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Uchiha Katsu ; RP Sample (Complete) Empty Uchiha Katsu ; RP Sample (Complete)

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It was a rather gloomy day, a very slow one as well. Darkened clouds hovered over Konoha, shrouding the entire village with morbidity. The streets seemed vacant, save for the lone Shinobi trekking through the empty streets. Soulless eyes lifted sights upon the darkening sky as the crackle of thunder echoed in the distance. "A storm comes." Katsu thought to himself, continuing on his way to the open training fields. As the crackling became louder, until it was apparent the storm was above him, Katsu drew the hood of his large cloak to shield him from soon-to-come rain. He entered the training grounds, picking the most open spot to position himself.

Katsu began building chakra, molding it to form what seemed to be Chidori in his palm. The clouds began to weep as the chakra began to arc around Katsu's hand. With a swift swing of his arm, Katsu formed the lightning chakra into countless senbon that hurled forward like a swarm, evaporating each drop of rain on contact. The numbers were so great, and his accuracy was so perfect that the senbon actually stopped every drop of rain in their path from hitting the ground, making it seems as if he had stopped the rain for a moment. Katsu would spend hours on the field, training for his mission the following day, making sure he didn't over due it.

(The next morning.)

Katsu awoke early in the morning to make sure preparations for the mission were correct as well as gathering the needed tools. Once everything was accounted for, Katsu left his apartment and made haste to the Kage Mansion. Katsu was the type to either be early or on time when it came to a briefing. The sun itself was still getting comfortable in the sky when Katsu arrived at the Hokage's office door, it would seem he arrived even before the Kage himself made it to the office. But, he'd only be waiting a few minutes before the Kage and another Jounin arrived. "A bit early, Katsu." The kage stated, not at all displeased at the man's punctuality.

"Lord Hokage, I'd prefer to do this mission alone, if it isn't too much to ask." Katsu was always fond of going on missions alone. He felt that if two were not needed, then either of the shinobi could become a hindrance to the other and the mission in general.

"I have no intensions of sending, Haru here along with you, Katsu. I know you are more than capable of completing this task to the fullest. Besides, you haven't failed a mission so yet, if my memory serves me well." The Kage spoke in such high regards of Katsu before briefing him about the mission. Katsu was to make his way to the Hidden Stone Village and aid the village in an investigation about a local Organization that has began to spread and threaten those of the Hidden Stone as well as have ideals of expanding their reach to other villages. The Org. seemed to have been around for quite some time under the radar, and has finally grown to a size where they pose a threat. Katsu agreed to the mission objective, investigate and eliminate if possible. The Uchiha quickly embarked on the journey ahead, making little to no stops.

After a day of constant travel, Katsu arrived at the Stone Village outskirts. As the Hokage stated, Katsu was greeted by a small three man cell outside the village walls. These were the men he would aid in the investigation, and judging by the shallow extent of the group, Katsu would be here for quite some time. After their very short greeting, the three escorted Katsu into town through an underground tunnel to make sure none of the undercover members would see his entrance. The tunnel seemed to stretch on for a while and one of the three men explained how the tunnel stretched halfway through the village to a secret building that was seemingly shut down.

The cell finally made it to the building and exited the tunnel. "So, from your knowledge, how many members do you think they have supporting them?" Katsu asked, beginning an 'interview' so to say in order to gain any bit of knowledge before taking the needed steps to take them down.

"Well, we know its well over 60 men. But, what we've seen is that most of them were forced in joining. Taken away from their homes and forced to become members. Also, there are two heads to this organization. Oni and Ryuu were brothers who formed the group years ago. These two are both A-Ranked ninja of the Hidden Stone." One of the investigators informed. With that, Katsu spent the next few days living amongst the Hidden Stone and did what he could to acquire more knowledge on the group. So far, Katsu found out where exactly the group held meetings and things of that nature.

It was time to make a move before they did, Katsu returned to the hideout a week after arriving in the village only to find that his support team was slaughtered and by the looks of it, it was a few days since. Now being at an even bigger disadvantage, Katsu had to formulate a plan on how to take down the two heads and free those who were bound to the group by fear. After a few moments, Katsu came up with a plan that would bring him close enough to take them down. Katsu stashed away his Konoha headband in the hideout and took the Stone Jounin uniform off of one of the dead bodies and used a jutsu to disguise himself as a Stone ninja.

Katsu, now disguised from every eye that could see, would make his way to the known hideout of the group. Two ninja stood watch outside of the door, and Katsu could sense the presence of two additional ninja hidden behind jutsu. His disguise actually brought him close enough to speak with the two doormen in relation to joining their cause. After a few brief words and a request to speak with Oni and Ryuu, Katsu was granted access into the building. "Too easy.." He thought to himself as he was escorted by another person down a long hall. As they made their way down the hall, the low echo of chatter became more apparent as the two came to a doorway. Once making his presence know, the chatter quickly stopped and all eyes seemed to roast Katsu.

