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Post by Avion on Thu Feb 11, 2010 6:55 pm

OOC:This is an rp i had going on myspace, this was a reply...and yes...its Resident Evil <_<

Also...ive had way longer replies before but i couldnt fnd my really good one...but this will do

Wesker, He was the former leader of S.T.A.R.S and is a force to be reckoned with. He was a scourge caused by a self infliction of the T-virus and an experiment started by shinra. He was a minority, a miracle to the world. It was a shame people would say that he had fallen to the wrong side of the battle field. After the raccoon city accident, after releasing Project NEMESIS and trying to exterminate the members of his former team gave him a horrid reputation. His blonde hair never changed, his glasses hid a dark secret behind them. They showed what he truly was, most called him a monster. With all the power he had running through his veins he was becoming strong enough for him to be a self-proclaimed god and had the ability to match this. His red and gold eyes strike terror into whatever may gaze upon it and it’s this reason that he had fallen to the dark side, no one would befriend a monster. They would always look for a cure. He was a sturdy man, well built and muscular. HE had obtained a diamond patterned trench coat to add to his dark way of dressing. He had long abandoned his S.T.A.R.S uniform, yet he had kept the knife, a reminder of those he needed to take care of and rid from the world.

HE sat in his chair, watching a small screen on the desk. In black and white a small bar could be made out on it. He had his hands folded over each other as he sat there. He had a slight scowl adorning his lips as he recognized the young girl at the bar. She seemed…sad, he laughed when she seemed as if she had seen a ghost. This outward sadistic tendency was only a slight inconvenience that many people would say was a ‘Bad thing’, and thus another label that was put onto him by the world. Just another reason to wipe them all out and start a new world and chain of evolution from the progenitor virus, the t-virus, even one of the other off shoots. But the only thing that stood in the way of his goals, were the members of that damned police force. Chris redfield…he took his place, he held a strong grudge against this member. He would always make the deepest amount of hatred rise up in him. HE was still part of STARS but was also now a member of the BSAA which was mainly taking care of the BOW’s that inhabited the world.

After the Fall of Umbrella, Wesker had decided to take an alternate route in reaching his goal of a new world. After infiltrating one of the facilities and regaining his research he had taken the disk and merely found a way to buy the medical company Called Tricell. With him now in command of tricell his plans can go on through as hey had planned with a slight amount of detouring and moving around issues. He stood suddenly and looked around the room. He picked up an immaculate gun, it was silver and was always a signature weapon of his, the “lightning edge” Magnum. He didn’t need it anymore but it was a reminder of his past and held a lot of sentimental value. He opened his black cloak and put it in a chest holster as he looked at a list that had hung on his wall, many names had been crossed out. He was able to see the name on the top of the list clearly despite being about 10 feet away. He suddenly drew his STARS Knife and simply flicked his wrist, the knife flying through the air and embedding itself into the wall about 4 inches into solid concrete. The name had been skewered by the blade. Written on the now perforated paper was the name of Chris red field.

”Hmpf…I’ll get you Chris…and ill make you hurt…”

Wesker had looked to the corner of a room, a cloaked figure stood at attention awaiting his orders. He merely nodded for her to do her own thing and report back often. The cloaked figure was actually a former member of STARS as well. The famed Jill Valentine who held a natural immunity to the virus like several of the other members was now under his control. She was in a way a slave to his whims. She was a near lifeless soldier, she still had a personality but he could end her and was holding the proverbial leash around her neck. He adjusted his glasses simply pushing them up his nose, his red eyes had begun to show from a small amount of a gap behind id.

The bar was empty all for save but the bartender and the girl who was known as Rebecca. The military man had his orders. He simply sat there leaning back in his chair drinking the hardest alcohol the bartender had. The taste was harsh and burned his throat going down but to him that pain was nothing. He had several knives on him at the moment hidden in his baggy combat issue camo jeans and on his waist in a custom holster underneath his tank top. His boots were heavy against the floor. He kept his eyes on the Bartender as he comforted the girl. HE shook his head every so often and took another shot of hard liquor. He was on a mission and was ordered to watch and if needed eliminate his targets. Rebecca wasnt the highest on his list but to him, his target was that Non STARS member…Leon Kennedy. Krauser was a soldier of fortune, a mercenary, a paid assassin. It was all he knew and he loved every minute of his job. Crossing his arms the bartender suddenly looked at him and told him That the bar was closing soon. He glared a bit, he wasn’t nearly drunk enough to leave yet.

Shaking his head he simply made a low grunt, That pussy of a bartender was going to force him to get his own drinks form one of those simple little liquor stores on the corner of the streets. He merely crossed his arms and looked at the drink on his table.

“Well…if that’s the case then please…get me another damn drink.. I aint drunk enough yet..”

He sounded as if he was giving an attitude despite the smirk that had adorned his lips. His hair was slicked back and he seemed to have a large scar on his face. His red beret sat on the table in front of him.

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