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Post by Nii Yamabushi on Wed Sep 16, 2009 4:38 pm

It had been five years since the destruction of Iwagakure. Nearly all of the shinobi that resided here shared the same fate of being destroyed along with their homeland. Sometime before the tragedy occured, Nii had already been through one. His father, being the only person in his life, was murdered by his own village he swore to protect. It was because the village feared the power of the legendary Tengu. He was one of their highest believers as he became ingulfed in their Tengudo religion.

But instead of sharing his fathers fate, Nii was rescued by Jirōbō, the Tengu prince that was sealed inside of Nii at birth. He took him to Mount Kurama, the location of the legendary Tengu King Sōjōbō. Once there, the astatic Nii heard the news about his father, which tore his mind apart. He no longer had anyone in this world, for it had been cruel towards him. Still having faith in his powers, Sōjōbō convinced Nii that all may not be lost. He would keep Nii there with him until he matured in power and found it suitable for Nii to return to the ninja world.

The first thing Sōjōbō had planed for Nii was to teach him his "special" element. Growing up, Nii had learned two elements, one from the village which was Doton, and the other being Katon which was taught to him by his late father. Sōjōbō had a remarkable ability that could combine two elements together. This practice was called "Shugendō" and Sōjōbō had mastered its abilities. He would now teach this ability to Nii, giving him the tools he needed to start his life over.

However, this was a grueling process, as Shugendō was rarely passed onto humans. Nii had to learn how to form one element in one hand while doing the same thing with the other element being in the opposite hand. It was easier said then done, but over time he managed to get the hang of it. The next step was to manage to keep the chakra intune while performing handseals. This step didnt take as long since Nii was already skilled in the art of jutsu.

After combining his two elements, Nii created his own sub-element Youton. Fusing his Earth and Fire chakras gave him a strong control over Lava. This happened to cheer Nii up for the time being. Although he had came so far, he was just beginning. The next step was to master the new element. Coming up with his very own technique's proved difficult for Nii, but through it all, he did it.

Wanting to further his power of Earth, he began to create a set of tools that would prove useful for him when in battle. Nii was fascinated with the different types of rocks. It had to be a way for him to utilize their effects for his advantage to already have Youton, his newly created element. Nii then began to think of a way for his newly adopted Shugendo to take part in it. Nii knew that this step would take awhile for he was creating something out of mere scratch.

His first task was to find a rocks that were comprised of Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphasis. The first one Nii found was a Igneous rock. It was formed from the cooling of lava, which seemed like a good find for him. The next step was to find a way to adopt its effects while still being able to utilize it in his control. Nii knew that if Shugendu could give him Youton, he would be able to adopt this rock's effect.

Nii first created his two elements Katon and Doton in each hand, just as Sōjōbō had taught him. He then held the rock in between each hand as he created his Youton chakra. Lastly, Nii used the chakra from his sealing Jirōbō to create the Shugendo power. Nii could feel strange effects emerging from the rock and into his body. After a moment of doing this, Nii tested it out by cooling some of his Youton element that was already comprised.

Nii had sucessfully proved his theory right and he knew for sure now that success could be found with this idea. The next rock he found was Sedimentary. These rocks were formed out of deposition and consolidation of mineral and organic material. Nii already had a conclusion of what this effect might do. So using the same pattern of steps, Nii could once again feel the effects of the rock charging up his body. However after he finished, his body quickly dissolved into minerals. Taking time to refresh himself from this effect, the more he practiced, the more he became in control.

The last rock to be found was a Metamorphic rock. This rock had the effect to cause profound physical and/or chemical change. This effect would greatly aid Nii, so once again he performed the series of steps he created to adopt the effects of the rocks. To test this new effect out, Nii gathered a pile of sedimentary rock from his previous test. Next he used his final effect and began to heat the pile of sedimentary rocks. He continued this until the pile broke down into a puddle of magma. Nii then used his first test again to harden the magma, creating Igneous rock. Once again he suceeded and after a great deal of time, mastered all three.

Five years past, and Nii felt as if he was ready. He had mastered a new element, created a series of effects from rocks, and his last ability, could extract Jirōbō's soul as allow his physical body to follow. Jirōbō and Sōjōbō both also felt as if Nii was ready. So after a rough five years of training, he returned to the world he knew. But the events that occured while he was gone shocked him. Iwagakure was no more. It had been destroyed from some unknown reason. Nii's true plan was ruined..........
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