"Have a seat, my friend." Ryuu offered, seated across a long table with who Katsu assumed to be, Oni standing next to him. "What brings you to this place?" Ryuu asked. A smirk forever present upon his face as Katsu took an open seat directly across from him.

"I heard of this groups rising, and it caught my interest. Seeing as how, even knowing of your existence, the Village hasn't done a thing about must mean you and your group are some what of a power, no?" Katsu stated. "Besides, I have information about the Leaf Village that might spark an interest." The Uchiha smirked behind his disguise.

"Is that so? Well, I guess it's our lucky day, Oni my brother. It seems we've been gifted with information that will make it that much easier to infiltrate Konoha." He'd chuckle, raising his hand. "Every, leave us. We have business to discuss." As everyone left the room, Katsu became a bit more serious seeing as how this was his only time to strike. The three began to talk, Katsu spilling false information in order to gain their trust. That would be an easy task given his disguise.

"So, that's the way to make it into the village without having to go through the gates. How interesting." Ryuu pondered over the information Katsu fed him, index and thumb rubbing his chin. "I think your assistance was much appreciated, but I'm sorry you can't be trusted with the location of our little home here. Oni, you know what to do." Ryuu gave to order to have Katsu killed, which was a surprise, he thought telling them this information would gain their trust. It would seem that they're a little more ruthless than presumed.

Oni stepped forward, gripping Katsu by the collar and dragged him out of the room. Now, Oni was a large man capable of carrying a person out with a single arm. Katsu was more than capable of stopping this, but for the missions sake he had to seperate the brothers. It wasn't until the door closed behind them until screams seemed to vibrate the door. Ryuu's face drenched in concern and just before he could call out to his brother, a thud would push the words back into his mouth. He would rise and approach the door, and as he did a beam pierced the door and his shoulder pushing him back a few meters. The beam slowly turned inside of Ryuu's shoulder until flat. Just then, the door opened, being sliced by the beam as it did.

"A fatal mistake underestimating can be, don't you think?" Katsu asked, standing in the doorway, eyes closed and arm held out front. On the floor behind him lay the corpses of Oni and the two guarding the door. All of whose faces were frozen in horror of their last few moments of life as it was stripped. Katsu walked forward, pushing the beam through the other side of Ryuu's shoulder. His lips curled into a smirk as his eye lids slowly began to part and as they did they revealed Katsu's Mangekyou Sharingan. At that moment, the jutsu that disguised him was let down to reveal Katsu himself.

"An....U-Uchiha? No, I won't let it end here!" Ryuu shouted, pulling two kunai from a pouch with one hand. Rather swiftly, he threw them at Katsu but they were deflected with the utmost ease. "I won't let all I've worked for simply be thrown in the trash!" Ryuu, despite the surge of electricity coursing through his body, rose to his feet.

Katsu, being the one always looking for a challenge, actually retracted the beam from Ryuu's shoulder, in a means of fighting him on equal playing fields. "I haven't met a person able to resist my jutsu before...Perhaps a proper fight is in order." Katsu suggest, placing his right hand upon the hilt of his blade. "Don't make me regret giving you this opportunity.." The Uchiha muttered as Ryuu drew two more kunai and rushed toward Katsu. With a slight bend of the knees, and a spreading of his feet, Katsu positioned himself in his fighting stance. Katsu's eyes locked onto the target as he approached, counting the steps until close enough. Katsu dashed forward, his speed was incredible, drawing the sword from its scabbard he swung it chest height. The opponent simply held both kunai parallel to each other to defend the attack. But the forward momentum of Katsu and the force behind the swing pushed Ryuu back. It was then that they began exchanging blow for blow, Katana clashed with the two kunai as the blows became faster and faster. "How can he be keeping up with me, and defend my blade with just kunai." He thought. Katsu would have to step things up, and stop fighting at his level.

"Enough playing around." Katsu said as his blade was enveloped in arcing electricity during their series of blows. Katsu's final swing would seal the deal, slicing through both kunai with minute effort. This made contact with Ryuu inevitable, the blade passed through Ryuu's chest as easy as it did the kunai. A low grunt crawled out of Ryuu's mouth, and in the same motion Katsu sheathed the blade. "This battle was decided before it began. Be grateful, I've blessed you with the opportunity of seeing your brother again. Now, dance in the fires of hell." His words harbored such morbidity and infested Ryuu's mind in his last moments as he fell to his knees, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth. Spoken words of such heartlessness could only be followed but with something equal. Katsu manifested the black flames of Amaterasu, engulfing the body of Ryuu as he hit the floor and began to spread, burning the entire place to the ground.

(Returning Home.)

Katsu returned to Konoha, making his way to the Kage's Mansion to report the results of the mission. "Kage-Sama, the mission was more than a success. The two leaders of the Org. were dealt with, and the forced members were allowed their freedom to return to their village."

"As I expected from you, Katsu. Good work, now rest and you will be notified when your next mission will be." The Kage said, finishing up some paper work in reference to the Stone Village mission.

With a slight bow, Katsu exited the office and began home. He'd rest for a few hours before heading out again, back to the open training fields.

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