off.) Although he acts indifferent, he deeply cares for and is very protective of those closest to him. He is somewhat of a perv often offending women and paying for it in some way. He is seen as eccentric, often spending his time and/or money on odd pursuits. He enjoys a good fight, often relishing in losing to an opponent, just because it presents another challenge. In non serious fights he is mildly sadistic in the way he likes to play with his opponents, either to test their abilities or purely for his enjoyment. He is also very calm for the most part, hard to anger yet, when angered the anger is fierce. He is naturally curious and will always seek to understand new things or gain a mastery over something he doesn’t understand. He is also quite stubborn, once he sets his mind on doing something it is near impossible to sway.

Goals: To Master the abilities of his clan.
Alignment: Neutral but more Good

Canon Personality:

The cool air of the late summer evening filled the air as Vera Takeshi stood hugely pregnant surrounded by family members, all proud to see the her pregnant with the newest Teru Clan member. Suddenly a gasp of surprise escaped from her lips, "Hikaru” She yelled over her joyous family members to her husband, Hikaru Teru, named after his great-great-great grandfather, ”It’s time!.....” Hikaru Teru, who had been talking to a distant cousin about the village’s military force, suddenly rushed into movement’s at his wife’s call. He pushed his way through the crowd of family members as he made his way to his wife. Quickly Realizing what was going on, he scooped his wife up in his strong arms and carried her to the nearest medical facility, their child on the way and coming quickly.

Several Hours Later

Near midnight, after several hours of labor, the screams of a newborn baby erupted into the air of the small Hospital Room. After a few moments, a Medical Ninja, whose face was rather green, handed the small child to Hiruzen. ”Your son………..” he said, his voice seeming to be filled with wonder, due to the fact that he had helped bring life into the world.
Looking down at his son, Hiikaru nestled the child in his arms, and spoke his voice also filled with amazement, ”My son…….my perfect son….” he turned as he felt his wife’s cool hands push weakly against his arm due to exhaustion , ”Let me…..let me see our son.” she said, weakly smiling as she put heavy emphasis on “our”.

Hikaru chuckled lightly as he carefully handed their son to his mother, putting him gently into the arms of his wife. ”He’s beautiful…..” she said lovingly as she gazed down at her ‘beautiful’ son as she held him up against her chest. After a long moment of silence, in which both new parent’s were staring down at their son, Vera looked up at her husband, ’What’s his name..?’ She asked, knowing what they had agreed upon and just wanting to hear her husband say the words. Hikaru spoke again, "Our son is Kaito Takeshi"

After Birth
Since birth it wasn't long until Kaito learned the secrets of his clan and what abilities he was good at. His father had always wished for him to be the best, awaiting the day he was of age to begin learning so that one day he may not only follow in his footsteps but overcome him. Kaito was going to be the prodigy, the top fighter of the Teru clan whom could defeat anyone. With the name of his mother came the burden of the other clan whom had the last name of Takeshi. Due to the Raikage's wife, being she was a Takeshi from the opposite clan, anyone by the name of 'Takeshi' was normally treated differently.

When the time for the academy came around it became more apparent what life would be like having this last name. Some of the kids attempted to bully him a week or so after, telling him it was his relatives fault for the destruction of their village despite having no relation whatsoever. It was mostly from their parents influence and obvious that the children truthfully did not understand the circumstances that had occurred the day the destruction occurred. Word had not got out yet that these two clans, although having the same name, were related at all. Despite it all, Kaito easily stood up for himself and casted them aside since they were afraid of his more muscular size. His father had trained him to be like this even at such a young age, all to accomplish the goals he had for his son.

Overall, the academy years went fairly well with Kaito rising to the top; as expected. One thing that bothered him though was for once a girl had actually came to like him and he had thoughts of dating. However, due to his father, he had to deny and walk away in sorrow. The girl managed to see through and although Kaito attempted to sneak out when he could, his fathers teachings managed to stop him. Vera had seen this and managed to stop her husband to give their child some freedom, but Hikaru would allow it to happen and fought back that his training was important for the sake of their clan. A goal Kaito had to abide to to please his father.

Life as a Genin

As soon as Kaito graduated luck seemed to be more on his side as he and the girl whom had a crush on him seemed to be in the same team. At first Hikaru attempted to fight this and have him moved to another but due to his grades and skill compared to his teammates; the three of them made a rather perfect match. Leaving with a sigh, Hikaru allowed it to happen and thus the secret, well sorta, relationship between the two began; besides more training Hikaru had in store for his son.

Already learning to master various taijutsu forms because of his clan, his father decided to teach him lightning with aid from Vera. Vera, being a rather decent master of lightning and taijutsu, took a major part in his training now when Hikaru wasn't teaching him. This took up majorit of his time when he wasn't with the team, meaning less time for him the girl to spend together but she understood. They managed to buy some time during breaks or when Kaito was lucky enough to run errands for his family when they were busy.


Finally the time for the exams rolled around and in this time the relationship between the two began to truly spark to life. The first exam went by in no time but as the feared 'Forest of Death' rolled around, Kaito found more time to spend with his team. This meant he had more time to be with the girl as well, making the third member feel a bit like the third wheel. However, the third was not forgotten and thus Kaito and the girl made a promise to only spend majority of their time together when the third was asleep. This was just what they had done and at night it wasn't uncommon for the third to wake up to them two sleeping together when his night shift came around.

Completing the forest arc, the preliminaries eliminated other ninja, leaving only him and the girl. The third member was defeated sadly, leaving the others with the chance to go on to the final exam. Sadly the two soon had to part their ways and continue their training, hoping to meet a few times before the month was up. Kaito trained at home with his parents, going more in depth as he began to learn the process of 'Ki' training; the major thing used in their clan. The training was more intense now, only a month to learn meant strict hours with his mother, father, and a few other members pf his clan. Kaito never truly got to talk to the girl during this time, mainly due to the fact she left the country to train with her own family.


The time of the exam finally came and thus his family believed Kaito was ready to take on even the top members of his clan. Everything was going from him, his father was extremely pleased as he even bragged about his son. With each fight brought more anticipation before finally the time came, but with it was something Kaito never wished to happen. His opponent was the girl he had spent time with, the last person he wished to fight. His parents saw this and immediately noticed the inner struggle as him and the girl fought. Kaito didn't wish to injure her, knowing very well he could end the fight in no time. As the fight dragged on, his father shouted as Kaito simply kept dodging. The girl knew what was happening, seeing the inner fight and what she would put Kaito through if he didn't fight back and was defeated. She forfeited. After Several matches, Kaito was promoted to Chuunin. After a short uneventful time as Chuunin, Kaito's skill was recognized and he became a Jounin.

RP Sample

Skill Specialty:
Dominant:Taijutsu, Elemental
Recessive: Ninjutsu.

Elemental Affinity:

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Re: Kaito Takeshi

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Re: Kaito Takeshi

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Approved for Jounin.



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Re: Kaito Takeshi

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