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Post by Sparky on Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:13 am

Hellion charged his hand with both Mars and Jupiter powers, the red and purple lights dancing around each other before becoming a perfect sphere, the technique complete. The thrust of his hand met Sumbrar’s chest and a flash of light erupted, the shockwave propelling Hellion backwards, where he somersaulted backward and landed on a nearby roof.
Sumbrar’s body had frozen in place, his shirt torn where Hellion’s hand had been. Upon his chest lay a crest, the symbol of a Psynergy bind.
“I do not fight children Vonevar, I am not like you. I have honour,” Hellion called from the roof, “But fear not, for he lives still at my whim alone. He is affected by a paralysis bind, burned into this chest, incapacitating him for as long as I wish. I am more powerful that you can hope to be, not even base elemental advantage will help you here.”

Vonevar’s face was contorted in both anger and fear. The elder Mercury Adept charged forward, swinging his sword wildly, cutting the rocks around him with every swing. Hellion nodded to Sammy who dutifully leapt from Hellion’s neck to Sumbrar’s head, the burn glowing a fierce red for a brief moment.
Hellion dropped his cloak before opening up the swordstaff he loved so much. He stood with the weapon in a one-handed grip behind his back and leapt toward Vonevar. He span in mid-air and crashed one blade into Vonevar’s own, forcing the Mercury Adept to take a step back.
The air was thick with tension as the two Adepts shared a hate-filled look before once more beginning the dance of blades. Each clash of metal upon metal echoed throughout the desolate village as both Hellion and Vonevar attacked, parried and blocked.
Blood spurted from both Adepts as each cut the other with the ferocity of the attacks but neither could inflict a killing blow upon the other.
Vonevar feinted and managed to send the swordstaff hurtling from Hellion’s grip and into a rock in the square below. A back flip and somersault combination saw Hellion land with the swords from his waist drawn.
“You have to try harder then that to best me.” Hellion taunted, before charging straight back into the battle.

Vonevar was forced to defend at speeds almost too fast to see as Hellion’s attacks came from what appeared to be every direction. Soon, Vonevar was up against a wall, unable to back off any further, but still Hellion’s attacks came at him. The Mercury Adept then remembered his brother’s trick and laced his weapon with Mercury power and then transferring it to Hellion’s weapons as the three blades connected. The reaction was immediate. Hellion roared in pain as the combination of water and ice collided with the power of Mars that flowed within him. He dropped the blades ad staggered backwards; their double clattering was naught but a dull echo in the silence.
“Aww, what’s up? Doesn’t the little boy like the cold? Well ain’t that a shame, as here’s more of that.” Vonevar laughed, oblivious to Hellion’s latest action. The Mars Adept stood there, his remaining two blades in his hands, raised in the stance many once feared: the Darkblade stance.
“You won’t get me twice with that little trick.” Hellion spoke definitely, waiting for the inevitable attack to come.
And then it did come. The final part of the dance that had seen a sun rise. A dance that was rife with hate and bloodlust. Vonevar’s single blade, charged with Mercury raw power met Hellion’s dual blades that gave off two strange distinct colours. One blade appeared to be coated in red, the other purple.

This time Hellion did not back off nor was he disarmed, like he had been before. This time he held his own and focussed all his strength into keeping Vonevar’s weapon from reaching him.
The opposing natures of both combatants’ weapons soon showed as a repelling force of a considerable magnitude. It ripped the two apart, completely destroying all three blades. Hellion and Vonevar were thrown to opposite sides of the plaza, straight into wooden posts, which were destroyed by the force the two bodies hit them with.
Both fighters stood weakly and regained their strength and composure, glaring at each other in the afterglow of the release of power. Both knew this battle would be decided, not by their skill with swords, but by their Psynergy abilities.
Both bodies began to glow with the power of the element as each charged up their most powerful attack.

Pillars of ice fired from Vonevar’s body, to be met and stopped by a stream of superheated lava from Hellion’s. The two were evenly matched until Vonevar began to falter. The lava had become fiercer; Hellion had used the power of Jupiter to increase Pyroclasm’s fury. Vonevar knew he had been defeated and gave up on his attack. The ice faded away, leaving the lava to stream forward and claim its victim.
Vonevar died screaming. The pain was echoed throughout the empty village Hellion once called home and it found no solace within the empty walls. The screams died away, leaving an ever expanding pool of lava covering everything in the village with it.
“Come Sammy, we must leave quickly, Pyroclasm’s secondary effect will activate soon and I don’t wanna be anywhere near when it happens.”
The two ran out the gates, but they could not escape fast enough. An explosion rocked the earth they ran on. Sammy ran on, the tremors not affecting her, but they considerably slowed Hellion down. Then the heat wave hit. It struck the young survivor in the back, immobilising him.
He suddenly screamed in pain as the armour simply fell to the ground, half melted by the heat. His skin burnt and became red and black, turning him into something that was no longer recognisable as Hellion Darkblade.

The wave passed and released Hellion, who fell to the ground in a crumpled heap, half dead and barely alive. Not even Sammy could tell if he had indeed died.
“H-H-H-Hellion…? Wake up my friend. We’re safe now. He can’t hurt us anymore, you did it, you beat him… Hellion? Please wake up. I need you. I don’t know what to do without you. Please my friend, my life’s companion, wake up and tell me everything will be fine. Say something, anything.” Sammy cried, her tears falling to the ground in streams.
“…………I’m sorry…………” Hellion somehow managed to whisper before falling unconscious, his burnt hair covering his blackened face. Sammy howled in pain as she heard Hellion whisper those words. ‘He can’t be dead… He just can’t be…’ She kept thinking, over and over.


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